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Because it is the only street on earth where you will find everything to help you reach your fitness goals — including finding new fitness mates!

Ever since I discovered this fitness village back in 2017 — the perfect place to go as a solo traveller wanting to immerse yourself in a fitness vacation of a lifetime — I have returned time and time again! And on the most recent occasion (December 2018), bringing my amazing girlfriend Robyn along with me to taste it for herself.

Fitness street (click here for a map location) is not just about martial arts, or Muay Thai. There is more to Fitness street than just Tiger Muay Thai or Top Team, although Tiger Muay Thai is the largest and most popular training centre of them all.

December 2018 Update: I returned from another trip to Fitness street (December 2018) and filmed a ton of videos and wrote a new article (vlogs included in the article). Linked below.


The stunning accommodation options, healthy eating restaurants and bars; the protein shake bars, and other training facilities located on Fitness street — the same street as Tiger Muay Thai — is the reason why I love this place so much.

This is the reason why I’ve produced so many vlogs of this place. I want to share this incredible place with you, too 🙂 If you prefer to watch some of these vlogs showcasing this place then check out these few videos:

If you prefer — here is the entire playlist of videos to help you prepare for a fitness vacation of a lifetime.

Protein Shake Huts

Once you finish your fitness class at Unit 27 (on Fitness Street) — then it is time to walk 5 seconds along Fitness street and grab an 80 Baht ($3.60 AUD) protein shake off-the-street! I’m not kidding. Protein shake bars are found scattered along most of the length of Fitness street —and they look like this:

Have you seen anything like this before? 🙂

And if you think that protein shake bar is an anomaly. If you walk a little further down Fitness street — next to Unit 27 — you will see this one:

But one of my favourite protein shake bars that I like to have my protein shakes from on Fitness street, looks like this one:

Robyn is super happy 🙂 If you look closely at this photo, they are legit tubs of whey protein sitting on the bench! And you can pick from an array of fruit (bananas, oranges, pineapple etc) to be added into your protein shake.

Here is another angle of the same bamboo protein shake hut.

If you look closely, this protein shake bar has a dine-in option around the corner. I highly recommend eating food and drinking your protein shakes from this place. And you’ll also notice, there is another protein shake bar (in the top left hand corner of the above photo, then look further and you’ll see the sign for Unit 27!)

This is what this bamboo protein shake hut looks like on the inside…

I am not kidding… this is Fitness street 🙂

And if you are worried about getting sick from eating food or drinking from these protein shake huts — don’t be! I have never known anyone that has trained here to get food poisoning from eating at these shake bars. In fact, I mostly eat from these small vendors and I have never been sick — not even the slightest.

Pure Vegan

There is another healthy eating place on Fitness street that you should definitely go and visit after your fitness class — Pure Vegan!

And if you think “oh no not another boring salad…” then think again! This is what Pure Vegan looks like from Fitness street:

There are plenty of chairs to sit down and watch other fitness freaks walk (or jog) past 🙂 And this healthy eating bar is next door to a scooter rental vendor where you can rent a scooter (which many people do here) to help you get around the island.

This is what the food menu at Pure Vegan looks like:

If you look closely, there is the Mexican Bowl (Gluten Free) for 189 Baht and the Falafel Bowl for 189 Baht. Robyn and I ordered both of these off the menu and this is what they looked like when they arrived in front of us:

They tasted absolutely amazing. And for the price — $8.60 AUD each — you cannot get much better than that. For that price in Melbourne, you cannot even buy two coffees, let alone something like this!

If you decide to visit Fitness street, then you definitely need to eat at Pure Vegan and try the Falafel Bowl (pictured to the right of the photo above)

Pure Prep

A relatively new arrival (Est 2018) to the infamous Fitness street is a macro- and calorie-conscious meal prep business — Pure Prep — found several minutes down the road from Tiger Muay Thai.

Robyn and I decided to walk into Pure Prep after seeing the black sign on the street. Their Mocha protein shakes were absolutely mind blowing! Here is what one of the pages of the menu looks like:

So I decided to order something off the menu to see what it actually looks like. I ordered my typical grilled/steamed chicken and sweet potato arrangement. It looked like this:

It tasted absolutely amazing. My favourite was the Mocha protein shake. It is probably one of the best protein shakes I’ve ever had in my life… now that is a big statement 🙂

Koko Hut

Another under-rated healthy eating restaurant on Fitness street that is a short walk from some of the biggest fitness camps in the world — Koko Hut.

After Robyn and I finished our Muay Thai fitness classes at Chokchai, we decided to get something to eat from Koko Hut. This place is absolutely incredible. This is what the menu looks like (below).

This is just a photo of their turmeric and wheat grass shots, which you can find at different healthy eating restaurants along Fitness Street.

On this occasion, Robyn and I decided to order a healthy grilled chicken wrap and another plate of steamed chicken with steamed sweet potato on the side.

You just can’t get much better than this if you are looking for a place to help you keep on top of your macros and calorie targets. And yes, if you are actively tracking your macros and calories for contest prep, this street will take you in with open arms 🙂

No Instagram filters. This is exactly how it looks and exactly what you should expect if you order this off the menu at Koko Hut. Go and check them out and let me know if you decide to stop there for lunch.

The Shack

Another amazing little healthy eating restaurant bar on Fitness street is The Shack. If you have never been to Fitness street before, you should definitely drop in here and check out the menu.

Here is a page from the smoothies menu.

They have a glass cabinet and offer the best tasting peanut butter cups known to man! I ate them so fast that I didn’t have time to take photos of them. You must try them (and let me know). Here is what their protein bowls look like from the menu — for only 230 Baht! You just can’t beat that…

Meeting Awesome People

The most frequent question I receive on Instagram DM from people wanting to travel to Fitness street is — “Brad, I am solo travelling, do you think this will be a problem?”

I usually immediately respond with “Hell no!” and a quick follow-up with: “you will meet people in your first class from some of the most remote countries on earth — that are also solo travelling”

When I first travelled to Fitness street back in July 2017, I was solo travelling. I met someone on the street within minutes of getting out of my taxi. Their reason for confronting me on the street was “I looked lost” and they wanted to be my friend! I couldn’t believe it… And it turned out that person was also from Melbourne!

A month after discovering Fitness street, I decided to return for several weeks. In the first few classes, I met Matt from England and a few other guys from around the world, also solo travelling.

Here is a good friend of mine — Mandy — who I met with her partner (both from Melbourne). On this occasion, she was solo travelling to Fitness street while her partner was working his fancy job in Melbourne CBD 🙂

Everyone is Welcome

There is no age or size limit. It’s not just a hang out for pro fighters or where shredded guys and gals go to get more shredded.

Fitness street comfortably accommodates the seasoned pro fighter, sponsored by someone that pays all of their bills; down to people that are just starting their fitness journey and have never stepped into a gym before (seriously!).

There are 7 year olds all the way through to 70 year olds training (the photo above is of a 70-year-old guy I met from New York!) So if you are worried that you won’t fit in or that you need to be trained before you get here — you are mistaken! Just come as you are, in any shape or form, and Fitness street will welcome you with open arms 🙂

Tiger Muay Thai

One of my favourites places to train at on Fitness street is Tiger Muay Thai. They have everything here from your standard Muay Thai/BJJ/MMA fitness training (all levels — from beginner to pro fighters), across to Strength and Conditioning classes and Yoga.

They also offer onsite and offsite accommodation packages, with all meals included, to ensure you get an “all inclusive” experience. I give an in-depth walking tour of Tiger Muay Thai, if you are interested, check out this vlog.

Beginner Muay Thai Fitness Classes

Most people in the group Muay Thai class at Tiger Muay Thai (pictured above) have never done Muay Thai before. Many of them are travelling from all around the world and have dropped in for a few days — some have stopped by for 2–3 months!

So if you have never tried Muay Thai before, or looking for an awesome work-out while on your vacation through Phuket — definitely drop in here and meet some amazing people from all around the world.

Unit 27 — Strength and Conditioning Training

If you are staying on or near to Fitness street and Muay Thai does not interest you whatsoever. You should definitely book in a class (or two!) at Unit 27.

Robyn and I visited Unit 27 and Robyn paid for a one-off session here. Robyn’s strength is Pilates and had never been exposed to traditional strength training before. If you are interested in seeing how the trainers lead their classes, check out this vlog.

Below is a group class where people of all levels train — from the beginner through to the seasoned strength training enthusiast 🙂

On a random note, this little puppy was roaming around at Unit 27 the night before Robyn and I booked a one-off class pass. If you are uncertain whether you should commit to Unit 27 or not — you should pay for a one-off class pass!

The Ice Bath

After Robyn finished her class at Unit 27 — she took advantage of the ice bath that Unit 27 have onsite. It was her first time doing any kind of cold plunge. Her facial reaction was priceless!

Again, if you want to see the ice bath experience in the Unit 27 vlog, check it out here 🙂 If you ever get around to doing it yourself, let me know on Instagram.

Closing Thoughts

You need to get here! I’ve never seen a single street on earth that is dedicated to everything fitness — for all age groups, shapes and sizes, experience levels, and training styles.

This place is the “fitness village” of the world, perfectly catered for the seasoned athlete to the casual fitness enthusiast — to the guy from Sydney that quit smoking after training here for several weeks!

Whether you are a team of six pro fighters from Uruguay or the solo first-timer female traveller from Lithuania asking if it’s safe to travel here — this place has you covered. You’ll arrive here and soon realise that you should have come here sooner.

Robyn 🙂

Lastly, it is so damn hot out here! It will take you at least a week to adjust to the humidity here. Imagine training in a sauna… you’ll be sweating in the shower! Just make sure you stay well hydrated by putting some electrolytes in your bottled water. You can buy electrolytes everywhere along Fitness street.

The electrolytes I buy on Fitness street from the pharmacy look like this (see below) and cost 6 Baht per sachet. It is cheaper to buy them by the box!

People burn out quickly here because they fail to put electrolytes in their water. Lastly, let me know if you decide to come out here! Send me a message on Instagram — let me know what you think of the place 🙂

I’ve created several videos (below) which answers the most common questions I receive. Before you come out here, watch the following videos… then book your tickets! See you on Fitness street!

Lastly, if you want to take your fitness transformation to another level, check out my free fitness training videos.

1. Realistic Expectations Vlog



2. 17 Things To Do In Phuket Vlog



3. Fitness Street FAQS



My Fitness Street (Soi Taied) Vlog Series

If you are really interested in what my typical training days on Fitness Street (Soi Taied) are like before you come here, feel free to watch some of the daily vlogs I created from the playlist below. I will be heading back to Soi Taied so let me know if you plan on heading there and we could possibly meet up.

Have you been to Fitness Street in Phuket?

If you are planning a fitness vacation of a lifetime to Fitness street, then let me know in the comments below 🙂


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