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If you are suffering from lower back pain, specifically from the L5/S1 (lower lumbar region), then read on! Also, there is a vlog I created which accompanies this short article.

What happened?

I was doing bent-over T-bar rows back in February 2019 when, during the last few reps, I lost my form and “felt” something in my lower back. It was in this instant that I realised that I’ve hurt my lower back! If you are reading this and injured your back in this manner, please send me a message and let me know how you are getting treated for it? (Instagram @bradnewtonofficial)

Here is a photo that represents the area of damage. The very last vertebrae along the spine! 🙁


My Symptoms

For the first week or so after the injury, I couldn’t get out of bed! I couldn’t put my socks on properly. I could barely dress myself. I had to roll out of bed to one side and become strategic with how I dressed myself. After that initial week or so, the pain subsided a little bit but I felt like The Hunchback of Notre-Dame as I was not able to stand upright. I had so much stiffness in my lower back I could barely sit down or do anything, really. 

The Vlog

Take a look at this vlog that I created where I discuss the injury in more detail. Let me know if you have had a similar injury and how you overcame it. Hopefully some of the strategies I am currently implementing will give you some insight. Let me know how it all goes 🙂


My Treatment Plan

I discuss this more in the vlog which might give you some insight into your own back injury. Essentially, after 4-5 physiotherapist visits and 1 osteopathy visit, the conclusion is no surgery required (because there is no continuous radiating pain down my legs), and to do exercises as follows;

The Glute Bridge (or Shoulder Bridge)

Childs Pose

Bodyweight Squats

The Cobra (or Swan Dive)


Side-to-side spinal stretch

All of the rehabilitation exercises that I did are demonstrated in a video by my girlfriend who is a qualified Pilates instructor.

She has kindly put together a YouTube video specifically for this article that will show you how to do five of the exercises from the list above.

Robyn has played a huge role in my recovery by helping me execute the exercises correctly. I highly recommend her free Pilates course on Udemy where she’ll not only help you recover from low back pain, but will help you get “Pilates strong” ?

Lastly, if you want to take your fitness transformation to another level, check out my free fitness training videos.


My Fitness Street (Soi Taied) Vlog Series

If you are really interested in what my typical training days on Fitness Street (Soi Taied) are like before you come here, feel free to watch some of the daily vlogs I created from the playlist below. I will be heading back to Soi Taied so let me know if you plan on heading there and we could possibly meet up.

Have you ever injured your lower back?

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!


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