So my family do not know that I am a fitness model competitor. Sounds shocking? Not really… I explain the history of how I managed to get through life not having very supportive family. Rather, very negative family members.

And why they have no idea that I am preparing for the World Titles as a fitness model competitor.

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Brad Newton:

Hi everybody and welcome back to my video series, Brad Newton from The date is the 21st of April 2017. I am 16 days out from stepping on the stage for my very next fitness model competition. This is a journey of me documenting my life and my preparation, my contest prep for the World Titles in Thailand in June 2017, 26th of June 2017. I want to talk about how my family do not know that I’m a fitness model competitor and the reasons why. So firstly I want to say before you get razzed out in the comments, that firstly I don’t care what my parents think. I’m 31, I don’t care. It doesn’t matter, right, I’m old enough. But I do care enough about how I feel like at times they should know what I’m doing because we’re family, right? But I haven’t shared it with them because I know exactly how they feel about me and my accomplishments in general.

So for example, to give you a back story, I was raised predominantly by my father and so as I grew up I was always very driven and very passionate about everything I did. I went to university and I studied a Bachelor of Science, I did that for five years and I graduated. So I did all that myself, I worked a number of jobs. You know how it is, you work all these jobs to get yourself through uni, and pay for your textbooks. You know that kind of shit. I did that. Graduated and then my dad, who was effectively the role model in my family because I was raised as an only child and so I only had my father, so he was the only one there growing up. He said he would come to the graduation. I lived in Sydney at the time, he lived in a different state and he said “I’ll definitely come and see you at your graduation.” Awesome, fantastic. Two weeks out he cancelled because he didn’t feel like going to my graduation.

Then a month later he flew down to pick up a car that he’d purchased on Gumtree to drive home. Now Gumtree is like Craigslist for the American audience. He bought a car off the internet, flew down, drove it back, a month after my graduation. Then of course I went to Aviation College and I did my aviation studies to become a pilot. I’ve a Pilot’s Licence. I’m not just a pretty face. So I did all that, not much there either. Then I went on to transform my body, not much there either. If you know my story I was sick all the time, I was in and out of hospital. He didn’t even know that I was in and out of hospital. Right? It’s crazy isn’t it.

Then when I decided to compete for the first time. Literally I made that decision five, six months ago, to compete in my first ever fitness model competition. I never told him. I never told him that I was preparing for the competition. Why would I because based on previous experience he hadn’t responded in a way that I’d expected. It’s like the reactions we’re talking about are “Oh that’s good. Oh, why would you do that?” Like they’re the kind of reactions we’re talking about and then there’s be a massive lecture about why I shouldn’t be doing it. Why I should be doing something else. That’s why contest prep has never been brought up.

So I went on to win my first ever fitness model competition, six weeks ago, I won and came first place. I just had to kneel down, right. So of course these trophies here, which you might have seen if you’ve watched the videos of me filming out in the other room. They sit behind me, these two here. So I won first place in two separate divisions. Now of course he doesn’t know that. He doesn’t know that I won. He doesn’t know that I competed. He doesn’t know that I’m doing the World Titles, that I now have the choice to go and do the World Titles in June. He doesn’t know that I have the choice to do the Nationals, here in Australia in October. He doesn’t know that. So it comes as a shock to some people in my inner circle, but it’s not a shock to me because I know the background story.

The real punchline of why I’m doing this video is not to be a big sob story about, oh my parents don’t know or my father. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter. I’m 31, it doesn’t fucking matter. But here’s the punchline. You have to be your own biggest fan, always. Always. You have to be your own raving fan every day. Every day. You can’t rely on your parents to give you validation because at some level I was. I was at some level looking for that because he was the person I grew up with. Deep down I think I was, a little bit. Even though I was always self-motivated, driven. Like my dad was never behind me going “Go son.” Never, ever. It was always me. I had the fire in my own belly. I turned that fire on and off at my own disposal, every time.

The real punchline of this is you should never ever, ever rely on somebody else to give you that push. You know, like “Oh come on Sam, you’ve got this.” Like it’s nice but I don’t think it’s good to have your motivation dependent upon somebody else’s validation of you. So my drive and my passion for everything, I put everything into everything I do. When I do my videos I give it everything. When I do my courses I do it everything. My flight training, everything. I want to be the best at what I do. Although the best doesn’t exist and perfection doesn’t exist. I know that if I do my best at any moment in time, that I can walk away saying “You know what, I did it. You know, I did it the best I could.”

So that’s internal satisfaction, it’s an internal fire, it’s motivation from the inside. Never, ever, ever, ever try and do it for your parents, try and do it for your friends. for whatever it is weight loss, transformation, whatever it is. Do it for you, because quite frankly in the contest prep world, if you’re a competitor watching this, you might know that people aren’t very sportive of you. It’s interesting because now I speak to those who are non-competing, just how many people in the world actually ostracise us, it seems because we’re considered to be unhealthy. We are considered to be strange, obsessed people that all we think about is our physiques, which is a lot of bullshit for some of us.

Because I know myself I am a pilot. I have a pilot’s licence. I’m a fucking scuba diver. I love adventure sports and yeah I spend more time in the gym, now, because I’m doing competitions but prior to three, four, five months I was out there scuba diving, cave diving, in aeroplanes  flying around. I love that. So, when people say “You’re obsessed.” I think they mean dedication and they’ve just used the wrong word because there’s a difference. I think I’d rather be obsessed about something like that than be obsessed about Netflix. So a little bit of a rant, had to get it out there. If you have any questions reach out to me You must be always your own biggest fan, every day, every fucking day.



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