In this episode, I share brutal honesty about what it really takes to build a six pack. Debunking many of the myths that continues to mislead the general public into ridiculous “contraptions” that have no place in any ab building program.

I share my story of how I was caught up on reading magazines that touted shredded dudes and their “workout of the month” programs. And misleading marketing of “do this X ab exercise for 30 days and have those deep-cut abs” that will shine the gloss off the page of the magazine.”

I discuss why these magazine workouts will never work and I break through all of the common BS marketers often use to sell their ab workout programs.

Bad advice such as:

  • There are special food types that will give you abs
  • Special supplements will melt away that belly fat
  • [insert contraption here] will raise those hidden abs to enlightenment (or some other similarly worded BS)

In this episode, you will learn how fat loss really works when it comes to having visible abs.

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Brad Newton:

In this episode I’m going to give you the run down of all the bad advice and all that kind of stuff that you need to avoid and ignore if you’re trying to get a six pack, build a six pack, create a six … whatever, make a six pack show. Or you’re a lady listening to this, you want a great core, you want those lines, you want to be toned, whatever language you want to call it. But we all know what it looks like in our eyes that looks good so we’ll just run with that. I want to talk about the bad advice.

There’s so much bad advice out there about what it takes to have a six pack or a great core. I got caught up in this myself. When I was a teenager living with my parents I believed that the secret to having good abs was to do hundreds of sit ups. And I did hundreds of sit ups in my bedroom almost every night and interestingly enough I never had a six pack and I was always frustrated by that because I thought that’s what you needed to do.

I got this information, this bad advice as a teenager from reading magazines, magazine workout of the month by such and such and such bodybuilder, says that his best ab workout routine is step one, step two, step three, step four, repeat. Do this for the next 30 days and you will have rock solid abs, deep cuts and abs that will shine like the sunrise. I just made that up on the spot. But I’m telling you, this is what I was reading as a teenager in fitness magazines. Of course, if the guy on the front cover of the magazine is touting this advice, it must be somewhat applicable to you.

Needless to say a lot of these guys are taking steroids and when they’re divulging their plans they’ll tell you what their workout of the month is or whatever, but they’ll never tell you what their nutrition is which is equally important. You can’t just tell someone, “Go do these bunch of exercises, you’re going to get big biceps or triceps or quads or calves,” or whatever and not tell them how to eat because if you don’t feed your muscles you’re going to get jack from your workout. You’ll get no fucking results. That’s the honest truth and I wish magazines had not wasted my money on them by just being a little bit more transparent with the truth. That’s why I’ve created this podcast, and my YouTube channel, and my website, to create transparency in this ridiculously opaque and confusing industry.

Now I’m happy right now to be in a position where I have a six pack. I am talking from experience. I’ve made all the mistakes. I’ve bought into the bad advice. I know what it is and I’m here to tell you right now what you need to avoid if you want any chance of not just having a six pack or a great core, or to be toned and more defined, but also to have a great body as well, because we don’t really care just about how we can define our abs and forget about everything else. We need to really work on our body as a whole if we want the look we want. But we’ll focus on abs for now and we’ll focus on the bad advice.

Eventually when I cut through all of that bad advice that I got when I started focusing on what really mattered the most when it come to building abs which was correct training and nutrition and a few other pieces I’ll talk about in this audio and also in other audios to come, then I started to see visible abs and eventually have the abs that I have now. Of course, you can go to my website if you’re really curious for this episode. I’ll throw some photos up there and you’ll see what my physique looks like so you know that I’m not full of shit, that I actually do have it and I do practise what I preach and I know what I’m talking about.

But the most common, one of the most common pieces of bad advice that I’ve heard that I’ve bought into myself when it comes to building abs or a great core is that you need to eat special types of food. That if you have for example this goji berry juice, then you’ll absolutely have the abs that you want. Or whatever type of food that is. It’s like … insert food type here. That’s just complete BS. That’s just absolute rubbish. There’s no food type that is more special over anything else that’s going to help you to get closer to your goal of getting abs or not, 100%, 100% hands down complete BS. If someone ever tells that to you, you can run the other way because they’re full of shit. I make no apologies for my blunt use of language but let’s be honest here. I don’t want you guys getting ripped off like I was, so the moment someone says that you might as well run the other way.

The next piece of bad advice I’ve come across is that there are special supplements that you can take to melt away belly fat. It’s that melt away belly fat. When you melt away belly fat, then those magical abs will appear from below, like an iceberg surfacing to the top. Oh whatever. I just made that up just now. But it’s like supplement companies come up with really creative ways to sell you a supplement on how it’s going to melt away the stubborn fat regions. If you want those beautiful abs to show, that winter fat to dissolve away, then you must take this supplement three times a day and spend $60 a month on this supplement.

Again, supplements, this is a whole other discussion, will only supplement. Now this seems like a cliché, right, but it’s true, it really is true and I’m going to talk more about supplements in other audios as well, but it is so true that there’s no single supplement on the market that will help you get a six pack. There is none. You can do everything via nutrition and training. You don’t need supplements to bring out abs or to create abs. You don’t, period. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

There are certain supplements which provided you’re already doing the nutrition and the training thing correctly there are certain supplements which may help you a little bit, but if you’re going to a supplement as your primary escape to getting abs or building your body or whatever, then it’s completely the wrong mentality and you’re just going to be frustrated. It’s just, you’re going to be upset and you’re going to be pissed off, and you’re going to feel defeated. I’m here to tell you right now never go to a supplement as your first and foremost go to before managing your nutrition and your training first.

There is no magical supplement that’s going to melt away body fat and have abs showing. It’s ridiculous. This doesn’t exist. I don’t care what supplement companies say. I mean they’re always going to have their best interest at heart, not yours. It’s a business. They’re running a business. It’s a supplement business. It’s not a people business. Yeah, if anyone says that they’ve got a magical supplement that’s going to help you lose that belly fat and have that abs, those abs of your dreams, then forget about it, move on.

The next one is that you need to focus on a certain type of workout. Now this is like the feature of Danoz TV, like Danoz Direct, like going, watching late night TV commercials, there is no shortage of commercials that tout certain types of contraptions, like that I’ve never seen in my life. It looks like something from Star Wars. Like I don’t know how you … I’d be afraid of injuring myself some of these things they come up with. If you put your feet like this and then you kind of do this twist and then you do 16 little crunches on this little angle, then you’re going to have abs like the model does that’s smiling at the camera all the time which is fucking annoying. Like come on. I mean Jesus.

There is no contraption, there is no singe one contraption or exercise that’s going to bring out your abs. There’s not one. Like there are ab exercises which are more effective than others and there’s science behind that. But there’s not one contraption. The Ab Crunch is not going … I mean look, we all, most of us have used an Ab Crunch machine. When I was growing up and living with my parents, we had one. I used it but then I started doing just the body weight crunch on the floor of my bedroom at my parents’ house, but I mean I did hundreds of those, hundreds, like hundreds. I had my music. Like I had my Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, I had my 80s music playing right when I was started doing this and I was like really cranking it out and just going until I was burning in my … I was like, I felt the burning sensation in my abs and I thought, “Man, I must be … These things they’re going to catch on fire if I keep going.” The reality is I had no abs from that, even after all that hard work.

There’s no single exercise that’s going to build your abs. Like the Ab Crunch machine is not useless but it’s not the end all and be all, and there are other pieces to building abs than just using an Ab Crunch machine. In fact, I’ll let you know something right now. I haven’t used an Ab Crunch machine in about three years. Again, I reference my physique on my website in the show notes. I’ve not touched an Ab Crunch machine in three years. I’ve not touched anything of late night commercials in probably about seven years. There is no one single one exercise.

Now let’s go to a little bit of science and if you’re curious you can go to the show notes of this podcast for the scientific reference. It is true based in science that when you are training your muscles for example or you’re training your abs, that you are burning calories from the fat that’s covering those abs, you are burning the fat, the lipids of those cells over the abs. In terms of calories you are burning them. However, the research shows that those calories will not burn any faster from the fat directly covering the muscles you are training. It will create a small kind of calorie expenditure but nothing significant.

Spot reduction or targeted reduction of fat is just complete BS and that’s PubMed reference 17596786087. It’ll be on my show notes. Go and check it out. There’s two scientific references there which conclusively say that buying into targeted fat loss or spot reduction of fat to build abs or to show abs, or whatever you want to call it, is complete bullshit. There is no concrete science that proves or in scientific terms they call it being statistically significant. I went to uni. I studied a science degree. I know about science. It’s not statistically significant to make claims that targeted fat loss or spot reduction of fat is effective.

As I said, the research is showing small changes in fat expenditure or calorie expenditure over the fat, over the top of the abs, but nothing significant in science. However, there are companies out there which will use these loose connexions in science and create complete systems around them. Do not buy into targeted fat loss programmes or spot reduction programmes that claim that they’ll spot reduce your fat. No.

Fat loss is a whole body process. Your genetics will determine where your fat comes off from first. If you will segue a little bit into what it takes to lose fat and build abs, and real quick it’s controlled both by your nutrition and by your training. If you want to reduce your body fat, you must eat less calories than what your body needs every day, period, that’s it. Whether you call it eating less portions, or weighing less food on the scales, or counting calories or macros, or whatever you call it, whatever language you use, it doesn’t matter. You need to feed your body less energy than what it needs.

When that happens your body will then use stored energy supply, whether it be from fat, from muscle, from somewhere else, but it’ll be on your body somewhere and it will use that first to burn before it goes to food that you eat. When you create a calorie deficit your body fat percentage will drop. You must drop your body fat percentage which is the whole body process in order for not just your abs to show but for your body to become more defined, because muscle is what gives definition to your physique, not fat.

Not only will you lose fat from your abdominal region. You’ll also lose fat from your shoulders, your upper back, your lower back, your obliques, your calves. Your body, your genetics will determine where this fat gets ripped off first and where it comes off last. This is a whole body process. Not targeted. The targeting fat loss BS is really just catering to people’s convenience of the easy way out which it’s not true because it doesn’t work. If it worked everybody would do it. But it doesn’t.

What works is, as I said, eat less calories than what you need and then you’ll start to lose fat from all over your body and everything will start to show. You’ll start to have more definition in your shoulders, more definition in your biceps. You’ll start to see your abs from the top down and the last place you’ll lose fat from usually from your abdominal region is the lower part of your abs. That’s how it’s done.

Then of course you need to train. You need to do, and I’ll talk more about this in other audios, but you do need to do training on your abs and also you need to do compound movement such as deadlifting, squats, overhead press, lounges. These kinds of things will work all of the muscles in the body including the core, the muscles that make up the core region and your abdominal region. You also need to work and train your abs directly as well because your abs is a small muscle group, they need to be trained directly. Your calves need to be trained directly. Just doing squats to build calves is not enough. Just doing lounges to builds abs is not enough.

I don’t care what anyone says. This is coming from somebody, I’ve been training my abs and I could tell you right now. If you are only doing squats, lounges, deadlifting to build abs, your abs will be unimpressive. They won’t be well defined. They just won’t be. I’ve made this mistake. I’ve bought into the idea that if you only do compound movements you’ll absolutely have cut abs. Not true, not true at all. Your abs need to be directly trained, otherwise they won’t be impressive. Your core needs to be directly trained, otherwise it won’t be impressive.

You do your squats, you do your deadlifting, you do overhead press, and you do targeted ab training such as leg raisers, Captain’s Chair leg raisers. I’ll put this in the show notes. Ab wheel roll outs, planking, air bicycles, exercises like those, reverse crunches that are weighted, these kind of exercises in conjunction with the lounges and deadlifting and those kind of things is what builds an impressive core. Then when you combine that with nutrition whereby you’re reducing your calories, so you’re feeding your body less energy than what it needs, you’re reducing your body fat percentage. And by reducing your body fat percentage you actually get to showcase what you’ve worked so hard to achieve in the gym, an impressive core.

That’s all there is to it. There are no secrets. There are no shortcuts. Anyone that claims that there’s a secret formula to building abs is full of shit, like it’s complete BS. There are no secrets. It’s hard work, always. There are no shortcuts. That is it. It’s unimpressive. What I’m saying is not impressive. It’s not going to make you jump out of your chair and go, “Damn, he’s found the secret,” like, “This is it. This is the solution.” What I’ve told you right now is tried and true, and this is what works, and it’s worked for a long time.

Nutrition and training, reduce your body fat percentage, train, do both, they’re equally important and you’ll have great abs. You need to cut out the BS. You need to. You can’t buy into it anymore. This is it. You’ve listened to me now. I’ve ranted on a little bit about it. There’s no excuses to buying into any more BS. Now it comes down to well how do I reduce my body fat percentage and how do I train my abs.

Then it comes down to we need to create some kind of meal plan or you need to use a smartphone application and meal plan through that, whether it be MyNetDiary, or MyFitnessPal. They’re free applications that you can download onto your phone, and if you want to use the premium features you do pay like $3 for it. Wow, it’s a lot of money, isn’t it? It’s … That is what you do. You download MyNetDiary or MyFitnessPal and you will calculate how many calories you must not exceed as a man or woman listening to this every day, and then you’ll calculate that you need a certain amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat.

Now this is going to be too much for most people, but if you want a six pack, if you want a great core, if you want a great body, then this is what you do. I can assure you there is a little bit of learning upfront. Anything, anything that’s worthwhile does require a little bit of mental energy, and mental, and time. But worth it. Download the app, click around, check it out, calculate your calories, don’t exceed them, and be as close as possible to that calorie target, those daily calories. Now for a woman it could be 1,500 calories. For a man it could be 2,000 calories. But whatever that number is you calculate it for yourself. Then in terms of how long it’ll take to build a great physique, a great six pack, it really depends. But if you start now you’ll get it sooner.

I will end this podcast right now. There’s a lot to take in. I only wanted to cover the bad advice and really what the truth is when it comes to building a great six pack and having a great core. Just ignore the bad advice and then you’re 90% of the way there. Focus on reducing your body fat percentage as a whole through creating a meal plan. I do this on my website. I show people how to do this and or using smartphone applications which you can download onto your phone as well. Then of course you’re training in the gym or somewhere else where you’re focusing on heavy compound movements, plus you’re directly training your abs/core. I’ll talk more about this in other audios and videos, but right now that’s what you need to know.

If you have any questions about this, reach out to me I am only out there to serve people the truth. I was mislead for years and years about all of this, and now I’m so passionate about sharing this with people and just being brutally honest about what it really takes to get results. Like come on. Let’s get real here. Send me an email if you have any questions. Go to my website where it’s going to be the next biggest fitness TV thing on the internet. You wait, that’s coming up very soon. Just stay tuned.

Go to check out my website and or if you want add me on Snapchat because I will answer anybody’s questions on Snapchat, and also I share stories on Snapchat with my own meal planning and getting ready for fitness model competitions. You’ll see me doing my own ab workouts. I actually demonstr … I actually when I was on the gym this morning I had Snapchat burning away and I was capturing all of my workouts, my ab workouts. People actually got to see what I do with my ab training. It’s nothing like what we just mentioned. You’ll get to see that.

Go to the show notes section of my website for this episode and you’ll get to see all the show notes as well. Don’t forget, rate on iTunes if you like what I have to say, and thank you so much for listening and I’ll speak to you soon. Have a good day.



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