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Brad Newton:

Hi, everybody. Brad from BradNewton.Tv. I want to talk to you a little bit about the ultimate two week fitness vacation in the world that you could possibly experience. I know, it’s a bold statement to make, but I can rest assure you, by the end of this audio, I’m going to have you watching a couple of three minute videos on my YouTube channel that’s going to absolutely blow your freaking mind.

I want to say that right now I’m actually recording this audio into my phone in my hotel room. I’m staying at a place called Lemonade. I know it sounds weird, in Phuket, Thailand. I’m literally a block away from a place called Soi Taied. Now, Soi Taied, we’ll talk more about that in just a second, but it’s essentially the fitness … I like to call it the Fitness Mecca of the world. Until you see this place for yourself, it’ll just completely blow your freaking mind, but essentially I fly out tomorrow and I’m sad, because I’ve been here for two weeks, I’ve been training six days a week, I’ve had Sundays off, except today being Thursday and I had today off, complete rest day, but I swear to you, if you are somebody that is passionate about fitness and you’re looking for a place to go overseas to train and to have a bit of a fitness thing going on while you’re travelling, or you are looking for a fitness vacation, this is the place to come to.

I’ve been travelling around the world for a while and I’ve done various different fitness boot camps and things like that over the years, but this is by far the number one, by far number one top on my list of places to go to, to train. If you’re into Muay Thai or martial arts or Crossfit, Yoga, protein shakes, if you’re into anything to do with fitness, you have to come to Soi Taied. Soi Taied, I’ll spell that for you Soi as in S-O-I, Soi, and Taied is T-A-E, T-A-I-E-D, I believe. Excuse me if I haven’t got the spelling right. I actually write everything out in the show notes, check it out for yourself. I’ll also put some links to some YouTube videos about three, four or five minute long videos and you’ll see what this place is all about. But essentially this is one long street, it’s one very long street and it contains a number of Muay Thai training centres, but also a lot of these training centres also teaches Yoga, you can do morning Yoga, you could do strength and conditioning classes. They’ve got …

A lot of these places have fully decked out gyms, if you’re into normal weight lifting, conventional weight lifting. Crossfit as I’ve mentioned, they’ve got different levels of Muay Thai, people that come here from all around the world, literally thousands of people come from all around the world to be here every month to train on this street in some form. We’ll do Yoga, we’ll do conditioning, we’ll do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we’ll do Muay Boran, I believe it is, which is an ancient form of what’s it called, Muay Thai, I had a mental blank, traditional Western boxing, what else is there? There’s so many different things, K1, MMA, if you’re into mixed martial arts, Yoga, it just goes on and on and on.

[inaudible 00:03:24] and then on top of that, so you’ve got all these training centres that are located on this street and we’re talking about somewhere along the lines of like up to 10 of these training centres on the street and then you have these side streets that also contain a number of Muay Thai training centres, gyms and on the actual street itself, there are a number of protein shake huts, so you can go these little, tiny huts and on the side on the street and they’ll make up a protein shake for you. And we’re not talking dodgy whey protein that no one’s ever heard of before.

We’re talking proper brand name, ultimate nutrition or optimum nutrition, there’s supplements stores here, which you can buy your supplements and you can for the cost literally, for the cost of like 60 Baht, which is less that $2, less than $3 Australian Dollars, you can get a nice chocolate, vanilla, strawberry protein shake, 24 grammes of protein, ultimate nutrition. You can have that with milk, you can have that with water, you can say, “Add peanut butter, add glutamine, add creatine.” And you pay extra 20, 30, 40 Baht for those additionals, it’s just unbelievable and it would just absolutely blow your mind.

If you … Typically, this is what happens, so you go and do your training session and then after you do your training session, where ever that is, you’re doing Muay Thai, you’re doing weight training, you’re doing beach training, you’re doing whatever, the big Buddha run, which is like a 4.2 kilometre run up a giant mountain, up to the top of the Buddha, where the Buddha is located and you get a full view of Phuket, you can go and get a protein shake and you can wait like an hour, hour and a half, do your next class, which might be something completely different, like another style of martial art that you’ve never tried before and then you finish that class and then you have a half hour break, an hour, two hour, three hour break, you might wanna jump in the pool for a little bit.

If the pace you’re staying at has a pool, then you go back, do like an afternoon Muay Thai class, to give you an idea of what I’ve been doing every single day here, right? This is essentially what my day looks like and I pretty much have documented this in daily vlogs on my YouTube channel. Go check it out and you see exactly what my day looks like. I wake up, 05:30 in the morning and I usually have my branch chain amino acids, my BCAA’s that allows me to train in a fasted state and then I’ll have a Muay Thai class, a beginner Muay Thai class and don’t worry if you’re listening to this thinking, “I’m not into Muay Thai, I’m not into fighting, I’m not into martial arts.” I personally only do Muay Thai, only for fitness, that’s it.

I don’t do it for any other reason and so that’s from eight o’clock in the morning till 20, so that’s two hours and then from there I’ll go straight to Tiger Grill, literally, because I’ve been training at a place called Tiger Muay Thai, so if you go to Google type in Tiger Muay Thai, it will come up in the search results, so that’s where I’ve been training. It’s actually one of the biggest Muay Thai training centres in the world, but also they don’t just teach Muay Thai, they also have Yoga, strength and conditioning classes, Crossfit and different types of martial arts, BJJ, MMA, Krav, goes on and on, like I said massive …

Go to the website, check out the schedule. Go and check out the time table on their website and then after that, eight till 10, Muay Thai training centre, Muay Thai training class, then I’ll go and have a protein shake and after the protein shake I’ll wait like, I just hear some noise outside my room, and then after the protein shake I’ll come back to my room, do some video editing and then I’ll go back and do an afternoon Muay Thai class of like another two hours, from three o’clock to five o’clock and that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing every day and every now and again I’ll do like a beginner BJJ, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class or a beginner MMA class or a beginner something else and so you can come in, you can get an all inclusive fitness package and you can try everything on the menu and then you can … It’s just unbelievable and then on top of that, this is what’s really cool.

What’s better, I think above and beyond the different types of fitness that you can do here, not to mention the climate, the 30 degree temperatures and the humidity is the people. It’s unbelievable just how many people you meet from all around the world. I’ve met someone from Morocco yesterday. A girl has flown in from Morocco, I’ve met people from Iraq, from the UK, Canada, the US, New Zealand, of course Australia, where I’m from and also some of the islands, like in the Pacific Ocean, like, it’s unbelievable and India, people from India come here, met a few Nepalese people, a few people from South Africa and what else is there. I’m trying to think of really unique places.

Greece, where else? A couple of Eastern European countries, Yugoslavia, I was up against a couple of guys from Austria, wrestling with a guy from Austria, from Salzburg, like it’s crazy, because I can’t encapsulate, I just cannot completely fathom just how amazing it is to meet people from so many different countries from all around the world that are so passionate about fitness or and you know what’s interesting? You might be listening to this thinking, “Oh, Brad, you know what, I’m not fit, I’m not ripped, I’m not lean.” Doesn’t fucking matter. Come down here. There are people that are just starting their fitness journey and there are elite athletes here. There are people from both ends of the fitness spectrum, there are people that come here, like top 10, top five in the world for Muay Thai, for BJJ, for MMA and they come here because, these training centres, such as Top Team, if you go to Google, type in Top Team or type in Chock Chai, so C-H-O-K C-H-A-I, I believe, Chock Chai or type in Tiger Muay.

I mean there are athletes from all around the world that are like professional fighters that come here and they train and they compete and there are people that have never trained before, There are people that have really bad conditioning, really poor conditioning and the come here and train and you get to meet all these different people, you get to be … Imagine being, just think about this for a minute. Imagine stepping away from your corporate job, I work a corporate job back home, yeah? Imagine stepping away from your corporate job and spending two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, two months in a place where everybody is talking about fitness and training. Everybody is motivating you to do the classes, to and by the way you’re socialising with these people at night. You go out, you have your protein shakes, you have your grilled chicken, you go to these places on the side of the street and they cater for people that are into macro, such as how much protein, carb and fat is in my meals?

Grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, steamed vegetables, steamed fish, all that shit that people care about when it comes to training is all catered for on the same street. Most of the restaurant menus, most of the bars have all the calories marked out, all the protein, fat marked out. It’s unbelievable. I know it’s very hard to believe this is in Thailand, but believe me. Imagine going to a place like that, spending two weeks here and being completely emersed in the fitness culture and walking down the street and watching crowds of people with their shirts off, jogging, training, out on the street, in the sun, in the humidity and then after you finish your training, you pay 30 Baht for a coconut. Imagine that. Go and get a coconut after your training. Go and get a protein shake off the side of the street with your favourite brand of protein for 60 Baht, two, three Australian Dollars. Imagine being around people from Morocco, Iraq, from Yugoslavia, from Austria, from New Zealand, from the US, from Canada. Imagine and then hearing everybody’s stories about their training journeys and everything else and it’s the ultimate holiday.

Fuck going to Google and typing in fitness holiday vacation or fitness vacation or … This is the place to come. This is the place to come and if you’re listening to this and I’ve inspired you to come on this trip because of this audio, please reach out to me, I really would appreciate it. Brad at BradNewton.TV or even go to my YouTube channel and check out the videos I have of this place and check it out for yourself. But it’s just unbelievable, just how incredible this fitness culture is and I cannot stop raving about it. It’s just like a 30, 13 minute audio and I’ve not stopped raving about it. It’s just unbelievable, just crazy. And going to the beach afterwards. If you want you can go to the beach and the hot sun, get a tan, come back, do your training. But I wanna mention also that if you’re into your training that there are how many supplement stores? There are I believe about four supplement stores and one of those supplement stores actually sells protein powder, or protein supplements that is like 20 Australian Dollars cheaper than what I can get it back home.

If you’re looking to coming here, it’s called Soi Taied. If you’re looking at coming here and doing a fitness vacation and thinking about bringing your own protein powder with you, your own supplements with you, don’t bother. Seriously, you can buy all that stuff here and you go to a supplement store called the Phuket Health Store, it’s on Soi Taied Street. It’s at the very beginning of Soi Taied Street at literally at the intersection and it’s called Phuket Health Shop or Phuket Health Store or something. You walk in there and they’ve got all the top brand name protein supplements such as ultimate nutrition, ultimate nutrition, they’ve got, bars, cookie, like into your bars and your cookies and that kind of shit. Protein cookies and that kind of stuff, if you’re into those treats, they’ve got all that and so just keep that in mind. So yeah, I suggest go to Google, type in accommodation on Soi Taied. You wanna stay as close to the street as possible. I’m staying at Lemonade, it’s called, it’s really funny, it’s called Lemonade Phuket, so as in lemonade, the soft drink and I’m literally paying for, how many nights? 14, 13 nights, something like that, about 10,000 Baht so if you just convert that back to your local currency, how, whatever you’re listening to this from, that’s where I’m staying.

By the way the place is quite nice. The problem is that it’s about a 20 minute walk to the street and so I suggest that if you’re looking at training here that you stay on the street or just off the street and there are plenty of places you can find. I’ve spoken to other athletes, other people that are training here, that are staying in some really nice places, they have swimming pools and so if you’re looking at staying here, it’s probably not a bad idea, it’s super hot. When you finish your Muay Thai training class or your Crossfit class, or you finish Yoga, which by the way, this is not normal Yoga that you do back home. The Yoga here is more intense. Then you can jump in the pool and then chill out by the pool for two hours. Then go back and do another training session at another gym. Another training centre.

What I suggest to do is go and have a look at all the class schedules for all of the training centres that are on the street and hen you can map and plan what classes you wanna do and on what days and that kinda stuff and by the way, if you’ve never done MMA, if you’ve never done Muay Thai, if you’ve never done martial arts, if you’ve never done Crossfit, if you’ve never done any of that then you can try everything and then go from there. Also, they do beach training here as well. They’ll take you down to the beach.

They do the Buddha run, which I’ve done a video on, on YouTube, go check it out. I think just go to Google, type in YouTube search, something like Buddha run, something like that. My video should come up, the first on the list and what else is there? By the way I’m going, I’m leaving tomorrow night right after two weeks, but I swear to you every single person that I’ve spoken to here, they’re like, one girl has been here seven times and she cries every time she’s about to go home, because that’s just how crazy this place is.

It just sucks you in. The culture, the people, there’s not one person that I’ve met that has come here and that’s gone, “This place is fucking horrible.” Everyone I’ve met has been like, they’ve either come back or they’re coming back or even people that have been here for two months. By the way, if you can come here for two months, I highly suggest it. I’m coming back here for two months. I’m coming back here in four weeks from now for another two weeks, but if you can try and get a two, three, four, five weeks here, that’s just exceptional. But yeah, it’s not uncommon to come across people that are training here for two months and they don’t get sick of it and they also get very upset. I spoke to a guy about two days ago, he’s been here for two months, flew home yesterday and he was heartbroken. I never saw a man about to cry from being so sad that he was leaving to go home to the US.

But anyway, so that’s it. I’m gonna wrap it up now, so I wanted to put this out there, this unfortunately has not been spoken about much out there in the world. Soi Taied Street, go and check it out. I’ll try and spell it for you, so Soi is S-O-I, sometimes I spell it S-O-Y by accident, I apologise. I don’t intend that, so S-O-I and then Taied is T-A-E, T-A-E-I-D, I believe, but go to show notes, Google will correct you and I’ll have all the details there as well. By the way, if you’re super keen, watch a couple of two, three, four minute videos on my YouTube channel. YouTube.Com/BradNewton and you get all the videos of me, of my day to day here on Soi Taied and I swear to you, after you watch my videos, you will be booking your next fitness vacation to this place.

Thank you so much for listening to this and reach me on Brad at BradNewton.TV, my website BradNewton.TV and of course my YouTube channel for daily videos, YouTube.Com/BradNewton. You guys are awesome, keep it up and speak to you soon.



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