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No, I’m not talking about eating cupcakes and losing fat.

With that said, you can eat cupcakes and lose weight provided you feed your body slightly less cupcake calories than what it needs (energy balance.)

I discuss how you can eat the food you love — including the “forbidden” foods — and achieve the body you want in this simple 3-step process.

It is exactly the strategy I used to build my physique to where it is now.

Yeah, I need to smile more 🙂

When I was going through my fat loss journey, I got sick of hearing the typical lines:

  • Brad, you need to take fish oil to lose weight
  • (My father): Brad, take Krill oil and don’t waste your time with fish oil
  • Brad, you can’t have refined sugar in your coffee. You’ll stay fat!
  • Brad, you need to do more cardio… (…eat more carbs) (…eat no carbs) (…go vegan) (…go paleo)
  • Brad, Intermittent Fasting is the way… do it… do it now!

These opinions from well-intended people are fragmented, which creates confusion among the masses that want nothing more than to lose some fat and look good.

Let me introduce to you an approach to fat loss using the cupcake analogy.

I like cupcakes and this infographic, originally created by Alan Aragon and Sohee Lee, summarises a simple way to approach a body transformation.

The Cupcake Analogy

One of the fundamental mental shifts I made years ago that started my fat loss journey, was flipping my focus from prioritising supplements (the sprinkles) and whether I was eating carbs before 8 pm (the frosting), to ensuring I was not exceeding my total daily calorie allowance (the cake!!!)

I cared about the sprinkles and the frosting and gave no consideration to the cake — the underlying law that governs weight loss and weight gain.

That is… no supplement on earth is going to get you ripped if you continue to ignore the cake and eat more calories than what your body needs everyday.

Or focus on the sprinkles when you don’t even have your cake sorted out!

Eating before 8 pm, or 2 am. Zero carb or high carb. Or combining your meals with Brazil nuts and expecting a fat loss miracle — will not happen if you are over-eating more calories than what you need on high carb, low fat, and so on.… the cake!

Flip Your Mindset To Nutrition To Win

If you want to win on any diet — paleo, vegan, vegetarian, pesco, or Mediterranean — your mindset around nutritional intake will need be flipped to follow the cake analogy from the ground-up.

Like this.

  1. The cake: Finding your total daily calorie allowance & macros
  2. The icing: when you get those calories (pre- & post-workout etc)
  3. The sprinkles: Am I getting enough Vitamin D or zinc?!?

The Cake

The foundation of all weight loss and weight gain is predicated on energy balance. Energy-in versus energy-out. This is not a soy beans versus lentils debate.

It’s the cake! It’s the foundation.

In a practical sense, it is a matter of downloading and installing MyNetDiary or MyFitnessPal on your phone, and setting a Daily Calorie Target (or target) and keeping within 100 calories of that target.

Like this. Taken directly from my phone (using MyNetDiary.)

The Daily Food Calorie Budget is the foundation. It doesn’t matter what you eat or how you “spend” those calories on any day — cupcakes for that matter — if you do not exceed your daily budget — you’ll lose weight.

No matter how bad you think your genetics are or how many times you’ve failed at weight loss in the past (I know how you feel.) It’s worth trying these phone applications and seeing for yourself.

I even discuss a study in my YouTube video on how a nutrition professor lost 27 pounds in 10 weeks eating Twinkies, Little Debbie snacks, and Oreos!

Weight loss is not predicated on food choices but the quantity of those food choices.

But… if you want to lose fat and maintain muscle, then you need to calculate your Daily Food Calorie Budget and….!


You need to calculate how much protein, carbohydrate, and fat you need (also called “macros”.) Check this article out: 3 easy steps to calculating macros for weight loss.

In MyNetDiary, entering your macro-nutrient requirements looks like this:

If you read the article, I explain this process in a little bit more detail.

Finish reading this article and then go and read that one! 🙂

The Icing & The Sprinkles

Once you’ve got your cake sorted out. It’s then a matter of determining less important meal planning factors like meal frequency and nutrient timing (the icing.)

If you are training on a regular basis, the icing will also involve determining how much protein and carb you will have pre-workout and post-workout, if any.

Read these articles on how much pre-workout protein and pre-workout carbohydrate you should be getting! It helped me build the physique I have now!

And the last but not least… the sprinkles (supplements.) The questions which will show up here should be “what multivitamin should I look at buying?” or “should I take creatine and, if so, how much?”

I go into much more detail about the icing and the sprinkles, in various digital courses that I host, such as the meal planning mastery video course.

Final Thoughts

I can assure every single person reading this. If you re-frame your mind to approach the nutrition around fat loss like a cupcake — you will begin your fat loss journey with the “big picture” in mind. And you will get results.

Something I wish I did when I first started. But like most people, I ran down the rabbit hole of yo-yo dieting and quick fixes, looking for the “supplement” with special fat burning powers. Ha… those days…!

Always… big picture. You will win! And please let me know how you go!

If you need any help or have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. I will be happy to help you out!


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