One of the fundamental mental shifts I made years ago that started my fat loss journey, was flipping my focus from prioritising supplements (the sprinkles) and whether I was eating carbs before 8 pm (the frosting), to ensuring I was not exceeding my total daily calorie allowance (the cake!!!)

I cared about the sprinkles and the frosting and gave no consideration to the cake — the underlying law that governs weight loss and weight gain.

That is… no supplement on earth is going to get you ripped if you continue to ignore the cake and eat more calories than what your body needs everyday.
Or focus on the sprinkles when you don’t even have your cake sorted out!

Eating before 8 pm, or 2 am. Zero carb or high carb. Or combining your meals with Brazil nuts and expecting a fat loss miracle — will not happen if you are over-eating more calories than what you need on high carb, low fat, and so on.… the cake!

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Brad Newton:

Hi, everybody. Welcome back. Brad from I want to take this time to talk about the cupcake analogy and supplements or training supplements or workout supplements and how cupcakes are related. I know it sounds really funny but it’s going to be interesting. By the end of this audio, you’ll have a very clear perspective of how you can use training supplements or workout supplements to really reach your goals of losing fat or building muscle.

Look. To be honest with you, this is the industry, right? This is how it is. This is what I fell into years and years ago before I was wiser about how the supplement industry works. I was out of shape and miserable and so, it was … Back in the day, I would go to the supplement store and just buy a bunch of supplements, whatever was recommended, whatever was on sale, whatever the supplement guru recommended, whatever and I’d go and buy it, sub-fat burners and that kind of thing and then I’d be just very miserable and very disappointed that I wouldn’t get the results that was on the front cover of the Men’s Health magazine back in the day, right?

I’ve come to learn that workout supplements or training supplements should be treated like cupcakes. Think of a cupcake. You’ve got various layers. You’ve got like the foundation. You’ve got the foundation of the cupcake. You’ve got the icing on the top and then you’ve got the sprinkles, yeah? Actually, I’ve written an article on my website. Go to Go to fitness articles. You’ll see what I’m talking about. I’ve actually written an article on this.

That’s your cupcake structure. It’s actually no different to how you should approach fat loss and building muscle. Think of building muscle and losing fat like a cupcake. The supplements that you buy from the supplement store should always be the sprinkles, should always be the very last thing to consider. You’re like, “Yeah, no. We’ve heard that. Oh, supplements. You supplement what you’re already doing within nutrition and training. Oh, it’s like 80% nutrition, 20% training.”

We’ve all heard this cliché terms get thrown around the Instagram space or the Facebook space or whatever. There is truth to that, of course, but think about like a cupcake. Supplements really should be the last place to go. If you want to lose fat, build muscle, the last place you want to walk into is a supplement store. That’s the last place you want to go to. I’ve got friends that run supplement stores. I’m just being honest, brutally honest here. Last place you want to go to is a supplement store. The cake, the foundation of a cupcake, the foundation of building muscle, losing fat for both men and women is always going to be your calories, always, 100%, energy balance, always and forever. It’s energy in, energy out.

No, this is like cliché but it’s so true. It’s so true that when you manage your calories, whether you do it through MyNetDiary, MyFitnessPal, this is the foundation of the cupcake. This is what you’re going to do first. MyNetDiary, MyFitnessPal, you’re going to manage your calories first and then, once you’ve got that under control, the icing on the cake then becomes, okay, so I’ve determined how much protein, how much carbohydrate, how much fat I need, then it’s like, “Oh, so when do I need to take my protein? Should take it before my workout, after my workout? I should have three or four meals per day.”

The icing on the cake is really just fine-tuning the foundation. It’s about nutrient timing. When should you have certain nutrients? Then, once you got that sorted, then it’s supplements that will help you help reinforce the foundation. For example, the foundation is you need a certain amount of protein, right? If you’re training, if you’re lifting weights in the gym, you need a certain amount of protein to meet your goals, yeah?

For most people training, it’s going to be between .8 grammes to one pound, so 1.8 grammes to one gramme per pound of body weight per day. It’s a general recommendation for anybody who’s lifting weights, men and women, three times a week minimum, yeah? If you’re lifting weights three, four, five times, six times a week, then your protein requirements are going to be double somebody who’s just sitting on the couch all day. Then, once you … For example, for me, I’m 200 pounds. That’s my body weight. I need there about between 180 to 200 grammes of protein every day. That’s going to be the base of the cupcake. That’s going to be the foundation of the cupcake, yeah?

I want to be getting at least 40, 50, 60% of my daily protein requirements from whole food sources such as fish, chicken, beef, those kinds of things, whole food sources. That’s going to be where I get half of that protein, so about 100 grammes, 120 grammes of my daily protein will come from whole food. The rest of it will come from supplements, will come from the sprinkles, right? That’s going to be the other 40 or so percent of my protein requirements but I’m not going to have protein powder all day, right? I’m not going to have protein powder as my only source of protein for the day unless, of course, I’m travelling in remote areas of the world where it’s very hard to get whole food forms of protein and I’ve been in this situation before. Sometimes, you got to be super practical.

I just wanted to put that out there that, guys, I don’t want to waste … You don’t need to waste your money on supplements because most of them are rubbish anyway. There are only certain few that are really backed in decent science but even saying that, supplements are not even necessary. You can have a great cupcake with no sprinkles on it. It can be the best cupcake you’ve ever had in your life without the sprinkles but there is no cupcake without the cup. There is no cupcake without the foundation.

If you just go for the sprinkles and you don’t have the foundation in place, like as they say, there’s no supplement that’s going to undo a shitty diet, right? If you’re taking L-carnitine or tartrate and you’re eating Mackers on a regular basis, then if you don’t have your calories under control, you don’t have a cupcake, right? You got great sprinkles on a shitty, shitty cupcake. It’s going to make for a shitty experience. I hope you follow the analogy but that’s just 100% true. Get your diet sorted out first. Get your nutrition sorted out first. I talk about this in the articles on my website. There’s huge discussion points in themselves and training, so nutrition and training, I talk about those in separate articles on my website. Go check them out and then, the sprinkles, right?

In terms of what sprinkles to have, what supplements should you buy, then it really comes down to, honestly, like brutally honest, and this is coming from somebody who … I’m not a sponsored athlete. I don’t have supplement companies paying me to say any of this but I’m here to tell you right now that there are about five, six, seven, less than 10 actual supplements on the market out of the hundreds you could possibly buy, there are less than 10 that are backed in any decent science, that will actually help you but even then, remember, the foundation’s always important. Even the 10 best supplements in the world, with all the science known to men, is not going to undo a shitty diet.

Once you get your diet under control, there are no more than about 10 supplements which you’ll really benefit from. I talk more about this in other videos and other audios and things like that but I wanted to talk about that and get it off my chest. If you have any questions, Head to my website. If you want to build a great cupcake, a great foundation for building a great physique, right, then head to my website, Simple, easy, super duper simple, and that will get you started. Thanks so much for listening and speak to you very soon.



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