After doing 5 fitness model competitions in 8 months, I needed to take a break! As much as I loved the challenge of getting up on stage and making it through to the World Titles, I decided that I needed to immerse myself in a different training environment (in a different country!)

This was when I decided in September 2017 to spend 12-days on a street named Soi Taied (in Phuket, Thailand) where I could learn Muay Thai, drink protein shakes from bamboo huts, meet like-minded fitness enthusiasts, and shoot scuba diving videos on Phi Phi island.

Soi Taied is a very long street in Phuket (Thailand) that is the home to some of the largest Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts training centres in the world. In addition, there are CrossFit, yoga, and gym training facilities accessible to anybody wanting to lose some weight and meet amazing new friends. I can assure you, it’s not all martial arts! You’ll be amazed at the fitness facilities this place offers.

I’ve written 3 informative articles on Soi Taied which you can read here:

There are hundreds, if not, thousands of people from all around the world that descend onto Soi Taied to get into shape on any number of fitness packages offered by the training centres along that street.

So I decided to spend 12 days on Soi Taied, documenting my Muay Thai training journey and interviewing people from all around the world (featured in the video series.)

In Season 2 of this vlog series, you’ll see exactly what Soi Taied is all about and perhaps inspire you to come and visit this incredible street that is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

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Soi Taied is a long street in Phuket which is an undiscovered fitness retreat, hosting some of the largest Muay Thai training centres in the world.

Join fitness and adventure vlogger Brad as he returns to Soi Taied for 12 days, sharing his experiences of learning Muay Thai, meeting like-minded fitness enthusiasts from around the world, and inspiring your next fitness vacation to be on Soi Taied.

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My Soi Taied Training Vlog Series

If you are really interested in what my typical training days on Soi Taied are like before you come here, feel free to watch some of the daily vlogs I created from the playlist below.


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