Would you like to know what it takes for a fitness model competitor to get ready for a contest? Read on 😀


As you may have noticed, I am very passionate about fitness and keeping in shape. If you know my back story, you’ll know that I was a very sick guy in my early 20s. I managed to turn myself around, maintain the results, and then produce video courses to help others.

The reason why my fitness education courses are so popular is because I speak the truth. And I tell you exactly how to get results in your body. And of course, I grew up eating donuts, lollies, cake, etc, so I didn’t start out “athletic” like some of these personal trainers. I have a story that most people can relate to. Plus I am an approachable guy, unlike most other fitness influencers on Instagram that will never answer your questions. I do.

So if you are keen on learning about my fitness model competition journey where I share all of the details of my preparation for the World Titles in June 2017. From the struggles I had with dating girls, binge eating, sticking to a strict set of meal plans and training, all of the behind the scenes that athletes are up against before stepping on the world stage… you can’t miss this series!

I documented my entire journey and left nothing out.

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Join fitness and adventure vlogger Brad as he presents the highlights to Season A of his fitness model competition journey and his preparation for the World Titles in June 2017.

He shares his struggles from dating girls, binge eating, strict meal planning and training, and all of the behind the scenes that athletes are up against before stepping on stage in front of crowds of people.

Brad Newton

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In this series, you will watch me prepare for 3 separate fitness model competitions:

  • Episode 5: Melbourne Muscle and Model Fitness Competition Day
  • Episode 15: Mornington Peninsula Fitness Model Competition Day
  • Episode 19: World Titles Competition Day

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