The truth about getting a six pack in my own raw, unedited words. Take this from someone that has abs but also, has no vested interested in selling you anything… except the truth.

You need to do two things: you must reduce your overall body fat percentage. If you are a guy, you need to bring your body fat percentage down to below 12-13-14% BF. If you don’t, you won’t see abs. Period. For a woman, sub-20% BF for abs or “lines” to really start to shine.

The second thing you need to do is heavy compound weight training AND “some” specific ab training exercises.

I discuss how fat loss is a whole-body process. Spot reduction of body fat has no place in creating and displaying a great six pack.

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Brad Newton:

Good day, my friends. Awesome people out there. Thanks for tuning back in. Brad again from, and today’s the 22nd of April, 2017. My birthday is in like, on the 28th of April. Pretty cool, huh? So I’m documenting my journey to get ready for the world titles as a fitness model competitor and thought I’d do this video a little bit more casually, just sitting on the floor here and camera in my hand, just to do something a little bit different.

So, look I’m 15 days out from stepping on the stage for my very next fitness model competition. I today did a training session, so what I’ll do, I actually recorded this on my phone through Snapchat stories, so I’ll kind of flash up kind of some of the footage and the photos of all that kind of stuff and you’ll get to see what I did.

So, I did like a high intensity interval training session with the skip-rope and I’m really just trying to get a little bit leaner for the stage. You know not too much leaner, not too much over-conditioned, just a little bit leaner. So you see the skip-rope there, you see me, you know I got the ab wheel rollout I was doing some ab, bit of an ab routine work as well. You’ll that as well and you know, like, I tell people this all the time, you know. People that ask me Brad, what’s it take to get abs? And so you’ll see photos now like me doing, I was doing some posing practise and I was actually checking my condition. I did that this morning.

And I always tell people the same fucking story like, what does it take to get abs? I’m like, okay, you really want to know? You got to reduce your body fat percentage down. If you don’t reduce your body fat percentage down, you won’t seem them. Period. That’s it. Like, nutrition will dictate that. And so, you know, if your body fat percentage as a guy is any more than like 12, 13, 14, 15 percent, then you’re going to see nothing. You’re going to see shit. That’s the honest truth and none of this doing ab crunch and you know, doing spot reduction of fat and all kind of bullshit, like you … it’s a whole … fat loss is a whole body process. You know, you can’t just do thousands of ab crunches and expect the fat just burn off your abs. It just doesn’t work like that.

And you know, quite frankly, it’s becoming a little bit of a rant. But I’m just sick and tired of people just being bullshitted to and hopefully you watch this and hopefully you won’t get roped in again, but whenever someone tries to sell you like the spot reduction fat system or programme, they’re full of shit, man. You need to run. You need to avoid that. You need to not buy it. You need to, you know, just don’t waste your time. You know, the real truth to building abs is … there’s two things. There’s two sides of this. Nutrition, and you’ve got to bring your body fat percentage down and that’s a whole body process. Always, always. You do that through reducing your calories. I’ll talk about this in other videos so go and check them out, I won’t talk about it here. But you have to reduce your calories down a little bit. You need to maintain that calorie reduction for a little while and then your body fat percentage overall will drop slowly over time. You’ve just got to be patient and then the body fat will slowly come off you everywhere, not just over your abs, but everywhere.

So, not only will you see your ab definition when your body fat percentage drops, but you’ll start to see definition everywhere else. You’ll start to see … if you keep getting leaner and leaner and leaner and leaner and leaner, you’ll start to see vascularity as well and then as you get leaner and leaner, you get to see more vascularity, if you’re into that. Some people aren’t. It’s usually considered sexy and [00:03:50] for a lot of people. And so you’ll see a lot more vascularity and then the other piece of it is that, you know, you really do need to train your abs. And you need to do whole body training as well. Like, it’s not just a matter of … you see me using the ab wheel, you see me doing leg raises, you see me doing, you know, very specific ab training exercises. But you know, just remember right now, you’ve seen my abs in the photos before. I took those photos this morning. Like, fuck, like I’d be lying to you if I said to you all I did was ab wheel roll outs, leg raises, captain chair leg raises and like, planks …

I mean, that’s not what I’ve only done. I mean I’m talking about, I’m talking about doing squats, dead lifting. I’m talking about doing like exercises where it engages your entire core. You know and no one wants … you don’t want to have just abs. You don’t want to just have abs. Abs on their own suck. You need to have all the muscles around them. You know, you need to have physique as well. Like, if you were out of shape and then I just give you abs and I slap them on you. Like, you’d look like shit. Like, you don’t want that. You need the whole package. Abs look good when you have the whole package. When you got like the serratus muscles, when you got the “V,” when you got the obliques popping out, when you got like, you know, when you got like a little bit of definition in your arms and your shoulders. It looks good. As a package, that’s what your aiming for and to get the whole package, you know, you need to train your whole body. That’s it. You need to train your whole fucking body.

How do you do that? It’s squats, dead lifts, big compound movements. Always. Always. And then, you know, to really make your abs pop out, you need to train them like every other muscle group. You need to do like, ab wheel roll outs … there’s no like magical ab exercises. You just do a couple. You want to go for upper, you want to train both the upper part and the lower part and whatever else and don’t get too technical with it. Don’t try and overanalyze it and over think it. Don’t do that shit.

Just work on compound training. So like, squats, dead lifts, overhead press. Exercises where you’re overloading the muscle, entire body. And then on top of that, maybe two or three times a week with one or two days of rest in-between, just do ab, some ab specific training. Ab wheel roll outs, captain chair leg raises, air bicycles, planks, there’s so many you can do. So many different ab exercises you can do. There’s no magical ab exercise, no magical ab training routine, it’s just all bullshit really. Like, just ignore people that say, well you need to do this, this and this in a specific order.

Like, I’m very casual with my ab training. In fact, like right now, I don’t do a lot of it now because I don’t need to, you know. But if you are underdeveloped with your abs, fuck, just do two, you do two, three days a week of ab training. Remember, if your body fat percentage is too high, you won’t see them. You know, you need to cut your, you need to bring your calories down so you can see your abs and of course the rest of the muscle definition on your body.

So, look, that’s all I want to say. Look, honestly I actually have a free course on how to build abs and stuff. It’s actually free as I film this now and you can enrol. I go through, I cut through all the BS. I actually did the course because I was sick and tired of people just being like bullshitted. Like, six pack shortcuts. Like fuck, are you kidding me? There’s no shortcut. You need to do the work. Like, there is no shortcut to a great … like if there was an easy way to get a great body, I think everybody would have a great body. I mean, it’s not overly challenging, but it does require hard work and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. It takes time. Like, you can’t have abs in 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 week, 3 months. Not abs that most people want, anyway. You’ve got to remember that, you know this is a fitness … this is a journey. Fitness is a journey. It’s always a journey and you know, I don’t have perfect abs but I’m very happy with mine.

You just need to know that. Just don’t buy into any … if anyone says there’s shortcuts or a secret … the secret to six pack abs, just run. They’re full of shit. There’s no secret to building abs. You’re just training. You train as I mentioned how to train, keep your calories down and a few other pieces. I talk about actually, I’ve got a free course, check it out. I’ll link it below and that’s it and I did it because I want to help people like just cut through the bullshit and say hey, this is actually what it takes. You know, I have them. Wow like great, I can help you get them as well, you know? So, anyway, I’m going to close off. I am fifteen days away from stepping on the stage as a fitness model competitor.

It’s the 22nd of April, 2017 and sitting on the floor here. Thought I’d just do a little casual video just for you guys, something a little different. I’m usually used to having microphones set up and lights and that kind of stuff. But just a little casual. So, beautiful day outside. But always have things on my chest. Always have things I’ve got to share with the world. You know, if it bothers me, I’m going to share and I’m going to let people know what it really takes. Everybody, everybody, everybody deserves to have a great body. Everybody. You, your friend, your sister, your brother, your mother, your father. Everybody. You know? It’s not that fucking complicated but too many people bullshit. I hate it. I hate it and that’s why I feel like I’m on a massive mission. Huge.

All right, that’s it. My brain’s had enough. If you have any questions though, reach out to me, Brad, at I also, I think I’m on Snapchat. Where’s my phone? I don’t have my phone with me. But I’ve been on Snapchat and or just check out Instagram stories, because everything I share with the world I demonstrate it myself. I fucking walk the talk, you know. So add me on snap or ask me questions through snap as well. So, goodnight guys. You’re awesome, take care and see you soon.



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