I share my story of how weight loss provided the side benefits of dramatically improving my confidence levels.

I had blotchy skin. I was very self conscious of the skin I had which was covered with sores and red marks from picking at it on a regular basis. Whenever I would have conversations with people, especially fit girls, I would always be mindful of them “looking” at the marks on my skin!

Once I transformed my physique over a period of several years, I found that not only did my physique change, but my levels of confidence also transformed.

This is my short story! Enjoy 🙂

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Brad Newton:

Hey, guys, I’m on fire. I’m on fire. It’s the 22nd of April, 2017, and I’m in the same spot. I’ve just shot three videos sitting in the exact same spot. I just feel like my brain is just like this. I’ve got to get all this information out. So look, just real quick, if you just jumped into this video from nowhere. I’m getting ready for the world titles. I’m preparing my body and whatever to get ready for the World Fitness Model title, so I’m going to the sea in June to compete. My very next competition is in 15 days from now, as I film this right now.

So I’m pretty much documenting the journey. So if you want to follow that journey, subscribe. Also, I share a lot of knowledge, everything I’ve learned about health and fitness, and that kind of stuff, through my own journey. So I make this very relatable to everybody watching, so subscribe if you haven’t already. For those of you who have watched the last two videos that seemed to be sequential, I want to talk about how your confidence will change when you transform your body.

Look, I don’t want to hyperbolize this. I’m not into hyperbole. I’m not into rah-rah bullshit. I’m into real authenticity and just telling it how it is. I’ll let you know right now, that if you didn’t follow the previous two videos sequentially, then I’ll quickly go over it.

I was out of shape, miserable, in and out of the hospital. I was sick all the time. I was very self conscious of my body, and to be quite frank, I wasn’t very confident. I wasn’t confident at all. I kind of fronted with confidence, but deep down I didn’t feel confident with speaking in front of big groups of people. I didn’t feel confident with going to the beach. I didn’t feel confident with … It was embarrassing. I didn’t want to take my shirt off. That’s how embarrassed I was.

Because I had a junk food addiction and a sugar addiction as well. I used to pick at my skin, because it always felt itchy. I was always scratching all the time and picking at my skin. I remember my neck would always be blotchy and it was really embarrassing. It was bad. It was really bad. Then when I got rid of my sugar addiction and my junk food, which I’ll talk about in another video how I did that. And I started to figure out how to transform my body, and I did that, my level of confidence completely changed. It was unbelievable. If you’re watching this, and you’re out of shape, I get it, because I was there, too. I was out of shape as well. I totally get it.

Being self-conscious about your body, being self-conscious about the fat on your stomach, being self-conscious about … The truth is, when you’re surrounded … If you’re a guy watching this, and you’re out of shape, and you go and meet a girl who’s in shape, I don’t know about you, but back in the day, I used to get really nervous. I think because I was self-conscious of … Maybe she’s looking at me a certain way. Maybe she’s judging me because I have a big pudge. Maybe she’s judging me because I have skinny arms. Maybe she’s judging me because I’m not good looking. Maybe she’s staring at this blotchy skin around my neck. That’s seriously what happened. I was really self-conscious and I was nervous around girls, and that was years ago.

Then when I got through my junk food addiction and my sugar addiction, and I broke through that, and I started to see progress in the gym, and I started to see progress with what I was doing, my confidence started to change. Rather than tell you, “Oh, you’ll get more confidence when you transform your body,” that seems like an obvious thing. But if you’re watching this and you’re out of shape, you’re not gonna really grasp that impact. I can’t sell you on how good a body transformation is, because of how much more confidence you’ll get. That just doesn’t work.

I can just tell you my story, and hopefully, that might give you some inspiration. Because I wasn’t always confident, and I was always self-conscious. Then when I started to transform my body, when I’d go to the beach, I had this different, I had a different swagger. I’d walk down the beach with my new body, right, and I strutted differently. I felt like I was on a catwalk. Even though it was the beach, I felt like I was on a catwalk. I felt like a display model. This was years ago, when I for the first time, I actually transformed my body. Years ago.

I conducted myself differently… I spoke to people differently. I spoke with more confidence and certainty. I conducted myself differently. It’s hard to really describe that, but I’d go to a social setting with girls that were ripped, and I had that inner confidence that I never had before. I was carrying conversations with great confidence, and it just changed me. It really did. Then people perceive that. People feel … Girls know if a guy’s confident or not. It’s obvious. Of course, everyone can tell if you’re confident or not confident, or whatever. So that’s what happened with me. My body, my transformation helped … I didn’t just transform my body.

This is what’s interesting. People think, “Oh, you go through a body transformation, you lose a bit of fat and build muscle.” No, it’s a lot more than that. You’ll actually go through different types of transformations, as well. You’ll actually find that you’ll transform your confidence. So that’s something that’s not material. You can’t see it, but you feel it. You also transform your peer group. You end up making new friends that have the same values as you, because now if you’re training and you get in shape, like, I’ve got friends now that I’d never ever have as friends five, six, seven years ago. My friends, my peer group five, six, seven, eight years ago were very different than how they are now. My old peer group, I don’t even hang around with them anymore.

I don’t even … It’s not that I’m better than them, it’s just that, we just have different values. We just have different values in life, and that’s what happens. I can’t be sad about it. I went to school with some of these people. They’re eating pizza every day. They’re eating pizza every second night. That’s just not me. I might have one pizza every six months, but I don’t have it every second day now. So now I’ve got different, other …

My friends now, not all of them, but most of them are fitness model competitors, you know what I mean? We compete with each other, and it’s fun. It’s fucking … It’s really good fun. It’s a healthy competition. We compete on stage. We’re friends off stage. It’s really fun. But five, six, seven, eight years ago, I would never have imagined myself being friends with other fitness people. I just wouldn’t feel confident. I couldn’t carry a conversation with someone that was fit or ripped, especially girls, because they were checking out my blotchy skin and whatever else.

I’ve even forgot what I was gonna be talking about, actually. I kind of went off topic a little bit. So yeah, confidence. Man, it totally transforms you. I’ll tell you what, real quick, real quick. I’m gonna close this off real quick. When I transformed my body a few years ago, right? And I maintained it, once I maintained it, I was like, “This is it. This is what it’s all about.” Once you get the transformation, and you maintain it, it’s game over. Your life is set. I wanted to share that with the world. I started doing these videos, literally mid last year, in June 2016. I swear to God, your confidence …

My confidence in front of cameras now is unbelievable. I would never … I had a big fear of cameras. Massive. Huge. Like, there’s no way I could speak in front of a camera like this, without a script, without … I was like, “No way.” I remember being completely nervous, trying it at first. But ever since I transformed my body, and my confidence transformed as well, this has become a natural thing now. This is natural. I feel really natural now in front of a camera. I could never speak in front of a camera five, six, seven years ago. No way. No way.

I know, you probably don’t care about, like … “Brad, I don’t really give a shit about speaking in front of cameras,” but to be honest with you, whatever you want to do, you’ll use your confidence somewhere in life. Whether you’re a guy and you want to meet up with a girl. You want to go to a club, and you want to say hi to a girl, and you’ve got that confidence to do that. You would never have had that confidence before, when you were out of shape and that kind of stuff. So I wanted to share that with you real quick that body transformation is more than just losing a bit of fat and building muscle. It’s unbelievable the amount of confidence you get from that transformation.

As a fitness model competitor now, I’ve only done one show, but when I got up on stage in front of hundreds of people, and in front of nine judges, and lights and cameras, I just felt so comfortable. I felt really confident. But you know what? I could never have done that years ago. It would have been … I would have been like, “You guys have the wrong Brad. You’re talking about Brad Pitt, not BN, not Brad Newton.”

So let me share this with you, because if you’re out of shape now, and you’re watching this, I’m here to tell you right now that, no bullshit, a body transformation is the best thing that could ever happen to you. It’s worth more than anything you could buy with cash. It’s worth any holiday you could ever go on. It’s worth so much more than what you could put a price on. You can’t put a price on the amount of confidence on how you feel. It’s even more than that. Fuck, it’s your health. I haven’t even talked about that. I haven’t even talked about how much more energy I have. It’s crazy. I’ll talk about that later, but we’ll just stick to the confidence thing.

So look, if you have any questions … Man, I rant, don’t I? I go on, a lot. I talk a lot, so that’s why I have a YouTube channel. So anyway, guys, if you have any questions, reach out to me, Brad@SeekFitLife.TV. I have a stack of online courses I give away for free. I give a lot of content away for free, because I just love, love sharing the love. I do. I live for it. And I love getting the emails from people watching this. Man, you guys live in some weird countries. There’s so many countries. Right, 195 countries, I didn’t know that. But I get emails from countries I never heard of before. I have to Google some of these places.

So anyway, send me an email. If you have any questions, if you’re not sure of anything, just send me an email directly. I’m the most approachable person you can imagine. I teach a lot of free courses on my website. So go to my website, SeekFitLife.tv. I think I’ve got like 17,000 people enrolled in everything I do now, so go check it out. You are awesome and if you are watching this and you want to get in shape, you can do it. 100%. If I can do it, you can do it. If I can do it, anybody can do it. I’m just an ordinary dude. Ordinary guy, ordinary genetics, nobody special. Just big passion, big heart, and I like sharing knowledge. Anyway, I talk a lot. Thanks very much for watching, and I’ll see you soon.



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