I share a revealing story of how people made fun of me for being skinny. At school, I was a small kid. I was quite lean but I had no muscle whatsoever.

In my 20s, I became more skinny fat and I can never forget the people that would hang rubbish on me for the physique that I had. It was these select few people that helped reinforce the belief that my genetics were screwed and there was no way I could have a great body.

They were wrong. All of them.

I use the analogy of You 1.0 and You 2.0. And that focusing on You 1.0 (the past and present) is a guaranteed way of ensuring that You 2.0 never works out.

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Brad Newton:

I love you guys. I love you guys. Thanks for tuning in. Riding in from [inaudible 00:00:16] dot TV. I haven’t moved from this spot. I shot the previous blog in this exact same spot and I’m just kind of chilling out here while I shoot some videos. I’m documenting my journey to the world titles, as a fitness model competitor, if you don’t already know that. If you haven’t already subscribed, please do so, because I have a lot of stuff to share with everybody watching and listening, and I really want to help people. I really want to help you out. If you want a great body, I can help you out. You can follow my journey. I’m not perfect. I don’t know everything, but I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’ve made a lot of mistakes so if you don’t want to make the same mistakes as me, then subscribe.

I want to talk about you 2.0. I just thought of it just now. You 2.0 as in why are you you 2.0, is like everybody watching, everybody watching, everybody deserves to have great fitness. I struggle with this for years. Previously I was like you 1.0. I was like the old version of me sucked. I really did. I was out of shape. I was miserable. I was tired all the time. I was in and out of hospital. When I shared that story about my journey of having a junk food addiction and being in and out of hospital, it was a real fucking story. It actually took me a while to, should I really share this with the world because it’s quite a sensitive story.

I was fucking devastated. I thought I was genetically fucked up. I thought I didn’t have the genetics to have a great body. I thought I’m going to be skinny fat for life. I thought that there’s no hope for me. I had people make fun. I actually had people make fun of me. Oh he’s some actor morph dude. You’re like a skinny dude. You’re so skinny. You’re skinny. I used to laugh it off and I was like, deep down I was like, fuck you. Just because you’re a wrestler, whatever. I’m going to figure it out one day. Deep down, it made me hungry. It made me really hungry when girls would like reject me or guys would like make fun of me. I was like, deep down, fuck you mother fuckers. Sorry for my language, but I was like, deep down, you know what? I’m going to prove you wrong. I’m going to find a way. I’m going to figure this out. I’m going to figure this out.

I went to different personal trainers that helped me. They did. They helped me get more confident on the bench press and doing certain movements. I give it to them for that. The same personal trainers never helped me with meal planning, never helped me with macros, never helped me with all the pieces required for a body transformation. I had to figure this shit out for myself. I really did. It was really hard. I’m here to tell you right now that I don’t care where you are right now. I really, if you’re sitting in my room, and we’re having this conversation right now, one on one, I don’t care where you’ve come from. I really don’t. I care for you. I don’t care where you come from. What matters to me is like, how are we going to get you from you 1.0 to you 2.0? How are we going to get you to the next level?

Yeah, you’ve made mistakes just like me and it hasn’t worked out for you. You’ve tried different programmes and it hasn’t worked out for you. Looking at what hasn’t worked out for you, is not going to change anything. You’re not going, if you keep thinking about how you tried different programmes and it hasn’t worked out for you, and you keep focusing on that, you’ll never fucking move forward. You’ll never upgrade your life ever. You’ll never become a you 2.0 if you always focus on you 1.0. That’s the truth. If you keep focusing on that, you’ll never upgrade. You’ll never. You’ll always be thinking about how it didn’t work out.

I’ve done this. I’ve spent a lot of time like thinking about how things didn’t work out for me, why girls are not accepting me, why people are rejecting me. I’d have people just like, won’t even look at me. I wasn’t attractive. I was embarrassed, going to the beach, embarrassing. It sucked. It was embarrassing to go to the beach. I’m getting emotional man. It was embarrassing. I hated it. I hated it. You do things like, what do you do? When you are out of shape, and deep down you’re not happy with your physique, you do things like, you walk down the beach. You suck your stomach in a little bit. You do these. I was sucking my stomach in a little bit just to make it look a little bit more tighter or pull my pants up and kind of. You just do these little things because you’re so self conscious of people judging you and like people seeing you in a different way and that kind of shit. To be honest with you, that doesn’t do anything. It does. It temporarily covers a problem, but I honestly feel like it’s only going to get you so far and I know.

I know we are genetically different. We are. I get it. I get it. We’re all genetically different but do not buy into that genetics rules everything. It fucking doesn’t. They dictate things of course. There’s signs on that, of course. I get it. If you start believing that genetics is controlling you, then you’ll never, ever do what it takes to figure it out. I’m passionate about it. I’m fucking passionate about helping people become 2.0, you 2.0. How can we take you from where you are now to 2.0?

Reach out to me. Ask me questions. That’s what I’m here for. I had my phone over there and I’m usually within two metres of it. I love getting the emails from people like you, have questions. I have all sorts of questions about all sorts of things and I just live for that. I live for helping people get to the next level and you deserve it. Your life will, it’s hard, I know. If I set here and tell you right now about how amazing your life will be, once you lose the fat and build some muscle and actually feel good about yourself, your life will just go to a different level. Go to a different, different level. I want to cap it off. I’m going to talk about that in the next video. I got another video coming up. Otherwise, this one will go over 20 minutes. Stay tuned.



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