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Welcome to my site. I’m Brad!

Fitness Lifestyle Vlogger & Adventurer


My name is Brad Newton and I’m glad you are here. I’m an Aussie fitness guy that is obsessed with the fitness journey and going on adventures with my GoPro.

Here is my summary:

  • Out-of-shape, fatigued, and stressed that transformed into a fitness model competitor (long story!)
  • A pilot of small planes the size of my shoe box apartment
  • A scuba diver that loves cave and drift diving
  • Bachelor of Science (this apparently makes me smart!)
  • Fitness model competitor having won and placed in several shows, and competed in the World Titles
  • Fitness Lifestyle & Adventure YouTuber/ Vlogger
  • Author to several online fitness courses

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My Ultimate Chest Training Guide

If it’s not bicep curls, it’s the bench press. The two areas that guy’s tend to focus most of their attention to in the gym. And although it’s important to build biceps and a nice, well-proportioned chest. The way to achieve this is unlike how...

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My Ultimate Calves Training Guide

Just a quick reminder that nutrition is also key to all weight training. Getting enough protein and enough calories will ultimately determine whether your calves will grow or not. Period. If you neglect protein requirements and do not get enough overall...

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My Ultimate Arms Training Guide

When I first started my journey — as a late teenager — I focused on endless bicep curls. I mean, I believed that burning away at bicep curls would give the size I wanted to get the attention from girls. But building biceps alone will not give you big arms....

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