If you asked someone at a cocktail party what it is they do and they responded with: “I’m a universal genius considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time; with passions involving invention, sculpting, architecture, mathematics, writing, history, and cartography.” “Oh, I’m also credited with inventing the helicopter, tank, and parachute!”

I’m pretty sure you’d think that person was confused, flakey, indecisive, and perhaps a little delusional.

Well… if I were to tell you that same person was Leonardo da Vinci, then you might reconsider your first impression.

My Story

When I meet people for the first time and they ask me what I do. I generally struggle because my elevator pitch is constantly evolving.

I am multipassionate and that will never change.

I am passionate about flying planes, travelling, scuba diving, physical challenges such as mountaineering and hiking, fitness, online businesses, guitars, meeting new people, vlogging.

I’m in no position to “pick and choose” because that is the politically correct thing to do. Just because something is politically correct doesn’t mean it will make you happy. The end.


Back in the day we would choose a single career that was similar or the same as our parents.

We would watch our parents cut meat in the family butcher business and then aspire to be “just like dad” or “just like mum.” And then grow up repeating the career of the generations before us.

Growing up pre-internet with one career choice made sense. “Modern” day school systems were designed like sausage factories to mold you into one career path. You would start at the bottom of a corporation, climb a single ladder, retire at the top. The end.

But humans are inherently multidimensional. The internet has only exploited this inherent character trait where we are presented with choices that pre-millennials never saw.

Eight years ago, vlogging never existed. Prior to the 1990s, there was no way you could run the family butcher and simultaneously own your online drop shipping business. It was just not possible to have 17 different entrepreneurial ventures, earn 7-figures and live a “laptop lifestyle.”

If your great great great grandparents saw the choices we now have, they would be pissed at you for not making the most of those opportunities.

My Advice?

Just do what makes you happy and ignore everyone else’s opinion of what you should be doing. If you are happy going all in on one passion — do that. If you have 16 passions and love them all equally — do them all. Create a personal brand around the theme that ties them altogether.

Just think of Leonardo da Vinci. He did not give a fuck about what his peers thought of him so why should you?

The worst thing you can do is waver from your truth and play by current political correctness. Do what feels right to you.

Do what makes you happy.

The end.



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