If you haven’t heard of it already, it’s referred to as Soi Taied. A very long street in Phuket, Thailand that boasts some of the best martial arts training centres in the world.

And before you switch off and declare that I am speaking direct to a martial arts crowd. Think again!

There are thousands of people from all around the world that come here — from pro athletes representing their country — to the Average Joe that works a corporate job back home wanting to shed a few kilograms. Yeah, completely opposite ambitions but everyone sweats on the same mats at any number of training facilities along Soi Taied.

In the past two months, I have spent 4 weeks training on Soi Taied. Meeting people from Spain, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Dubai, and the list goes on.

Here is a 6-minute YouTube video that perfectly summarises my typical day on this awesome street. Go and watch it then come back here.

It is so easy to meet people and make friends here. You just rock up to any group class knowing nobody and… by the end of the class… everyone is figuring out where they are going to drink protein shakes together. Well, most people! 🙂

My typical day

It begins with waking up at 6.30 am and preparing for my first Muay Thai class for the day, the 8 until 10 am class. The Muay Thai classes that I did were at Tiger Muay Thai (on Soi Taied.)

You’ll likely be doing the class with some familiar faces from the days or weeks prior, and usually people from all over the world.

After the morning Muay Thai class, it is typical to go and enjoy a protein shake from a protein shake bamboo hut on Soi Taied street. It will set you back about 60 to 80 Baht. That’s about $2–3 AUD.

This is what a protein shack on Soi Taied looks like…

Here is a photo of another protein hut made of bamboo and it costs 60 Baht for a protein shake, also on Soi Taied. And by the way, you can select any of the tropical fruits on the counter to be added into your protein shake!

You’ll have several hours of rest before doing your next fitness class. It might be a CrossFit class at Unit 27 or it might be a BJJ, MMA, or Dutch kickboxing class at Tiger Muay Thai, or somewhere else.

By the way, there are about half a dozen Muay Thai training centres around Soi Taied. Tiger is the largest.

Some people stick to spending their time on Soi Taied at one fitness centre — such as Unit 27 — which is a CrossFit centre that often pushes their attendees out into the nearby hills, in the hot Thai sun, as part of their conditioning training.

Here you’ll see a bunch of people charging out of the doors of Unit 27 and into the street.

Personally, I have never trained at Unit 27 as I’ve come to Soi Taied to learn Muay Thai. And I’ve chosen Tiger Muay Thai to achieve that desire.

Typically after a Muay Thai training session with Tiger, I would go back to my accommodation at Cocoville and have an oatmeal pancake. Seriously. At 20 grams of protein a pop, it was hard to not include them into my macros on a regular basis!

In reality, it looks like this but tastes amazing!!

After 4 Hours Of Training

It is very common to come across people that do the morning and afternoon Muay Thai classes.

When I first arrived onto Soi Taied, I thought everyone was crazy for over-training. But it turns out that if the pro fighters are training 4–5–6 hours a day then there must be some method to the training madness. And although I have no plans to become a Muay Thai pro fighter, I’d like to at least make the most of my time here and extract as much value from my training package as possible.

So after a few days of realising that one Muay Thai class was not enough to earn respect here, I’d do at least the morning and afternoon Muay Thai classes. If I felt really courageous, I would throw in a private session for good measure 🙂

Getting a Thai massage on Soi Taied is not an option, but a serious consideration. At only 400 Baht for a 1 hour session — I couldn’t think of a better way to recover from a hard day of getting thrashed in class.

According to people that live in Phuket and have been training on Soi Taied for months, there is only one massage place they recommend.

Here is what it looks like.

This place was always busy and you’ll find it right next door to a Fight Store (on Soi Taied, of course!)

If you are currently budgeting a trip to train on this street then here is the price list for this massage place. I’ve been there several times and I loved it.

And the ladies often work with Muay Thai fighters so are particularly abreast of common injury areas. And if you start moaning from the pain of the massage… they’ll often joke with you and say “no pain no gain.” 😀

My Soi Taied Training Vlog Series

If you are really interested in what my typical training days on Soi Taied are like before you come here, feel free to watch some of the daily vlogs I created from the playlist below. Let me know if you decide to come to Soi Taied, I might be around to meet up with you.

Have you been to Soi Taied? Would you like to go and have questions?

Leave them in the comments below!



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