Bringing you a live audio update from Phi Phi Island.

I am currently taking a 2 day break from Muay Thai training on Soi Taied (in Phuket) by exploring Phi Phi island and undertake some scuba diving out here.

In this audio, I talk a bit about my training experience on Soi Taied and why you should consider Soi Taied for your next fitness vacation.

It is the second time I have returned to Soi Taied in a 6-8 week period!

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Brad Newton:

Hi everybody, Brad from Just thought I’d do a quick audio just to update everybody with regards to my training, Muay Thai training journey here in Thailand. I’m actually doing this recording very much off the cuff in Phi Phi Island, I’m actually just walking around. The noises, the sounds that you can hear in the background is probably the wave crashings, waves crashing here and maybe a bit of wind so I apologise for that but I just thought I’d give you a quick update anyway and just share an update with regard to my Muay Thai training.

If you been following my video logs on YouTube, I’ve pretty much been documenting my Muay Thai training experience here in Thailand. I’ve been back in Thailand for about a week now doing Muay Thai at a place called Soi Taied. I’ll spell that for you, S O I T A I E D. Go to YouTube and type that in and you’ll see a bunch of my videos come up there. Short, two, three, four, five minute videos and it’s basically a street where you can go and do any kind of martial art like boxing, like Dutch kickboxing, Muay Thai, also mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu jitsu, all different types of martial arts. Krabi-kabong, I think it’s pronounced. There’s something for everybody but also you can do crossfit if you’re into functional training. There are many different gyms if you’re into traditional weightlifting. There are supplement stores. There are eateries which cater for people really conscious about their calories, are really conscious about how much protein, carbohydrate and fat they are getting and so forth. A lot of the menus will have all the macronutrient breakdowns of the food on them and so forth.

It’s really a street for people are looking to, different spectrums, different types of people actually to be honest. I’ve met pro fighters from, representing their country that are training on Soi Taied, right down to people that are just starting their training journey and are just looking to lose a bit of weight. You don’t have to be a fighter, you don’t have to be into martial arts, you don’t have to be an expert, you don’t have to be in shape, you don’t have to be ripped to come to Soi Taied because there are people from all around the world, many different levels of their training, different parts of their training journey and they all the same to you and they do their thing.

What’s really cool, honestly, what the best part of being on Soi Taied is the people that you meet. I’ve met people from Morocco and Egypt and places that of course, North America and Columbia and other parts of the world but also places that like Lebanon. Places where you don’t often meet people, like Morocco. What? You’re from where? You’re from Morocco? Anyway, it’s amazing because you can have, you can be in a class with eight or nine different countries and then you finish your crossfit class or your weight training class or whatever it is, you can then go out to the eatery and have your grilled chicken and steamed veggies with all of these different people and it’s just incredible. Just amazing.

I’m not sure if you followed journey earlier on but I was on Soi Taied about five weeks ago and I was here for two weeks. And I was training here for two weeks and I was doing four, five hours a day of training and meeting all these people and it was just incredible and I decided that four weeks later I would come back and resume my training in Soi Taied and here I am back in Soi Taied and doing another two weeks here. It’s so crazy. So crazy. You meet people that they come for a week or they come for two weeks and then they fall in love with this place so much so that they take a month off work, two months off work. When you meet people here it’s not uncommon to meet people that are here for several months and they’re doing a visa run to stay an extra month or so.

Or people that are running the classes, that are teaching crossfit, like Cobs. Coby, if you’re listening to this mate, hats off to you, man. You’re a good man. Cobs is from Tasmania and he teaches a lot of the functional classes at Muay Thai, not Muay Thai, a type of Muay Thai and he’s on a 12 month contract here and he’s absolutely living the life here as a coach, as a trainer. Anyway, you train, usually you train as frequently as you can handle but a lot of people train four, five or a lot of people train six days a week here. Typically four, five, six days a week here and on Sunday everything’s closed on Soi Taied so nobody does anything on Sunday. Thank fuck for that because everybody would just be, there needs to be something that, there need to be somebody that says you need to have a break. With everything shut on Soi Taied on Sunday, it’s a good reason why, it forces you to have a break.

That’s why I’m on Phi Phi Island, it’s Sunday as I report this now and just walking around. Sunny, went scuba diving yesterday here on Phi Phi and shitty, shitty weather, raining boat was rocking around. There was mist being flicked up off the ocean. It was just crappy, crappy weather but scuba diving was really good though. It was just crappy, shitty old weather. Today’s really sunny but I’m here for one more day and then I’m back to Soi Taied. Literally, a two hour boat ride, Phi Phi Island and Soi Taied is literally two hours on the ferry. I can jump on the ferry, two hours back to Soi Taied and continue my training tomorrow, Monday.

Just thought I’d give everyone a bit of a heads up with regards to what I’m doing at the moment. I actually cover this completely on Instagram @bradnewtonofficial, so N E W T O N, bradnewtonofficial. I post everything there and on YouTube as well. Honestly if you’re looking, if you’re listening to this and you’re looking for a fitness vacation, fuck going to Google and typing in fitness vacation or fitness holidays or, if you want to do yoga that’s fine, you can come do it here. There are a gazillion yoga classes that you can do in Thailand and you should make Soi Taied part of your travel itinerary if you’re wanting to do some fitness whilst travelling.

As I said, you don’t need to be super fit. I’m not, you don’t have to be, that’s what’s really cool about this place. Some people when they walk into a traditional gym feel intimidated because you’re not ripped, you’re not lean like everybody else or it might be a little bit, I’ve been there, I know how that feels, I still remember how that feels, being out of shape, walk into a gym and feeling really intimidated and feeling like an idiot because I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. Soi Taied you honestly feel like home. You feel like you’re part of a family, you’re part of a culture, part of, you feel like you’re part of something and it’s just fucking incredible. Go check it out. If you’re not convinced, go to YouTube and type Soi Taied, all of my videos will be up. I apologise, I apologise for the wind, I really do. It’s annoying, just thought I’d turn the phone around.

Go to YouTube and type in Soi Taied, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Let me know what your thoughts are. Instagram @bradnewtonofficial. I cover the whole thing on YouTube as well and so if you want to go to YouTube, and you’ll get a whole playlist of Soi Taied videos but honestly, if you do come, let me know. Let me know ’cause I’m out here often enough and we could catch up, have a chat it would be really awesome. In the meantime, have an awesome day my friends and speak to you very soon.



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