As a night shift worker, I know how tough it is to try and get into the best shape.

Everyone around me was telling me how it was impossible to lose weight on night shift given the nature of the job. I eventually figured out what I needed to do without having to quit my job, and then go on to compete in various fitness model competitions (while still doing night shift!)

You don’t have to quit your night shift job. Let’s just start with that.

In this audio, I will discuss the strategies of what you need to do to lose weight as a shift worker.

You’ll learn;

  • how many calories you need to eat in a 24 hour period
  • to let go of the belief that you can’t eat carbs after 8 pm. I eat most of my calories from 8 pm until 7 am
  • there’s no meal frequency concerns. You can eat as many meals as you like during your night shift roster, provided you don’t exceed your calorie target.
  • to try and be within 100 calories of your calorie target
  • to be patient for 4-6 weeks to start seeing results


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Brad Newton:

Hi everybody. Brad again from I want to talk about something that has been on my mind for a while, and I know a lot of people out there who are out there listening do some kind of shift work and night shift, and I know it’s really tough for you and you are wanting to get in shape, you want to lose a bit a weight, you want to lose some fat, build some muscle, whatever it is. And I know it’s probably been a real big struggle for you, like it was for me for years. I have been doing night shift now for about seven years, and I was out of shape, and I was miserable, and I was tired, and I was also in and out of hospital and this and this and that. And I managed to turn it all around and managed to figure out how to do it. And there is no real secret, or you know, some hidden magical trick or anything like it, it’s just understanding a few principles, and a little bit of practise, and I know everyone listening can do this.

This first thing is that if you are doing night shift, and you want to lose weight, and you want to get in shape, you don’t have to quit your job, you know, a lot of people think you have to quit your job because the nature of night shift means that, you know, you just can’t get in shape and that’s not true, you can still be a nurse, a doctor, a police officer or whatever and be in the best shape possible.

The first thing to realise is that you need to figure out how many calories you need to eat on a 24 hour basis so that you can safely lose weight. For me personally, and I have got this little calculator on my website, it talks about calculating, and it’s actually on the home page of the, how to calculate your macros in three steps.

If you just use that little online calculator, for me I got about 2,100 calories. So that means that, in any 24 hour block of time, if I am wanting to cut fat, you hit the drop down menu on the calculator, you select cut, because that’s what it means, you want to cut fat. If I don’t exceed 2,100 calories in a 24 hour window, then I know that I am going to lose fat, right? I know that I am going to lose fat.

And you need to calculate it for yourself, if you are a woman watching or listening to this, you need to calculate it based on your activity and that kind of stuff. It’s super simple and straight forward.

So what that means is that you need to also let go of the belief that you need to eat all of your calories before a certain time at night you know, or you can’t have carbs after eight o’clock at night, that’s a load of crap, you can. I eat most of my calories after eight o’clock at night, I start night shift at 8:30 at night, I finish at 7:00 in the morning and so I will have pretty much 95% of my calories between those times and then I will sleep during the day.

There is no number of meals, there is no, you have to eat five meals throughout the night or two meals throughout the night, there is none of that. You can eat as many meals as you want against the work demands. So I know a lot of people who are listening to this might be super busy running around on your feet all night, I respect that, you just eat what you can.

You eat when you can, so you have your calorie allowance, it might be 2,100 calories and you have your pre packed meals, and you just eat when you can when the job slows down, you know, just do your best. So that’s important, keep that in mind.

So there is no set number of meals, you know, five meals, three meals, seven meals, two meals, ten meals, it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t exceed your calorie target. As long as you are within about 100 calories of your calorie target, you know, man or woman, then you will be on the right path. If you sustain that for about four to six weeks, then you will definitely start to see results, in fact you will start to see results after the first few weeks and then you will create that momentum and that feedback through the mirror and you will feel better and this and that, right?

So just keep that in mind. A few other strategies as well is, you know, if you really, really want to make this work, you really need to not use the vending machine. This is super hard, I used to go to the vending machine throughout the night when I was doing night shift, eat chocolate, eat nuts, you really can’t do that. If you are doing it now, you really need to wean yourself off it, that’s just the truth.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, use the online calculator on my website. Once you figure out your calorie target, use an application like my net diary, or my fitness pal, whatever you eat during the night, you are just going to track it into the app, remember it doesn’t matter what you eat, you can eat what you want right, that’s the truth, you can eat what you want provided you don’t exceed that calorie target. And I talk more about how to get the correct amount of protein, carb and fat in other audios and videos on my YouTube channel, but it’s just a big discussion point to talk about now.

But just keep in mind, I want you to just walk away, calculate your calorie target and get the app, my net diary and my fitness pal and punch in that number into the app and then start tracking what you eat throughout your night shift or your shift work job.

Let me know how you go, I have been super quick with this, I elaborate the details on my website,

Thank you for listening, have an awesome day.



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