In another brutally honest podcast, I discuss the feelings of loneliness striking me once again. This feeling has swept over me during the Easter period. A time of the year where families and mates get together and enjoy food.

As a fitness model competitor that is 20 days away from stepping on the stage, I am not able to socialise in a traditional sense.

I discuss how I feel like my coach could play a more active role in my journey. I feel that she is very aloof and her interactions with me are usually only during one-on-one training sessions.

I discuss flexible dieting and how I had a binge on chocolate brownies and a giant cookie. I reverse engineered the reasons for this binge session and I reinforce the importance of designing a meal plan that is flexible and around the food you enjoy the most. I discuss the importance of meal planning little indulgences to hedge against the likelihood of a binge session occurring.

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Brad Newton:

Hi, everybody. Welcome back to the Brad Newton Show, episode 22. Thank you once again for joining me. I talk all about my contest prep journey, my journey to the World Titles. I talk about health, fitness, weight loss and everything from my perspective. Some of it based in science, a lot of it based in my own experience, here to share with the world and help transform the world. Thanks for joining. Once again, we’re going to change the format up a little bit with this podcast series by recording it on video as well as obviously through audio. Right now I have a camera rolling in my face and I’m really pumped because I can deliver this to an audience on YouTube and Facebook and Instagram if I want to as well as to the iTunes listeners out there as well.

Thanks again for joining me 17th of April, 2017. I have 20 days from stepping on the stage for my second ever fitness model competition. I want to talk about two things very specifically in this audio/video podcast. How I feel alone, and I’ve talked about this in a very recent podcast about being lonely and feeling alone as a fitness model competitor. I’m going to talk about it again from the angle of how or what influence or impact my competition coach is having on this process and also it being Easter, Easter weekend. It’s Easter Monday today as I record this. That’s obviously quite a bit of an implication of how I feel lonely as well through this journey. The second thing I want to talk about is how I had a crazy, wild binge eating session. I want to get down to the specifics of why it happened. I’m going to reverse engineer why it happens, so we can all learn from that.

Let’s get straight into it. The first thing is feeling lonely. Now it’s Easter Monday. Easter, usually in a lot of Western countries that celebrate it, it’s a time of the year where families get together. Friends get together. They celebrate. They have each other’s company. They eat Easter eggs and chocolate and other kind of crazy stuff. Now obviously when you’re a fitness model competitor, the chocolate thing goes out the window. Right? You can’t just go and binge eat chocolate, especially when you’re 20 days out from stepping on the stage. That doesn’t happen.

In saying that, it’s a socially awkward situation by going out with friends that are drinking, that are eating and they’re eating in a way where you just can’t eat what they’re eating. You just can’t do what they’re doing. You can’t drink. I mean I can have soda water. I’ve got soda water with me right now. I mean what a killjoy. It’s like, “Brad, what drink would you like?” “I’ll just have the soda water. Thanks.” It just doesn’t happen like that. You just don’t. You’re in a situation as a fitness model competitor where you just don’t go out. I felt that real … I don’t know. Fear of missing out, that FOMO of not going out, not participating in anything social because of this whole competition prep journey.

I am bitching a little bit, but let’s get into the coaching side of things and how I feel like my competition coach could actually help me to not feel as lonely through this journey because I wish that my competition coach was more involved in this journey for me and my preparation and getting ready for the stage. Quite frankly, she’s not. If she’s listening to this, she’s going to be fucking heartbroken, but this is the honest truth. This is the honest truth because she’s a great lady. We have great banter when I’m training and I love that. I really do love that. We do have good banter, but when it comes to the coaching side of things, I wish she would send me a message every now and again and say, “Brad, how is everything going? I just want to make sure you’re doing okay.”

No. It’s a message that is, “When can we book in your next session? When are you available next to book in your next session? I’m available Wednesday morning, Tuesday night, Friday at lunchtime.” That is it. That is as far as it goes when it comes to any kind of mentorship or coaching outside of our actual training sessions that we have once every fortnight or once every week. At least once every week if not once every fortnight. You know, it makes it harder. There are guys that do the contest prep and they’re with groups of people that are under one or two or three coaches or mentors. There’s guys that I know that are part of a Facebook group. Whenever they feel lonely or whenever they feel urges or whenever they feel down or upset or depressed, they go to the Facebook group. They get to feed off of each other and they help each other out. That’s fantastic. Those dynamics are really good.

Remember I talked about in the previous audio/video podcast about having toxic peer groups. Well there are peer groups that work really well together, right? I didn’t even get around to talking about that dynamic because that’s a dynamic you want, but it’s so fucking hard to find that. The guys that I know, I have direct communication with, they have found that they can feed off each other and help each other get to their next level whereas I’m not part of a group like that. I’m not part of a Facebook group. My coach doesn’t have other people that are competing that I can network with and I can connect with and I can share stories with. If I’m lonely, I say, “Hey, do you want to catch up on Chapel Street for fucking soda water, so we can talk about how my muscles are sore or how I feel lonely and how we’re not lonely because we’re now having soda waters together?”

It would be just really good. It would be really awesome and I can’t … That’s why I feel very lonely as well because I wish my coach was more hands on with me. “How are you feeling? How are you dealing with your cravings?” When I see her face to face, sometimes she’ll go, “So how is everything going?” I’ll just be honest. I’m like, “I’ve had a terrible week. I’ve had a bad day.” Then she’ll look at me and she’ll give me that look like, “Oh.” That look as if, “I know what you’re talking about,” but there’s no follow through with, “Brad, how can we make this easier for you? Brad, what can I do? Maybe we can change this. Maybe we can change that. Maybe we could do this.” Actually be a little proactive with this process.

Brutal honesty. Brutal honesty. I think she’s more of a personal trainer. Aside from me saying, “Oh, I’ve paid $960 and whatever …” It’s not about the money. It’s about the support. I’m not getting it. I’m not getting it and I realise I’m not getting it when I look at other guys that are competing and they are getting the support. They’re getting the support from each other and they’re getting the support from their coach. Maybe she feels like Brad is super independent. Brad is super strong. Brad doesn’t need the support. Brad, he has that fire inside his belly. You know what? I’m fucking human as well.

You know what I mean? I’m a machine. People on Facebook are like, “Oh, Brad, you’re such a machine. Brad, you’re a robot. You’re a machine.” Yeah, I’m a machine 90% of the time. That 10% is when I fucking need somebody that’s like, “Brad, you know what? It’s all right. It sucks, but you’ve got this.” It would be really nice to have someone to cover that other 10% where I don’t have to be a machine and power through and be completely independent of everybody and everything. That’s my little rant.

That’s the first thing I wanted to talk about. The second thing I wanted to talk about is my binge session that I had. Now clearly, I’ve talked about this before. I’m on meal plans. Well this is one of them. This is the current meal plan that I’m on. Well listeners out there, you can’t see it, but it’s on my website to go check it out. Watch YouTube and you’ll see obviously the video component of this podcast. Just to give a context here, I’m a big proponent of flexible dieting. Now flexible dieting is a religion for me.

It’s a religion that works for most people because it works within the ecosystem of a busy professional. Someone who is out of shape and works in an office or works as a shift worker or travels a lot is able to implement flexible dieting strategies because it works within a lifestyle that is so fucking unpredictable for most people. Most people don’t know from one day to the next what’s going to happen, right? If you follow the religion of flexible dieting, which is what I teach in courses on … I have YouTube videos on this. I have courses on my website. You can go check it out. I’ll show you how to design meal plans and things that you can change. Whenever you get sick of something, you can change it. You can swap things out. You can have the food you love the most and you can still get a great physique.

Now I am not on what you would call a flexible meal plan because if you look at this, and of course if you’re listening to this, you can’t see it, but my meal plan is … It’s the same thing week in and week out and week in and week out. Every day. Now I don’t know about you. I am a very simple guy and I usually eat the same shit every day fairly consistently. I don’t mind, but there are times when I would really like to have a raw vegan cheesecake. I would really, really like to have two Quest bars because I like Quest bars. I don’t know about you, but I really like Quest bars and I would really, really like for one of these days to be something that is not sweet potato, fucking coconut oil or whey protein power.

Honestly. I have really good willpower and I can power through quite strong and power through things, but even people like me get sick of the monotony of every day for meal one, it’s 150 grammes of red meat with one tablespoon of coconut oil. It does taste good and most of the time I can handle it, but sometimes I don’t want to have meat with fucking coconut oil on it. I want to have something else, like fucking oats. Do you know? I’m ranting a little bit here, but I speak to probably the trueisms of probably everybody who has tuned into this, that’s tried a meal plan and it hasn’t worked out because this is not flexible dieting, unfortunately. That’s why with flexible dieting, the religion that I preach, the religion that if you look at my physique from years ago, my lean physique, you’ll see that I was travelling through fucking Asia and through Africa and I managed to get down to 10, 11% body fat.

I was staying in hostels and hotels. I was travelling three or four months out of the year and I was doing [inaudible 00:12:12] in Thailand. I never had this. I never had this sheet of paper. I used applications, like My Net Diary. I took my protein powder with me. I travelled with it. I was having protein bars on buses, trains, ferries. Fucking you name it. I found ways of looking at menus and going, “I can have this much protein, this much carb.” In my mind, I experimented with this for years. I managed to get lean and I even managed to put on muscle. I managed to do a body re-comp while travelling on the road, training in gyms all around the world from fucking Switzerland to Germany to Africa. I was training in gyms in fucking Botswana.

If you’re watching or listening to this and you travel a lot, you should stay tuned because I’m really going to get into the real heart and soul of flexible dieting for people that travel a lot. Not just two weeks to fucking Tahiti, but I mean you’re on the road for months at a time. I’m going to speak to you very soon with upcoming content, so stay tuned for that. Back to this. My meal plan is not flexible. Getting back to the binge eating session that I had, this is the psychology that we all get this. If you’re on a programme, a meal plan, a weight loss programme, whatever, for any length of time and it’s so restrictive, the more you restrict something from somebody, the more likely they’re going to break out of that. They’re going to reach for the food that is going to work against them.

We all know this cycle. We know this logically, right? We shouldn’t do it, but there’s no amount of logic that’s going to fucking stop you. If something is so limiting, it’s like you’re a child. Not a child, but you’re like a teenager, right? Let’s put the proper context here. You’re a teenager. You’re wanting to go to your mate’s house and your parents are like, “You can’t go.” What that does is it creates … That limitation creates a greater urge for that kid, that teenager to break that rule. My dad was like, “You can’t ride on the roads because you’re going to get killed.” I was like, “Well okay. I won’t ride on the roads.” I fucking walked my bike through the ocean to get to my mate’s house, crossing rivers, carrying my bicycle on my shoulders because nobody was going to stop me from going to my mate’s house.

The point is the more you restrict somebody, the more likely they’re going to binge. I’ll tell you right now, this is somebody … Me now, I’ve been doing the meal planning thing for years. I fucking teach meal planning. Not like this. Just to put that out there. This is why I binged. When I say binged, I had two brownies … I’ve got this written down. Two brownies and a giant cookie, right? I went out late at night because I had that urge. You know what? I don’t even eat brownies. I don’t even eat cookies. It was the worst thing to binge on, but it was like I had to have something. I had to have something that was different to my meal plan. That’s the irony of it is that I’d never eat a fucking brownie. I would never eat a fucking cookie, you know? I would rather binge on a raw vegan cheesecake.

Anyway, that’s what happened. As I said, the stricter your meal plan, the more likely you’re going to binge. I talked about in another podcast, I talk about how I went crazy on rice cakes and jam. It was the same fucking thing. I was coming off two zero carb days. Two zero carb days in a row. Then five rice cakes, it was on the plan, with two tablespoons of jam. No, it was like 30 rice cakes and the whole jar of jam. I had a binge session on that as well. You can see those two separate occasions, right? Rice cakes and jam on one. The two brownies and the cookie on the other occasion. Both followed zero carb days of which zero carb days are the most restrictive component of this fixed meal plan. Interesting, isn’t it? See the connexion? See the theme?

The biggest takeaway is that when you are wanting to lose weight or transform your body, learn from my experience. By the way, I’m under coaching, so I have to do this, but this is great learning for me because it’s going to help me to teach you and be more effective in my ability to teach these concepts. If you’re wanting to do any kind of weight loss or transform your body, you must find a way to make that meal plan work around your lifestyle. Not the other way around. You do not work around the meal plan. It doesn’t fucking work like that. You’re not going to stick to it. You must always when it comes to designing a meal plan always must be around food that you actually like, that you actually like and on top of that, must be … You must have some kind of indulgence that you like. It’s your go to indulgence.

If you have a lineup of things that are cheap, bad, naughty bad ass food, what is it that’s the first thing you go to? For me, it’s Quest bars. I like Quest bars. I like the strawberry white chocolate. I like the white chocolate bits in the Quest bar. I like the s’mores. I like those two. I like the double choc chip crunch, right? They would be something that if I had control over this contest prep journey, I would actually include two Quest bars in this nutrition plan, so that I wouldn’t have to binge. I wouldn’t have to do that. That’s what you need to do. That is how you make a meal plan winning. I know that because this doesn’t work. You saw that I can stick to this 90% of the time and there’s 10% of the time where I have a breakout session of bingeing.

bingeing dieting. It’s like you don’t have those fucking binge sessions because you’re going to have everything in the meal plan that you like. You’ve got your little indulgences. You’ve got the food that is going to get you closer to your goal and you’re going to be more likely to stay on track. You can travel with it. That’s the beauty of it. That is my little rant. There are the two things I wanted to talk about. If you want more information about flexible dieting, I talk more about it on my YouTube channel. Free videos, free content. I have free courses on this subject, meal planning. Go and check it out. It’s on my website. I was going to say I’ll flash it up on your screen. If you’re listening to it, go to the show notes. If you’re watching this on YouTube, the link is below in the description box. Go and check it out. If you have any questions about it, please send me a message. I’m more than happy to help you out.

This is really just me documenting my journey to get ready for the World Titles. Also this is valuable learning for anybody else who is wanting to get some strategies, some inspiration to see what it’s like for a fitness model competitor to go through the preparation for a contest. Thanks again for tuning in. Always email me, message me. If you like this podcast, then go over to iTunes and rate it. It helps boost the ratings and it obviously helps spread awareness for my message. Of course if you’re watching this on YouTube, then please like and subscribe to this channel because I swear to God, I am absolutely here to send a message of greatness. I really believe everybody deserves to have a quality of life when you have that body you want, when you have that fucking energy that if you’re sitting on the couch, “I wish I had more energy.”

I’m all about how can I share the message with you to help you put yourself in a place to win, to have more energy, to have that body you want, whatever it is on your terms. That fires me up a lot. Thanks again. Have an awesome day and I’ll see you in another video or audio podcast. Thanks again.



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