If you are struggling with a sugar addiction, this audio will help you! I was once sugar addicted and couldn’t resist party mix lollies and other junk food.

I would eat bags and bags of sugar from week to week. I grew up drinking Coca Cola with my father and buying lollies from the convenience store with my pocket money. In fact, I continued this bad habit right through into my mid 20s.

I would even eat lollies for “dinner”… Wtf!? Yeah! I had crazy spikes in my energy levels and was also in and out of hospital with chest infections.

I talk about how I used Caprylic acid to kick my sugar addiction and allow myself to start a journey of getting into the best shape possible.

I was taking NOW foods Caprylic acid and several tablespoons of coconut oil everyday. I did this for about 5 weeks before I started to notice my addiction to sugary food drop quite dramatically.


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Brad Newton:

Hi, everybody. Brad again, from bradnewton.tv. I want to talk about how I kicked my sugar addiction, years and years ago, before I even started my training journey and my fitness journey to get into the best shape and then compete. As a fitness competitor, everyone sees me on stage, and they’re like, “That’s great. Easy for you.” I’ve heard all of that, but the truth is, is that I had very humble beginnings, and I want to share how I kicked my sugar addiction. You may not have heard of it, so if you’re listening to this, and you’re addicted to junk food, but specifically, you love candy, you love your sweets, and you just can’t get enough of it, like I did years ago, then you’ll get value from this short audio.

So, years and years and years ago, real quick, I firstly, was raised in a household where, my father would buy cans of Coca-Cola. I remember being a kid, drinking this stuff with my dad, and I used to drink a lot of it, especially during summer. Then when I was given pocket money for the few chores that I did around the house, I remember just going up to the convenience store and buying brown paper bags of candy, of sweets. I was just addicted to it. I just couldn’t get enough of it. I had to have the whole packet. Then I was super excited when my parents bought an ice cream truck, because when you’re a little kid, and your parents buy an ice cream truck, it’s like the best thing that had ever happened to me. Right? Anyway, so that’s a different story, but it’s a pretty cool story. I’ll talk about that one later. We ended up selling the ice cream truck, eventually, but anyway.

I, then, grew up into my teenage years, and it got worse. I would have packets of lollies. In my early twenties, the same thing. It got out of control. After I moved out of home and that kind of thing, I’d go to the supermarket late at night, and I’d buy bags of Allen’s Snakes, and I’d eat them all. That would be my dinner. I know this sounds terribly unhealthy, and it is, but that’s what I did. My skin was really blotchy, and you can imagine the spikes I had in my energy. I had problems with my health, and I was always in and out of hospital, and the doctors were like, “You’re going to become a diabetic if you don’t change your ways,” and all these kinds of things.

So, I started doing research, and I found this supplement called caprylic acid, which you can buy in a capsule form. You can buy it off eBay or amazon.com. Essentially, what it is, is that caprylic acid is a supplement that you can take, which can kill off the very thing that’s causing part of … Because, I mean, look an addiction is multi-faceted. It’s not just yeast, for example, in your body or candida in your body. It’s a multitude of factors that cause an addiction, but for me, the biggest thing that helped me kick my sugar addiction was when I started taking caprylic acid. I’ll have to find the spelling for that, so you can look it up yourself, C-A-P-R-Y-L-I-C, caprylic acid. You can buy it in a capsule form. I used NOW Foods, N-O-W, NOW Foods.

What happens when you take caprylic acid, it actually kills off the candida, which is actually, really causing part of the addiction, like, making you want to eat more sugar. It’s feeding this yeast in your body and causing the yeast to grow out of control. What happens, ultimately, is that when you start taking caprylic acid, it starts killing off the yeast. The yeast starts, or the candida starts to release toxins in the body, which is a byproduct … They call it candida die off or something, from memory … and then that causes headaches a lot of the time. But, you have to keep taking it.

I was taking caprylic acid for, from memory, five to six or seven weeks, and I was taking it every day. At first, I started getting headaches. Then they went away, and then I started taking tablespoons of coconut oil, because caprylic acid is one of the main ingredients in coconut oil. So, if you don’t want to take caprylic acid, you can just take coconut oil. Unrefined coconut oil also was what I was taking as well. I did that for a number of weeks. Then, after about a month and a half or so, I found that my addiction to sugar had dramatically dropped. In fact, I didn’t really have it anymore. In fact, now I don’t have it. I still eat sugar. I’ll have one or two teaspoons in a coffee or whatever, but I won’t have five or six teaspoons, and I won’t have packets of lollies. I haven’t had packets of lollies in years and years.

So, try that out. Let me know how you go. I’m going to write a full article on this on my website. I’ve gone over it real quick. Head over to my website bradnewton.tv. If you have any questions about it, brad@bradnewton.tv. It certainly helped me, and it was really the beginning of my journey to get into the best shape. Thanks so much for listening and have an awesome day.


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