I had a bad workout. But having a bad workout is just a drop in the ocean and part of the fitness journey. In this audio, I discuss the common “black and white” mentality that most people have when it comes to sticking to a meal plan or training plan. That is, if they stuff up ONE single day, then in their mind, it’s game over. It’s just not how it actually works.

In this audio, I provide you with my perspective as a fitness competitor.

Enjoy! 🙂

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Brad Newton:

Hi everybody. Brad from Bradnewton.tv. Quick message to the world of shift workers and night shift workers listening to this Brad from Bradnewton.tv. If you’re familiar with my story you’ll know that I’m also a shift worker. I’m a night shift worker, and as I speak right now I start work in literally an hour from now. It’s 8:30 at night, I’m on a 12 hour shift from 9:30 at night to 9:30 in the morning. I’ve already done six nights consecutively, so I’m really tired.

Look I’ve been doing night shift now for seven years. If you count working like doing night shift in supermarkets, and freezers, moving cement bags around for a construction company, probably close to 10 years. I know night shift very well. If you’re listening to this we can both connect on just how fucking difficult it is at times. You get into a rhythm. I find you get into a rhythm, and then there are times where still hard. Today, for example for me, I’m having one of those days. I don’t want to go into work. Literally I have to leave in 30 minutes from now to start at 9:30.

I want to really give you some value in this video, because at the same time, even though I’ve been doing night shift I’ve also managed to get into the best shape of my life. It’s been a huge, huge challenge over the years to do so. Again, if you’re familiar with my story I went on to compete in the world titles, and so forth as a fitness competitor even though I was doing all this crazy night shift.

Look, I’m here to tell you right now if you’re somebody, if you’re listening to this and you’re wanting to lose a bit of weight, get in shape, and you’re doing night shift, and you’re really struggling, and you’ve got cravings, or you have a vending machine at work, or people bring food it, it’s really a challenge to try and resist the urge. I get that, but I’m here to tell you right now that I’m more than happy to help you out. So, just reach out to me Brad@Bradnewton.tv, or go to my website. I’m more than happy to give you some tips, because I know every single struggle that you could possibly have. I’ve been there.

At the same time I want to point out that even for me, training, and getting in shape, and maintaining it there’s no perfect workout. Tonight for example, I had a really shit workout. I had a really bad training session. What I mean by that is I walked in tired, I walked into the gym wrecked, and that was with a very strong pre-workout. Then I could barely do any of the exercises. I could barely move my body. I was just so fucked.

I was doing legs and I couldn’t do anything. After about 30 minutes of just kind of moping around in the gym I realised that I was completely wasting my time, and there was no point in my being there. So I walked out, and I left. I wasn’t disappointed. I was a little bit initially, but I know what this means and scheme of things. I know that a bad workout is literally just a drop in the ocean, and that if you’re a shift worker and you are trying to start a weight loss programme, or a training programme or plan. I’m here to tell you that you’re not going to have perfect workouts every day doing night shift. You’re not going to have a perfect set of meal plans during a night shift.

A lot of people, they get caught up in the notion that everything’s black and white. Like you’d rather all in, and you’re completely 100% successful executing the meal plan or the training plan as per plan every single day. If that’s not happening it’s a complete failure. People are very black and white. I use to be black and white too. I use to think if I can’t [regimentally 00:04:29] follow this meal plan every single day, then it’s fucked. Like this is just a waste of time, and I shouldn’t be doing this.

The truth is that’s not true. The truth is that unfortunately, I wish more Instagram influences would tell you the truth. They only just tell you what they want you … A lot of Instagram fitness influencers will just PR themselves, a bullshit version basically. Like the front of how they want you to perceive them. Every single workout is perfect, and every single meal that they eat is perfect, and whatever. It’s just horse shit. I’m sorry for the language, but take this from somebody who, I compete with these people onstage. I know exactly what goes on behind the scenes.

I’m here to tell you right now that you won’t have perfect workouts, you won’t have perfect meal plans every day. Now that doesn’t mean that you won’t get the result. It just means that the result might be a little bit delayed. When I say a little bit delayed, just say for example now I fucked up a legs training session, I had a terrible session yesterday, three days before that, and maybe eight days before that. I’ve had like four bad training sessions in about two weeks. Most people starting out would just be turned off and go this is fucked, the training plan is ruined, I can’t do this, I can’t follow this, it’s all night shift, I can’t do this, I can’t do this, and give up.

I know that if you just keep persevering, if you have a shit day you write it off, you move on, you don’t dwell. You don’t dwell, you don’t look at this journey of yours as an off on switch of like, if it’s not perfect then it’s a complete failure. If it’s not perfect, it’s not perfect for that day, you just write it off and then you come back the next day and you try again. As I said the results will be a little bit delayed, but you’ll still get the results as long as you still stick it out.

Even if you go to the gym, and I’ve done this and I usually do this during night shift too, I’ll walk in, if I’m really tired I’m like okay, in my head so that this is not complete waste of my time, what can I do to make myself feel like I’m getting the most out of my session based on my levels of energy. So, I might just move 50% of my normal weight for that particular … So instead of doing, I don’t know, 90, 9,500 kilos on the bench press I might do 40 kilos. I want to just be able to move the weight and have that psychological feeling that I haven’t wasted my time, and I’m still getting some training. I’m still achieving some training. I’m not punching out the mans strongest workout, but I’m still doing something.

Anyway. I wanted to share this message with you. I know night shift is hard, and I’m going through it too. It’s hard, it sucks, and you’ll have bad workouts and bad meal plans at times, but I’m just here to tell you that it doesn’t matter at the end of the day. As long as you just stick to it, accept that you’ll have shitty days. Like I’m having a shitty day now, and I’ve had a number of shitty days in the last two weeks. Don’t fucking dwell. It’s not worth it. Take this from somebody who, I’ve got the results, and I’m maintaining them, and whatever, and whatever. It’s hard, I get it.

So if you need help I’m more than happy to give you some tips and stuff on helping you get results while on night shift. I’ve been doing this for years, I know exactly how it feels. Yeah. Thanks again for listening, and all the best within night shift. If you’re listening to me on night shift, or if you’re about to start night shift, or you are a night shift worker, or a shift worker definitely reach out to me. Website Bradnewton.tv, or just email me Brad@Bradnewton.tv. You are awesome, and if you have any questions just email or leave them in the comments below, and share this audio. Thanks so much. Speak soon.


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