In this audio, I will teach you how to use whey protein for weight loss. You’ll learn that whey protein is not just for “bodybuilders” and that anybody can consume it.

You will learn the following;

  • What is whey protein
  • The three different types of whey to look out for on the market
  • The benefits it can provide (remove cravings, convenience, etc)
  • Things to look out for when buying it (protein per serve, etc)
  • How to take whey protein (30 g within 30 mins before and after)
  • Tip: Take 30 g of whey before going to a restaurant
  • What to take whey protein with (unsweetened milks like almond, etc)
  • Brands to buy (I’ve used Ultimate Nutrition, Optimum, and Dymatize, among others)

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Brad Newton:

Hi, everybody. Brad from, 9th of December 2017. I’m super excited. I am documenting a fitness journey and a adventure journey as a video blogger, but also I share a lot of my knowledge about what I’ve learned as a fitness model competitor through teaching people like you about how to use whey protein to get results and lose weight and how to basically get in the best shape of your life.

So in this audio, keep it real short. I’ll talk to you about how you can use whey protein for weight loss. So anybody can use it, not just guys in the gym, like body builders and so forth. We’ll talk about what it is. We’ll talk about the different types of whey protein, the benefits that it can give you. We’ll talk about things to look out for when you’re buying a whey protein, how to use it. Like how much to take before the workout, after the workout. What the sign says about all of that. How I take it blah blah blah. And we’ll talk about what to take it with. [inaudible 00:01:02] what brands to buy. So this is gonna be a super informative piece of audio. I think if you like it, please share it. It might help other people too.

So first and foremost, whey protein is the byproduct of the cheese-making process. So it’s a dairy product in that it’s the byproduct of what comes about when cheese is manufactured. So when you look at, for example, yogurt, you look at the very top … Like if you open up yogurt, for example, you see that murky fluid. That’s whey. And so that used to be like a waste product. It used to be thrown away as complete waste. And then a bunch of scientists that looked at it and was like, “Hold on a minute. This stuff contains a lot of amino acids, which can benefit people.” And so that was when the whey supplement industry was born. And consequently, that liquid is then processed into a powder. And then that powder is put into tubs, which you buy when you go to a supplement store.

So most people, and I used to think this too when I was starting my fitness journey, most people believe that whey protein is only for body building. It’s only for building muscle and that kind of thing. And that’s not true. You can use whey protein to help you lose weight. And we’ll talk about the reasons of how that’s possible in just a second.

So if you were just somebody that you would maybe train one to three times a week or you don’t even train, even if you don’t train, you can still take whey protein to help satiate cravings and so forth and help you lose weight and meet your weight loss targets. So it’s for everybody. But whey protein in particular, what makes it so popular for building muscle, not just to help you lose weight, but to build muscle, is that it’s high in an amino acid called leucine.

So if you’re looking at weight training on a regular basis, then this is gonna be of particular importance to you ’cause leucine is an amino acid, which is predominantly responsible for helping to rebuild muscle tissue when you break it down. So if you’re listening to this, you look at training on a regular basis, weight training on a regular basis. Whey protein is certainly something to consider.

And for those that have been training for a long time, you’re listening to this and you’re a fitness competitor or body builder or whatever, you know this. Most people in the body building industry know this. So you keep that in mind. High in leucine, naturally high in leucine. Some companies will add additional leucine to their whey protein product and then they’ll spin the marketing around the fact that it’s got added leucine.

There are different types though. If you go into a supplement store, there are different types of whey protein you can buy. And this gets really confusing for a lot of people. But I’m a man of simplicity. And although I talk about the detail of this and stuff on my website, all you need to know is that the three different types … Basically, there are three different types of whey protein you can buy. There is the concentrate, the isolate, and the hydrolyzed form of isolate. So it’s basically we’re talking about whey protein that’s gone through different levels of filtration.

So concentrate is like the concentrated form of whey protein, so it’s the least refined form of whey protein. And then it gets refined, where a lot of the sugar, a lot of the lactose, a lot of the impurities are removed. And it’s called an isolate. So that’s why they cal it a whey protein isolate because it’s had stuff isolated from it to give it a more pure protein per serving. But then you got the hydrolyzed form, which is even more refined.

Now, of course, concentrate is cheaper. Hydrolyzed is more expensive. Some supplement stores will try and sell you the hydrolyzed. They’ll say it’s better for you ’cause it’s absorbed faster. It’s more expensive, but it absorbs faster, you get better results, and this and that. Honestly, to be honest with you, most of the science that’s been conducted with whey protein has been done on isolate, whey protein isolate. Most of the protein products that you see on the shelf, whey protein products that you see on the shelf, is a blend. So it’s been blended.

So if you look on the packaging, it’ll say whey protein blend, which basically means it’s a blend between concentrate and isolate. And so that’s what you’re getting, a blend. So that is what you’ll usually come across. That’s what I recommend. It’s a good value for money. It’s gonna get you great results. Trust me. Most people take the blend. Don’t worry about hydrolyzed. It’s just very expensive, unnecessary, not much research has been done it. I’m not saying that it doesn’t absorb faster, but let’s look at the science and the cost and the fact that you’ll be taking this on a regular basis. The blend is what you’re gonna be looking for. Whey protein blend, which is a blend of concentrate and isolate.

So in terms of the real benefits for weight loss, protein in general, most high protein dieting means that you’re going to kill any cravings. So when you take a protein shake, a whey protein shake, it’s gonna eliminate cravings that you might have like sugar cravings and that kind of stuff. So if ever you are craving sugar or craving food and you’re in a calorie deficit to lose weight, having a whey protein shake is the best goddamn thing you can do. It’s something that I do on a regular basis. Whenever I’m hungry or have cravings and I’m trying to lose weight or trying to lose fat to maintain muscle, it’s what I like to refer to it as, then a whey protein shake is usually what I reach for. So keep that in mind.

Plus it’s really convenient. It’s super easy. If you’re training on a regular basis, you’re gonna need more protein than someone who’s not training, period. You’re gonna need more protein than someone who’s not training. So if you need 150 grammes of protein every day, then it’s gonna be easier to get 150 grammes of protein every day if you start taking whey protein shakes. Does that make sense? Trying to get 150 grammes of protein from chicken is gonna be super challenging. 150 grammes of protein from chicken is much harder than getting 150 grammes of protein from both chicken and whey.

And also if you’re dieting to lose weight or fat, then having whey protein is gonna help you preserved muscle as well. This has been shown in the science. If you’re weight training and you’re in a calorie deficit and you take whey protein, it’s gonna help to maintain your muscle when you’re dieting to lose fat. Because ultimately muscle is gonna make you look good when you’re losing weight. So keep that in mind.

A few things to look out for when you’re buying whey protein from a supplement store to start a weight loss journey for yourself is how much protein there is per serve. ‘Cause a lot of people email me like, “Brad, what do you think of this protein? What do you think of that protein? What do you think of this protein brand? What do you think of this one?” And I always tell people, “Look at the protein per serve. How much protein are you getting per … ” If you look at the packaging, it’s real easy, it’s super easy. Look at the packaging, just look at protein per serve. It’ll say, “24 grammes per serve.” And look at the serving size. The serving size could be 28 grammes, 30 grammes, 32 grammes, 40 grammes, 50 grammes even. I’ve seen 50-gram serving sizes. 24, 25 grammes of protein per serve. So you can eat literally 50% protein per serve.

Not a good deal. Not a good deal. There’s a lot of bullshit that’s been added to the product to fill in the other 50%. For example, if we look at … If I just regurgitate that back to you. So if you look at the packaging that says, “25 grammes of protein per serve.” And the serving size is 50 grammes, then you know that’s 50% rubbish or filler that’s been added to that product per serve. And usually, the additive, usually companies put in maltodextrin as a filler ingredient. So maltodextrin is not gonna help you lose weight. It’s not gonna help you build muscle. When you’re buying a protein product, you wanna buy the protein. You’re buying it for the protein. You’re not buying it for maltodextrin or any other garbage they’re putting into it. So keep that in mind.

So usually 24 grammes of protein out of a 30 gramme serving size is quite typical. Usually looking for about 80% protein per serve. 70 to 80 to 90% even of protein per serve is a pretty good percentage to look for. It’s easy. You just get 24 grammes. You divide it by the serving size multiplied by a 100. It gets you the percentage. It’s super easy. Message me if you have any questions about it.

How to use it. It’s super easy. Don’t over-complicate it. There’s pretty good science out there, which confirms that you’ll get benefits by taking whey protein before your workout, usually 30 minutes before your training session. Usually 20 to 30 grammes of protein within about 30 minutes of your training session, weight training session. And then about 30 or so grammes of whey protein within about 30 or so minutes after your training session, after your weight training session. So it’s super easy.

People dig into the deep science of all of this and all the anabolic window and this and this. I can [inaudible 00:10:53] all those details. But if you’re just starting out, just keep it real simple. If you’re going to the gym to lift weights or something, just have 30 grammes within 30 minutes before your training session. And then have 30 grammes within 30 minutes after your training session. And then over time when you get a little bit more experience in the gym or whatever, you can start looking at the nitty gritty details. But don’t make it more complicated than that.

Also, before you go to a restaurant, it’s really good to have a whey protein shake before you go into a restaurant. I know this sounds a little weird, but it just means that you’re not gonna overeat when you go to restaurant. It’s gonna really help you. This is what I do sometimes. I’ll have a whey protein shake and then I’ll go to a restaurant, and I’m like, “I’m partially full.” And so when I look at the menu, I don’t wanna eat the whole menu. I’m not going for the buffet ’cause I don’t need it. And I don’t need dessert because I’m already full from the whey protein shake that I had two hours prior. So just keep that in mind. It might help as it’s helped me.

Second to the last thing is how to take whey protein. It’s super easy. I usually just take it with water. I have my shaker bottle with me right now. And I literally just put in a scoop, scoop and a half, add half of my shaker cup with water, and then I shake it up. Boom, ready to rock and roll. Some people don’t like it with water. Some people like it with milks. That’s fine. You can have un … I used to have whey protein with unsweetened milk, such as like … I used to have almond milk, unsweetened almond milk, or unsweetened cashew milk. That’s completely fine. You can even have it with full fat milk if you want. But I don’t recommend that. I like to … Remember, ’cause milk has sugar in it and so forth and it’s gonna slow down the absorption of whey protein. So usually water, unsweetened milks that have no added sugar and so forth, they’re usually your best shot.

And lastly, what brand should you buy? The ones that I’ve been … By the way, I’m not sponsored by any of these companies. I never have been sponsored by any of these companies. So there’s no payoff for me mentioning them. But real quick, and there’s other good ones out there as well, but real quick: Ultimate Nutrition. That’s Ultimate Nutrition, really good company. Been around for a long time. Optimum Nutrition. Sounds the same. They’re different companies. Ultimate Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition. Two separate companies, been around for a long time. Well-established in the industry. Very, very good brands. Many, many different flavours available, like a lot of different flavours available from Rocky Road to Double Choc to White … Like so many different combinations of flavours. It nuts.

Dymatize is another one I’ve been using. I’ve tried many others. There are many other good flavours and products out there as well. But they’re the three that I usually run to and fall back onto if I’m not experimenting with other ones. So that is it from me. I hope this has been helpful. If you want anymore free information, head to my website, Brad … That’s my email address, Or just go to Thanks for listening and share this with your friends if you found this to be helpful for you. It might help other people as well. Thanks so much. Have an awesome day.




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