If your quest to lose weight is crippled by the dogma of clean eating, eating to the clock by eating before and after the big hand, or just downright removing every-single-calorie of indulgence off the menu to try and get shredded, you need to read this article.

Let’s start with Instagram. Open up Insta and under tags type in any one of the following hashtags:

#iifym #iifymgirls #flexibledieting #macros

When I checked this morning, some people posted the following.

Starting with Oreo donuts…

Alright. Donuts, ice cream waffles, and a banana thing with something incredibly awesome thrown on-top. It looks good, though.

This is the kind of lifestyle dieting that is allowing people to get absolutely shredded (lose weight,) while essentially eating everything mainstream media outlets slam as foods to avoid like the plague!

I’ve used #IIFYM to take my physique from this…

Yeah, I was so ashamed to take that photo I decided my head wasn’t important enough to make the shot.

After applying #IIFYM strategies, I decided to include my head this time 🙂

What was different with my dieting?

I adopted the strategies of #IIFYM. Don’t worry, I will share those strategies with you later in the article.

I believed that I had to eat a diet conducive to raw vegan cheesecake, protein balls, and raw nut bars blessed with a goji berries and raw pixie dust, to be more shredded than mozzarella 🙂

I firmly believed that one food type was far more superior for weight loss than other types. It seemed like a no-brainer that six pack abs were built on carrots and celery sticks, not donuts and diet coke.

After reading books such as Sugar Blues, the Adrenal Reset Diet, The China Study, The 4-Hour Body, Fit For Life, and about a dozen other books. I firmly believed that I needed to remove refined sugar, starches, and those really cool edible sugar balloons contestants on Master Chef were trying to replicate, to have any chance of being ripped and lean.



The moment I understood food as containing varying amounts of potential energy (calories) with varying levels of macro-nutrient profiles, and matching my macro-nutrient requirements to the macros of food I enjoyed eating — changed the weight loss game for me (and my life!)

It made losing fat and building muscle enjoyable. It made following a meal plan a breeze because I could still derive 80% of my daily calorie requirements from relatively unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods (aka “clean food,”) and the other 20% from cheat food such as ice cream, donuts, burgers, etc.

I could continue to eat “clean food” such as this…


And this…

And not be psychologically crippled, if I decided to have this…

Or my all-time favourite…

Although it is true that certain types of food will make it more challenging to lose weight due to their caloric density, volume, and macro-nutrient profile. It is by no means the reason to completely abstain from these food types.

Snickers bars, ice cream, and donuts are very calorie dense and not very satiating — which means it’s easy to eat 6 of them without them even touching the sides! It makes controlling your calorie intake almost impossible and thus, easier to exceed your daily calorie allowance.

That shouldn’t be a surprise to most people.

The strategy of flexible dieting is to think of your daily allowance of calories and macros as spending money. I’ll get into the hands-on of the article to explain the practicality of #IIFYM in the next section.

Let’s Get Practical

Below is an app I have used to get absolutely shredded. You should download MyNetDiary and follow along.

The front screen looks like this. Take note of where it says “Calorie Budget.”

You will see that my Calorie Budget is 2,100 calories. As I’ve mentioned, it needs to be thought of in terms of spending money.

In any 24 hour period, I am given 2,100 calories to spend on whatever I please.

Using the built-in food database. I can search “donuts” and learn that 6 Dunken Donuts would cost me 1,560 calories.

Now, this would be like going to Vegas and blowing almost all of my money on one machine. Not a very good return on my dollar spent! If I only have 2,100 units and I blow 1,500 of those in a single sitting… I only have 600 units left to spend!

Side note: I sound like a mad donut lover and a gambler. I’m really not 🙂

As most of us know, 6 donuts is not only not going to provide the micro-nutrients we need to survive, but we are likely to feel hungry 10 minutes later.

Just because you can eat junk food to meet your macros, doesn’t mean you should. I am just introducing you to the idea of incorporating a small percentage (20%) of your daily calories as cheat food, without feeling guilty about it.

So 20% of 2,100 calories is just over 200 calories. According to MyNetDiary’s database, one macaron is about 130 calories. A candy bar is about 200 calories. A latte is about 100 calories.

Think of what your favourite indulgence could be. Look it up in MyNetDiary’s food database to get an idea of how much of that indulgence you can have — done!

Before I go any further, we know that my Calorie Budget is 2,100.

I also needed to calculate my macro-nutrient requirements for maximum fat loss. Macros is just shorthand for macro-nutrient, and it refers to protein, carbohydrate, and fat.

This is what it looks like…

As you can see, my “macros” are set by using the sliders at 40–40–20. Allow for the small variance — it is not going to screw your progress.

In plain English,

40% of 2,100 calories is derived from protein

40% of 2,100 calories is derived from carbohydrate

20% of 2,100 calories is derived from fat

Once you download the app, you need to calculate your Daily Calorie Target. I’ve taught thousands of people how to do this in my online fitness courses on my website. Go and check it out.

Then play around with the built-in food database and see how different food types impact the calorie allowance.

80% of your daily calories should come from nutrient-dense food. Here is a list of food I absolutely love everyday:

  • Quinoa, brown or white rice, pasta, sweet potato
  • Blueberries, blackberries
  • Yogurt (high fat, low fat…both!
  • Nuts of various sorts: walnuts, peanuts, and almonds
  • Lean beef, chicken, and tuna. I love salmon and Barramundi, though 🙂
  • Vegetables, of course. Nothing unique here.

Get the idea?

I suggest that you spend a few hours fiddling around with MyNetDiary, looking at the macro-nutrient profiles of various types of food (i.e., 2 cups of white rice equals…. carb, fat, protein?)

If you want further inspiration. Let’s go back to Instagram 🙂

Okay so here is a recipe for two awesome waffles! Those ingredients can be entered directly into MyNetDiary.

If I scroll further down that post, check this out:

The Instagrammer has flagged two waffles to equal: 22 grams of carbohydrate, 2 grams of fat, and 13 grams of protein.

They have done the work for you! JUST USE THE RECIPE 🙂

Pretty cool huh? Now if you love waffles — enter this recipe into MyNetDiary and the app will subtract these values giving you a balance remaining.

This is how you lose fat and build a great physique while eating the food you enjoy, everyday.

I go into alot more detail in my online fitness courses, here. If you have taken this article seriously and received some benefit from it — please smash the love button and share it on Facebook.

If you need any help or have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. I will be happy to help you out!




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