In this audio podcast, I discuss how I went from being on the couch watching TV shows and movies, to training 5-6 days per week.

I explain the process of “getting off the couch” and into the “gym environment” as one that is a gradual one where, as humans, begin to adapt to the conditions of the new environment.

Most people try and begin a transformation by going from 0 to 100 and wonder why they fail. I discuss the importance of trying different classes and programs that a gym has to offer. By doing this, you will slowly acclimatize to the gym environment and become more comfortable.

I share how I did it.

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Brad Newton:

Hi everybody, and you’re listening to or watching the Brad Newton Show, episode 23. It is the 17th of April 2017, with Brad Newton himself. I love to talk about health, fitness, body transformation, and also, I love to document my journey to the world titles as a fitness model competitor using this platform, i.e., your eyes, right, so using iTunes and podcasting and obviously video as well. And I’ve actually changed up the format now, this is my third episode now doing this video and audio both together, playing two different audiences simultaneously. I’m getting better at the mic and I’m getting better with video, that now I can start mixing and matching and playing with the different formatting. If you like how I format this, then let me know, and I’ll continue to do it this way. If not, then I will format it as I have done it previously in the lounge room. We’ll run with this format for now.

I wanted to talk about something which is going to benefit everybody that is watching or listening to this, that is on the couch and is wanting a push off the couch into something that will get you closer to the body that you want. I want to make it very clear is that I’m not about fluff, or fullers, or bullshit information. I will story tell around what I did, because for me, people look at my Instagram and they go, “Brad, look you’re a fitness model competitor now,” and they see the photos that I have on Instagram, and they’re like, “How did you do that? How did you get like, how did you get to that place?” I said, “A lot of fucking hard work, that’s how I got there.”

I’m now a big believer of transparency and I’m going to share with you the initial phases of what got me over the edge to get started on my journey to be the best version of myself physically. I had very humble beginnings, very humble beginnings. My story, I talked about this in other audios and videos and things about how I had a junk food addiction, and how I would eat doughnuts, and lollies, and biscuits, and I’d drink soft drink and I wasn’t on drugs, and I wasn’t an alcohol, but I had a junk food addiction. It meant going in and out of hospital on a regular basis, and I talk about this in other stuff.

In terms of my lifestyle years ago, I used to watch movies, I used to watch a lot of movies. I used to buy DVDs off Ebay, and ship them in and I’d watch them. I was proud that I could watch an entire series of a TV show, and like Breaking Bad for example, I watched the whole thing of Breaking Bad, I was proud of that. I got into the show, I got into the characters. I was on the couch, I was not fit, I was not healthy, I was sick, but here’s the reality, I would see people that were on TV and they were fit, and they were healthy. I’d see people on the beach, I’d see people on the street, and they had big muscles, and I was like, “You know what, it’d be nice, it would be nice to be lean. It would be nice to have a six pack. It would be nice to be in shape, but quite frankly, I don’t care. I don’t care.” I actually didn’t care about somebody who was in shape.

If someone tried to sell health and fitness to me back in the day, they was like, “You know what Brad,” if someone was like, “Brad, do you know what, you can become healthy, fit, and strong, we can get your ass off the couch by doing this programme,” I would’ve been like, “I don’t care. But it’d be nice to be fit and strong. It would be really great to have a six pack.” But here’s the truth, I know that deep down everybody, and I did back in the day, when I was on the couch watching DVDs, and I had that lifestyle, didn’t give a fuck about fitness, deep down I wanted it. I really did, I really wanted it, but I was like, it’s like I’ve already tried all these programmes, it doesn’t work. I’ve already tried this, I’ve spent money on this programme, it doesn’t fucking work.

I’d already had all these failures, my track record was like, trying and failing, trying and failing, trying and failing. I remember having a fucking conference call with some guy in Sydney, I was living in Sidney at the time, you’re going to hear this story right. His business partner was on a fucking yacht off the coast of Spain or somewhere. And so, it was a conference call, and I was chatting to this guy on some fucking yacht, and he’s like, “Brad, you know what, you can be on this programme, and you can have this body, and you can have this financial freedom. That’s why I’m on this yacht, and I’m speaking to you. And if you do this programme, literally, you can have a ripped body, right,” by the way, I never saw their physiques, I just took a ear value. What they taught, I never saw them, I just spoke to them over the phone. “And you can be rich. You can have financial freedom. You can be on a yacht.” And I bought into that. I was stupid enough to buy into that, because I fucking trust people at face. Honestly, I have faith in the human population. That never worked out for me, and so that happened a few times.

When you’re sitting on the couch, and you have a list of failures of things that, “Oh, it didn’t work out for me.” There’s no motivation to get up and try something else. And so, in terms of my strategy, or my advice to people that hour on the couch, and what if the couch is in your terms, it doesn’t have to be the physical couch, but it could just be the sedentary lifestyle that you don’t like. You don’t like where you’re at right now, or you might like it, but you’re not thrilled by it. And you’d like to have a great body, so how do you do it? What’s the first step?

What I did was that I got myself into a different environment, completely. I was like, you know what, my body is not going to change if I sit on this couch and watch another TV show, or watch another box set. My life is not going to change. It is not going to go to the next level. Nor am I going to stick to any programme that is extreme in nature. People, and I did this, go to a seminar, come back from the seminar, empty out their closets, empty out their pantries, and go, “You know what, as of today, I’m not going to eat meat, I’m not going to eat dairy. I’m going to fucking drink juice for the rest of my life. And I’m not going to have any sweets. I’m not going to have any carbs. Fucking gluten-free.”

Then what happens, I do that for a week, or three days, or four days. Because it had gone so extreme, their willpower muscle burns out, and they go back to what they were doing. Because the execution is flawed. People want to make the change like this. For 95% of people, watching this and listening to this right now, I can tell you that strategy does not work, and it’s not sustainable. It is not sustainable. That’s why people go back. That’s why I did that, and I went back to what I was doing. I’d done the juicing thing, and I tried it and three days later I was like, “This is bullshit, I’m going back to drinking Coke.”

The strategy that worked for me is that, I got off the couch, I went to the gym, and I had no fucking idea what I was doing, but it was a different environment. When you change your environment, then you start to slowly adapt to that environment. It’s a human being thing, hits humans, humans adapt to their surroundings. The more time you spend in an environment conducive to good health and fitness, the more likely you are to adapt to the variables within that environment. It sounds a little bit airy-fairy, a little bit psycho-babble, but I think it’s fucking true. If you are always sitting at home on the couch, then you’re going to adopt the environment of being sedentary. Do you know what I mean?

I’d go to the gym, no idea what I was doing, but I was in the environment. I had the energy of people, I was feeding off these people. And I was in the environment, I had no fucking idea what I was doing. No idea whatsoever, but I was in the environment at least. And then I look at the time table for the group classes, and I’d go, “[Les mill 00:09:21] spin, or RPM, or grit strength.” I was like, “What the fuck is grit strength?” If you’ve ever done a grit strength class, it is intense. And I was like, “I don’t know what it is, sounds intense.” I went to YouTube, I was like, “What is grit strength?” And I was like, “Gosh, I’m going to die watching it.” I signed up to it, and then I literally almost died in the class. But you know what, I was in pain, and I was like, “I want to go back.” I wasn’t in pain on the couch watching Breaking Bad, I was comfortable, it was good. It was really good.

But then you know what happened, over time I would go to the gym two or three times a week, initially it was just once a week, and I was just buying casuals, like 20 bucks a session. The lady was like, “I think you should sign up. You’ve been doing this for four months, and you’ve been paying 20 bucks every time.” I it was like, 20 bucks, 20 bucks, 20 bucks, at first it was like once a week, then twice a week, then three times a week. And then I was just doing random shit. I was just going to random classes. I was in the environment. I was doing grit strength, I did that twice actually, but RPM was my favourite, and spin classes were my favourite on the bike.

And then I’d go from cable machine to cable machine to cable machine to cable machine. I was nervous and scared of bench press, I would never do dumbbells or barbells, or anything like that, that came later on in my training journey. But the point is, is that I got in the environment, I started to learn different things. I started to make mistakes, and I fucked up a lot. But that got me off the couch. It’s something that you should consider.

Don’t go from zero to one hundred in a sedan. If you take a normal car, and you put your foot on the accelerator, then it’s probably going to break. It’s probably going to break. If you do it to a Lamborghini, it’s probably going to love you, because that’s what it’s designed to do. If your body is a Lamborghini, then, if I use analogies here, because Lamborghini’s my favourite car. If your body is a Lamborghini, and I like to think of my body as a Lamborghini, but I trained for years to get it to that point, I can from zero to a hundred, because I’ve adapted to an environment that will allow me to do that and get away with it. But for someone just starting out, you can’t go from fucking zero to a hundred. You can’t take a 1987 fucking Volkswagen and go from zero to a hundred and not expect something to go wrong. Not expect muscles to get pulled, or willpower muscles to get broken, or expectations to be not met. Everybody wants to go from zero to a hundred, in any kind of body transformation, always. I tried to do it, it doesn’t fucking work.

Some people can do cold turkey with smoking, or drinking, or we’re talking like, less than 5% of the population can pull it off. Actually go cold turkey and never fucking go back. But in my experience with working, with people and witnessing people and my own transformation in the health and fitness space, very rarely can people pull it off, zero to a hundred, going gung-ho, going crazy into some kind of body transformation. And one that’s sustainable. One that is sustainable. Because anybody can make a change for a moment, anybody. Anybody can make a change for a moment, anybody can do it for a week. Anybody can do it for two weeks. And if you have enough support, you can probably do it for a couple of months. But I’m a big, big, big proponent of sustainable change. You get the result, and then you fucking maintain it for life, like you build that into a lifestyle.

I hope you’ve gotten some insight from this. My journey was not zero to a hundred. It was not I woke up one day and then started training five, six days a week. I tried that, I tried that. I would go to a seminar, and I would come home and clear out my closet and go to the supermarket and buy all this stuff that was in the manual, and go, “What’s an eggplant? What’s a squash?” I was so clueless when it came, I never used to never eat vegetables, and so I remember, I’d go to the supermarket, I’d buy a fucking eggplant, I was like, “What is an eggplant? What is a squash? That’s a sport isn’t it?” Anyway, I’m not afraid to admit this, but literally, because I had a junk food addiction. I could tell you all about Allen’s Snakes, but I could tell you nothing about how to cook a squash. But I’d come back and I’d try to do everything all at once. It doesn’t work like that.

Get off the couch. Go into the environment. Do it today. Do it today, 100%. You’re listening to this, you have to time to listen or watch this, you spend five minutes, look for your nearest training centre, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t have all the facilities, if it doesn’t exactly work within your times, just start, boom, start. Start. Go there, get in the environment, do fucking something. Do something. It doesn’t even have to be in a gym. It could be that you go for a walk, and you go for a walk for half an hour. It could just be going to the fucking letterbox, and come back. And write it down, “I went to the letterbox today and then returned.” Right, whatever. Whatever stage of fitness you’re at. It might be the letterbox, that could be a fantastic milestone. It could be walking for 30 minutes down three blocks down the Charlie’s Avenue, and then back again. It could be if you like gym environments, because it’s not for everybody, it could be that you go to the gym and you do something.

Get in the environment, have the energy around you, and then sign up to anything. A spin, an RPM, a fucking step, Zumba class. Do it once. Taste it, taste it, try it. You don’t have to do forever, just try it. Try it, try it, taste it. And then, finish, come home. Don’t jump on the scales, don’t do any of that shit, just think, “Wow, that was a really cool session.” And then you know what, later on in the week, I’m going to try something else. I’m going to try an F-45 class. Or I’m going to try a fucking soul cycle class. Or I’m going to try something else. That’s what I did. I then refined it. I started learning more about fitness and training, and principles, and then I got to the point where I’m at now, and I’m still learning. That’s that beauty. This is a journey. So start, start. It won’t be the best start, but, the only way to guarantee that you’ll never get off the couch is to just don’t start. I want you to take this advice seriously, coming from somebody who’s been in your situation. Trust me, I’ve been there, I’ve tried a lot of things and I’ve failed many times.

I’m going to end this off. Thank you so much for listening and watching to me. If you’re on YouTube watching this, or Facebook, or Instagram, I appreciate your support. Please, like, subscribe, share, I really do appreciate it. If you’re on iTunes streaming this in your ears, I really would appreciate if you’d leave a review over at iTunes. It would absolutely help boost the ranking of this podcast station, and spread the word out to the world about what I’m passionate about. I really am passionate about sending out a message, if you can’t already tell, and I’ve decided to remove the censorship from my language and everything like that, no one’s going to appreciate that, but I really feel like I can get a really clear message by just being more direct and removing some of the censorship and things like that.

Again, thank you so much. If you have any questions, you can always email me ‘’. Also, I have a lot of free content on my YouTube channel, if you’re watching this on YouTube great, subscribe, and I release content daily, and you know, you’ll get some great value from there. I’ve had people, I get messages, several times a week now, weight loss. Actually had one come through about ten minutes ago, just before I started filming this, and it was somebody that sent me a bunch of photos, before and after photos, I was like, “Wow, it’s really impressive.” It’s what drives me. I love it, I just absolutely love it. So thanks again. I really appreciate your support. Have an awesome day, and I’ll see you in another video, audio podcast.



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