Sick of cookie cutter rip-off meal plans? Would you like to actually learn how to create a diet plan around food you look forward eating everyday? One that you can modify yourself while still reaching your fat loss goals?

I’m going to be teaching the fisherman (or woman) to fish, rather than taking $60 out of your pocket and give you some BS cookie cutter plan designed with food you hate. And worse — telling you to kiss goodbye to Hershey’s kisses.

By the end, you’ll know precisely how to create simple, flexible, and fun fat loss dieting plans that you can use right away.

I will quickly disclaimer this by saying that I have deliberately shorten the heck out of my original 12 page article! The details are explained in my free online video courses, and my YouTube channel.

Quick Backstory.

And really quickly, the strategies I am about to teach you have taken me from this skinny fat headless photo…

To this type of physique.

Yep! I’m the ridiculously tanned dude 🙂

Here were some of the beliefs I had which kept me stuck in a rut of being skinny fat for years.

Believing that in order to get lean, I had to:

  • Remove all refined sugar from my life and that it was the only way to get a shredded six pack (after reading Sugar Blues.)
  • Avoid all hormone-clogging foods, for good.
  • Divorce the belief that calorie counting is useless and only for the clinically insane people.
  • Divorce the belief that food is divided into toxic bad vs. nourishing good. And eating “toxic” food or overly “acid-forming” foods, would ensure my body would never let go of my big gut.
  • Divorce the idea that eating carbs, especially after the magical 8 pm, would guarantee keeping the skinny fat dad bod for good.

The Fundamentals

I’ll give it to you straight.

The only guaranteed way to lose weight in a predictable fashion is to track and monitor the fuel you put into your body.

Think of it like this. The only way to guarantee that my aircraft (I have a pilot’s licence) will arrive at the destination, is to physically measure the fuel.

By doing this and assessing en-route weather, I can calculate my ground speed and, knowing the fuel burn rate of the engine, can tell you with precision, how much fuel will be in the tank the moment we taxi at the destination.

Is it mandatory to measure the fuel in my aircraft to get to the destination? Nope…

Is there a guarantee we will get to the destination if I fail to “dip the tanks” and measure the fuel quantity before departure? Nope!

It’s no different to finances. There is no guarantee you will meet your financial savings goal of $17,850 by the end of September if you don’t track and monitor your spending.

Like the flying analogy, you may still hit $17,850 without counting every dime. But there is no… guarantee. Get it?

You may lose weight without counting calories. But… you guessed it… there-is-no-guarantee! 🙂

The only way to guarantee hitting your goal weight or goal physique, is to use a flexible meal plan. Period. As a fitness model competitor, it is the only way I know I will be ready for a competition.

It’s no different. There is no “I will eat this cookie” and hope that my scales don’t break.

Don’t be mistaken, you are going to learn how to create a fat loss diet plan that is easy to follow and flexible. That you can eat the food you love — including the occasional chocolate bar, latte, ice cream cone, and the like — guilt free.

Take this for example. A 100 calorie latte which I had guilt-free.

Most traditional diet plans are like 24 month cell phone contracts. The strategies I am about to teach you treat meal plans like a living document. Get sick of 1 cup of brown rice? Sure, you’ll learn how to swap it with something else.

As mentioned, I’ll teach you the fundamentals to run off to get yourself started 🙂



The Fundamentals

You must understand that fat loss occurs when you maintain a calorie deficit over time. In other words, when you eat slightly less calories than what your body needs everyday.

When it comes to weight loss or weight gain, how much you eat is more important than what you eat.

This is why clean eating only guarantees receiving an abundance of vitamins and minerals, and not achieving weight loss.

Trust me. I spent years eating this kind of food…

And making smoothies like this everyday

Using the cleanest of ingredients such as…

And I still looked like this…

Yep. Avocado on toast. Coconut oil-laced green smoothies. $8 jars of peanut butter to have the best chance of getting in shape.


And I know most of you clean eaters out there can attest to a skinny-fat physique like this!

Side note: I have a free online course on how to reverse skinny fat right here. Check it out.

You can eat the cleanest food on the planet. Free from every pesticide and herbicide, with whey sourced from the happiest cows in New Zealand, and still look like you’ve been on the over-sized Costco cupcake diet.

Folks. It’s not food choices that dictate weight loss or gain. Eating clean guarantees nothing in the way of rippling six pack abs or those “vertical lines” that most ladies aspire to achieve.

I’m sorry. It’s the truth.

All weight loss and weight gain adheres to the law of energy balance. A negative energy balance, or calorie deficit , is necessary for weight loss. A positive energy balance, or calorie surplus, is necessary for weight gain.

Go and listen to a full podcast I did on Professor Mark Haub who lost 27 pounds in 10 weeks eating a diet consisting mostly of Twinkies, Oreos, and Little Debbie Snacks.

A gas station diet consisting of the most nutritionally bankrupt food, and he lost 27 pounds! Again, supporting the scientific notion that food quantity, not quality dictates weight loss and weight gain.

My Approach To Flexible Meal Planning

I am very much passionate about eating “clean” food and having the occasional cheat food here and there.

So I haven’t changed my food choices. I have just learned to not exceed my daily calorie allowance. When I am dieting to lose fat, like most guys, I will not exceed around 2,100 calories per day (for women, it’s usually around 1,500 calories.)

That way, I can get lean while drinking green smoothies, having my avocado on toast, and have the occasional latte or treat.

Such as this…

That is, I will devote about 80% of my daily calories of 2,100 calories from nutrient-dense food. Here is a list of food I absolutely love everyday:

  • Quinoa, brown or white rice, pasta, sweet potato
  • Blueberries, blackberries
  • Yogurt (high fat, low fat…both!
  • Nuts of various sorts: walnuts, peanuts, and almonds
  • Lean beef, chicken, and tuna. I love salmon and Barramundi, though 🙂
  • Vegetables, of course. Nothing unique here.

The other 20% of my calorie allowance would look like this…

The Tactics

There are different ways of going about calculating your daily calorie allowance. I go into alot more detail in many of my online courses where I discuss TDEE, BMR, and ideal percentages, etc. If you are curious, go and check it out over there.

But for the sake of simplicity, men can start with remaining with 100 calories of 2,100 calories per day; for women, about 1,500 calories.

From this, you can determine how much protein, carbohydrate, and fat you need — also known as macro-nutrient targets — by using the common “bro split” of 40–40–20.

For me this means, in plain English;

40% of 2,100 calories is derived from protein

40% of 2,100 calories is derived from carbohydrate

20% of 2,100 calories is derived from fat

Lastly, I would use the built-in food database in an app like MyNetDiary or MyFitnessPal to determine the kind of calories a serving of my favourite food contains.

This is where you will spend several hours fiddling around with portion sizes, recipes, and so on, to then input them into an Excel spreadsheet — or the app itself.

You can download my meal planning spreadsheet for free! Just remove the food and replace it with your own 🙂

From here, it is a matter to following the plan. Day after day.

That. Is. It.

Of course, I’ve gone over it really quickly. Feel free to contact me for free support: or, enroll in one of my free online courses to get the full details.

You will never need to pay for a meal plan ever again 🙂

If you need any help or have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. I will be happy to help you out!




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