In this audio, I will give you 5 simple steps for how to build muscle without needing to take steroids.

As a natural fitness competitor that has built my body without taking any steroids and competes in a natural (drug-tested) Federation, I know exactly what it takes to build muscle.

Here are the 5-steps;

1) Strength training 3-6 days per week (1 day off weight lifting per week)

2) Improve/increase the amount of weight you are lifting on those compound movements every week

3) Calculate calories for a calorie surplus

4) Get enough protein

5) Being very super patient

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Brad Newton:

Hi, everybody. Brad, again, from I want to talk about, real quick, how to build muscle. I want to give you some steps that you can apply to help you build muscle as quick as possible as a natural person. What that means is someone who’s not taking steroids. Unfortunately, you know, a lot of people out there would sell programmes around how to build muscle, lose fat, and that kind of stuff. A lot of them are taking steroids that won’t tell you that they’re taking steroids, so the speed at which they can build muscle is drastically increased.

When someone like you listening, or back when I was starting my training journey years ago, when I was listening and reading these magazines by guys that take steroids, I would be upset that I wasn’t getting the results in 30 days, because it would say, “Oh, you can build all this muscle, and like 30 pounds of muscle in 30 days.” If you’re just starting out, that sounds like a lot. Then you look at the person writing the article, and you go, “Man, I could have a body like that.” But the truth is, they’ll never tell you that they’re taking steroids, and you’ll never get to that size ever, not even close.

As a fitness competitor myself, being on stage, competing as a natural competitor that’s drug-tested, I know exactly what it takes to build muscle for someone that is not taking steroids. I’m assuming, you’re not taking steroids, so here’s a few things that you need to do. It’s a must. I’ve only got a few minutes, so I’m going to go super quick. I’ll talk more about this on my website,

The first one is you want to do some kind of strength training three to six times per week. Now three at a minimum, five, you can do six, but always give yourself one day of rest per week, you know, of lifting weights, so one day off a week. It really comes down to how much time you can commit to training, right? It depends on your lifestyle, how much you travel, if you travel for work, you do night shift like I do, if you have 17 kids, and you’re busy. If you’re busy, right, then maybe three times per week is perfectly fine, so three to five, or three to six times per week of strength training.

What does that mean? Real quick, it means lifting heavy weight in the gym. It means doing exercises such as … I’m going to go super quick … like doing the dead lift, doing compound exercises like the dead lift, like doing the military press, like doing hip thrusts, like doing lunges, like doing the bench press, like doing all of those exercises. There’s many more, but doing exercises such as those which are compound movements. So keep it in mind, compound movements, and will emphasise building muscle. I’ll talk more about this in articles on my site. You can just go there a check it out. But, yeah, strength training is a must, must … not just cardio. There’s a reason why we use cardio, but strength training is going to be the number one pillar in helping you to build muscle as a natural person.

The second one is you want to improve the amount of weight. You’ll increase the amount of weight that you’re lifting on those same movements, right, for those same exercises. So you want some kind of programme to track your weight lifting journey. I use FitNotes. It’s a free download for your smartphone, FitNotes. I’ve been using it for years. It’s really, really awesome. Go a check it out. I have a YouTube video that explains how to use FitNotes.

The next one is you must consume a lot of calories. Now this needs to be calculated. This freaks a lot of people out, but it’s really, really essential that you can go and lift, you can go and dead lift in the gym, and you can do squats, and do that three, five times a week for six weeks, but if you’re only getting 1,500 calories as a guy, I can 100% guarantee … I’ll put my life on it … that you’re not going to build any muscle that’s going to be impressive, because you’re not eating enough calories. You’re not eating enough overall calories, so you must consume enough calories, what they call a calorie surplus. We eat slightly more calories than what your body needs every day. There’s a simply calculator on the home page of my website that’s so damn simple. Just go there, punch in a few things, it’ll tell you, for a bulk … if you select the drop-down, bulk … and it’ll tell exactly how many calories that you should be aiming for consistently.

Then you need to get enough protein. This is huge, massive, massive. You must, must, must get enough protein. It doesn’t necessarily matter where it’s from. You can refine that over time, but you must get enough. The typical guideline is between 0.8 grammes per pound of body weight a day to 1.0 gramme per pound of body weight per day. The number changes a little bit. If you have a high body fat percentage, you could bring that down a little bit, but for most people it’s going to be between 0.8 grammes to 1.0 gramme per pound of body weight per day of protein. You can get that from whole foods. You can get it from protein powder. I talk more about that on my site, as well.

And, being very, very, very, very, very, very, very patient, but it’s about one pound of muscle that you can build in a month, maximum, for a natural person. If you’re taking steroids, it goes through the roof, but for someone who’s doing it naturally without steroids, without anabolic steroids, it’s going to take much, much longer. That’s why you need to be super-duper patient. If you have a great deal of body fat on you, you won’t see the muscle. You won’t even see it. It’s going to be built underneath the fat tissue, so you need to be really, really, really patient. You need to trust the process. You need to give yourself six, seven, eight weeks of eating a calorie surplus and training like this, and then you won’t even see any muscle. You’re just going to be a little bit bigger, but then you need to cut that fat down.

So that’s what you need to do, right? That’s how you build muscle. I go into more detail on my website. Go check out the home page,, a couple of little articles in the calculator. It’ll absolutely help you, All the best. Thank you for listening, and have an awesome day.


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