In this audio, I talk about how I trained myself to become more consistent with my training over time.

You will learn the following;

  • how to show up every day to the gym or to a meal plan or diet.
  • how I started by making the commitment of going to the gym once per week
  • how to not think of it like an on/off switch or all-or-nothing. Slowly build consistency over time.
  • how I started my fitness journey by doing group classes which helped me build momentum that led to training 5-6 days per week consistently.


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Brad Newton:

Hi everybody. Brad again from

I want to talk about how to build consistency with your training, or meal planning, or losing fat. And how to show up every day to the gym, and how to show up every day to a training plan, or a programme, or whatever. Right?

And so, I will give you my history in that. I never was consistent when I first started my journey. I didn’t even care about training to be honest. I didn’t even care about the gym. I didn’t even care about anything really in general, and I had no real consistency. But I really genuinely did, I think deep down when I think about it, I really did want results. But on the outside I didn’t care. I was, yeah, I’m going to the gym and I’m just going to the gym just to, I guess so I could tick off the list. Right? Which, is what most people do. They go to the gym and they just say, yeah I’ll go to the gym and then they tick it off.

But if you really want to know how to build some consistency. For me, I started going once per week and I made a commitment to go to the gym once per week. Do some kind of training once per week. You might not think that’s a lot, but a lot of people have this mindset of like an on/off switch, and it’s completely backwards. I had this, if I’m not going to the gym five times per week then I’m not gonna go at all. It’s just ludicrous, you know?

To be honest with you, I’ll tell you from a training perspective, from someone who’s never taken steroids, right. That’s not living in the gym, that’s never lived in the gym, right. That you can, with a well structured weight training programme, you can absolutely get great results, both men and women, if you do a three day per week, structured weight training session.

It beats the pants off doing a five day per week, unstructured training programme right, or six days per week. Or seven days per week if you’re going all out, and I don’t recommend that. But seven days unstructured is not as good as three days of good push/pull leg structure.

Anyway, so just keep that in mind. You don’t have to go six days, or seven days a week to get … Or five days a week to get great results. You can get great results going to the gym three times a week, if someone shows you how to structure things properly. Yeah?

So start off by, and this is what I did, start off by making a commitment to go, going to the gym once per week. And for me, I started by doing group classes. I was doing RPM. I was doing cycle classes or spin classes, I was doing Les Mills classes. So many years ago, you never forget.

This is even before I started lifting weights. I was doing group classes, because that helped build the momentum that allowed me to build this consistency over time. I didn’t just wake up and do five, six days per week of training without even thinking about it.

It took time. I started slow and then I built up to it. Don’t think like on/off switches, it’s all or nothing. It’s just ridiculous. You can’t be all or nothing for your diet. I’m never going to have a cookie. I’m never going to have a teaspoon of sugar. I’m never going to have an ice cream if I want to lose weight.

It’s all horse crap. You can- I still have teaspoons of sugar in my coffee. I still drink lattes. I had a burger from the burger joint, three weeks ago. That was my first one in several months, but everything else is on point. If your balance is right, you can do that, and not feel guilty. And still not lose momentum with your training.

It’s not all or nothing. It doesn’t work. Most people can’t go cold turkey. Cold turkey, like I’m not going to have this thing ever again. Or, I’m going to go full on and train five, six days a week. Most people just can’t handle that. You build and build, and build slowly over time.

That’s what I did. It worked for me. So, make a commitment, once per week, do something in the gym. Doesn’t have to be weightlifting. Right now, it comes later. Just go do some group classes. Get familiar with the environment.

Get yourself around the right people. Get your body moving. Get off the couch and walk around the block. Go for a walk around the park. Take the animal for a walk. I don’t know, just do something. And then over time, you build that consistency, right. And that’s it.

And then you get a little bit more. You do a little bit more, you do a little bit more, you do a little bit more. And that is it. That’s how I did it. And that’s how I’ve gotten to the point at which I’m at now.

So, let me know how you go. I write more technical articles on my website about training. But also if you’re just a beginner, and you want basic weight training structure, meal plannings. Just basic, basic, basic, basic. On the home page of Go and check it out. is my email. Thanks so much for listening. Have an awesome day. Speak soon.


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