Original release date: 16th October 2015 

On the 26th of October 2017, almost 2 years after this event, I recorded an audio podcast telling this same story in more detail. Listen to it below.

Yesterday is a day I will never forget!

Instead of walking into the gym to do a chest session, I walked into a gym with a 22-year-old male unconscious on the floor having seizures. There were about 4 people standing around him. He was in the recovery position.

I am assuming the guys determined that he had a pulse.

But within moments, his girlfriend, whom was on the phone to the ambulance, screamed out that his lips were turning blue and that he is going to die. One guy dashed for the defibrillator while we rolled him on his back and started compressions. It was intense.

Ripping open the defib and wiring-up this unconscious guy.

Within a few moments, the ambulance showed up but they asked that we continue chest compressions. It was myself and one or two other guys rotating the compressions. I can remember seeing 40 minutes on the ECG machine. We must have been doing compressions for that amount of time, at least.

I remember glancing at the guy, with his eyes glassed over, and sending prayer to him. My internal dialogue to him was “c’mon man… You got this. Don’t give up.” I will never forget that dialogue.

I recall a short guy charging out of the gym. Another guy later informed me that this shorter guy was bellowing out on the street, uncontrollably, and never returned!

What a hectic situation…

I have never been in such a situation and consequently, have given my mind a day off while I come to terms with what happened.

I am writing this blog at a cafe. This incident occurred last night at the gym during non-staffed hours.

His girlfriend informs me that he is on life support.

I will provide an update when new information becomes available.

Update 16th Oct 2015

I am deeply saddened and moved by the news I received today. The 22-year-old that suffered a cardiac arrest in the gym that I attended to passed away on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, we could not save his life. This event has deeply impacted me. I often experience flashbacks.

Nobody ever expects to be involved in trying to restart someone’s heart. Especially someone as young as the guy I attended.

I will never forget this event.

Absolutely terrible.



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