Want to see what it is like to run off a platform and into thin air over Rio De Janeiro?

You’ll love this adventure! Check it out below 🙂


In Feb 2014, I decided to go hang gliding with Konrad over Rio De Janeiro. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

It started with Konrad picking me up from my apartment in Rio and driving us to Sao Conrado. After driving up a very long and winding road, we finally arrived at the “launch” zone where hang gliders sprint off a platform and into thin air.

If you are ever travelling to Rio De Janeiro and looking for an adrenaline rush in Rio, go and try hang gliding!

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It was an 18 minute experience but totally worth every minute of it. And Konrad allowed me to fly the hang glider for a brief moment (until he lost faith in me haha)

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Join fitness and adventure vlogger Brad Newton as he jumps off a ramp and hang glides over the beautiful skies of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. You’ll get to experience the entire flight, from take-off to landing, over the beautiful beach of Sao Conrado.

Brad Newton
12 minutes

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