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You are probably here because you’ve watched one of my fitness VLOGs on YouTube, or enrolled in one of my fitness courses.

You’ll know already just how passionate I am in serving people like you. That I will do everything I can to start people on their own fitness journey’s.

It’s my ultimate legacy.

What motivates me the most is not the $15 you’ve paid me to enrol in one of my fitness courses—it’s the life-changing email I receive 4 months later that shares a story of how you’ve lost 28 pounds and now have a vigour for life you’ve never had before.

Those emails are priceless.

If you are reading this, if you can answer yes to any of the following concerns, I can help you:

  • I just want a six pack (girls: those “lines”)
  • I want to feel amazing levels of energy
  • I am sick of waking up tired
  • I want to learn how to create a body I can be proud of all year around
  • I want to feel confident and empowered
  • I want to attract the opposite sex with a good physique.
  • Brad, I just want a body like yours (haha, some people ask that)

Whatever the curse you have that you are not happy with.

I am here to tell you this:

  • You’re not genetically cursed or born with “fat genes”
  • You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements
  • You don’t need to restrict your favourite food and eat like a cave man
  • You can do the workouts you look forward to everyday, while watching your body transform
  • You don’t need to spend hours and hours doing boring cardio
  • Or spend more than 40 minutes, 3-4 times per week training
  • You don’t need to cut refined sugar, eat “clean” or go on a crazy juicing cleanse or diet to get to single digit levels of body fat.

What’s great is that if you follow what I teach in my courses, you can absolutely have a great physique in as little as 6 months, sometimes less sometimes more.

In my courses, I will teach you precisely how to diet and train correctly so you can put on a great deal of muscle. And for women, have those toned arms and great physique you’ve always wanted.

Why should you listen to me?

For most of my 20s, I tried almost every diet you can imagine. I was never always in great shape. Despite being an Australian fitness model competitor now, I spent an ungodly amount of money on seminars, books, programs, and juicing programs—only to either end up skinny (from juicing,) skinny fat, or just fat.

Some of the mistakes I made were:

  • Buying random supplements and hoping for the best
  • Avoiding protein because I didn’t want to hurt my organs
  • Not eating meat or dairy because I thought having a toxic body was the reason for being out of shape.
  • That drinking green smoothies and eating paleo was the gateway diet to a ripped physique.
  • Not eating any refined sugar would guarantee abs.
  • Spending 3 hours in the gym was the best investment for a great body
  • Tracking calories and meal planning was for obsessed morons.

The list goes on…

It wasn’t until I leverage my Bachelor Degree in Science, that I started to study exercise science and nutrition. Most interestingly, learning from some of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

Once I transformed my body and maintained it for several years, I went on to further train to become a fitness model competitor.

At the time of writing this (11th of May 2017,) I am preparing for a major competition as a fitness model competitor at the World Titles in June!

Not only have I achieved the physique without steroids (I compete in a natural federation) but I have also found a unique way to teach people what has taken me years to learn.