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I share my dating story and the challenge I faced dealing with breaking my meal plan to see a girl. Although flexible dieting strategies work; I am merely 5 weeks away from stepping on the stage as a fitness model competitor. There is very little room for dietary error.

But using a combination of intuition, flexible dieting, and MyNetDiary, I managed to make both my diet and date work (I think.)

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Brad Newton:

Hi everybody, and you’re listening to Contest Prep 7 of the Brad Newton Show on behalf of In this episode, we’re gonna be discussing dating girls, contest prep, and eating ice cream, I know, I know. It’s the first of April everybody, 2017, I am really excited to share this with you. I think everybody needs to know this. I’m five weeks out from stepping on the stage for my second ever fitness model competition. That usually means that you’re on a very strict meal plan, training plan, that kind of stuff.

I went on a date last night, and, with a girl, of course, and I was kind of thinking about this date the whole week, because I went onto a dating website, about a week and a half ago, when I was on night shift, and so I’ve been single for a while, and I’ve been deliberately off the market because I’ve been working on my projects and my podcasting and my YouTube channel and by business and doing my competitions and my preparation and stuff. It was like, I don’t have time for girls right now, so I was like you know what, no, just Brad, you’re never gonna have time unless you make the time.

You say this to people when it comes to fitness, the same damn thing applies when it comes to work and bringing in somebody into your life. I was like fine, all right, so I went onto this dating app and I met this girl, and we started texting. It seemed to go really well. We seemed to have a lot in common, and she’s very outdoorsy, into fitness, that kind of stuff, as you’d imagine. The connection was building via text, and so, I was like hey, do you want to catch up, have dinner, first date, and [inaudible 00:02:13], we organised it for Friday, that was yesterday.

I went and saw her, this is another story, which leads into this whole thing. I went and saw my posing coach on the Tuesday, who’s also one of the judges for the federation that I’ll be competing in, in five weeks from now. One of the things he taught me was that I needed to lean out a little bit more. I took this information back to my other coach, and I to Penny, I said look, I saw Vicky, and she says that I need to lean out a little bit more, and I sent this via text message. Within about 10 minutes, Penny, my coach, replied back to me and she said you won’t be having any cheat meal on Friday. I said to her, I thought you were gonna say that. Then I thought to myself, gosh that means I can’t have dinner with this chic, and that is like my first date in such a long time, and it won’t even happen and I’ve already committed to it. I’ve already said that it was gonna happen, that we’re meeting up.

I can’t bail out, and I actually don’t want to bail out because I think I like this girl, like via the messages and everything, I just have really good vibes about her. I was like gosh, now I’m in this conflicted situation of getting ready for a fitness model competition, being on a strict diet, and then strict training plan, and then it’s like, for the first time in a long time, going out to have dinner with somebody, like a girl. I haven’t dated for a long time, and what does that mean? I can’t do that now?

Then I started to get internally conflicted on why am I doing this competition bullshit, yeah it’s all challenging myself and yeah, I could become a better person, but, what cost, no social life, and no intimacy, or no relationships, what? How long am I gonna be single for, like until I finish competing? In fact, that’s one of the main reasons why I’ve deliberately thrown myself off the market, was because I am competing, and I’m preparing for competitions, and I’m doing podcasting, and YouTubing and running a website, and helping people through my website, and so I don’t have time. I was like, well maybe, when all of this settles down, maybe when I finish competing, then I can do this whole dating thing, and bring someone into my life.

Then I thought, you know, no, I’m gonna try and make this work. Then I thought to myself, how am I gonna do it? Then I thought about flexible dieting. I talk about flexible dieting in my videos and stuff on YouTube, and I’ve used flexible dieting for, in fact, I’ve used flexible dieting to get lean before I started competing to get to the body that I had before I started my competition journey. I know that flex dieting works because I’ve used it and I know it very well, and I teach it.

I never told my coach this, but, I went ahead with the date, and all I did was I used mynetdiary, which is a smart phone application. If you don’t have it, download it. It’s a great way of tracking your calories. A great way of tracking your macros and everything, and by doing that, I used the application and I ensured that I had about 1,000 calories left over, so that I would walk into my date and have 1,000 calories to spend. That is a lot of calories, and I had a few rules, like I’m not drinking alcohol, because that’s very calorie dense, and I’m not having dessert because desserts usually have a lot of refined sugar in them and a lot of fat, so, fat is also very calorie dense. So, if I just have a high carb meal, then, I’m not even gonna hit 1,000 calories on a high carb meal.

I ran with that, but I wasn’t gonna tell my coach that because I knew she wouldn’t like it. I reverted back to flexible dieting strategies because I know they work, and I did exactly that. You can go to the show notes of this podcast, I’ll have a screenshot of my mynetdiary. You can see exactly what I did, and how I got away with guilt free eating at this restaurant, and how I was able to balance, both going on a date and not killing my progress.

We had dinner, and I met her, she’s a great girl. We’re great connections, certainly a lot in common, and I’m super excited to meet up with her again. I’ve already organised that. I’ll probably talk more about this, her and I later, but this is more about the concept of dating and comp prepping. Then we had a few mains come out and we were sharing the mains, but like they were so damn small. We’re talking, in terms of how much I had, we’re talking maybe a cup of rice, and half an egg, and maybe two or three coconut meatballs, and the chicken bits. It was called chicken bits on the menu, so they came out as chicken wings, but we’re talking like chicken wings that were so damn small, like the chicken wings came from baby chickens. They were tiny, very small.

I was like gosh, all right, this is good for me because it means that I have 1,000 calories to spend, and I’m gonna have some leftover change. Then I thought to myself, I could actually do dessert, so I suggested to Taryn, I said, hey, do you wanna go and get some gelato from Messina, and she goes, are you sure, and I said yeah, she goes, don’t feel obliged. I’m like don’t worry, I know what I’m doing, it’s all good, lets do this. She hasn’t had gelato for 12 months or so. We went out to this place called Messina, and very, very popular here in Melbourne Australia, so I had a scoop, I was like, you know what, I’m just gonna have one scoop and I’ll actually have a photo of that in the show notes of this podcast. Go and check it out if you’re interested, if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, so that was what I had and that was the night. In terms of Taryn and I, nothing else happened beyond that, but it was a really, really good catch up and it was really, really good. You know when you go on a first date with somebody and it’s like there’s no connection, there’s nothing, and then you have that first date with somebody and it just seems like there’s everything there. I hadn’t had that since I was with my ex girlfriend that I was with for six years, and I had that with this girl last night. It was pretty cool, but anyway, we’ll talk more about that later. It’s a whole new story.

It kind of made me think about how do you juggle, as a fitness model competitor, how do you juggle that with going on dates with girls? I’m super lucky because with the whole dating app thing, I’ve deliberately scaled it down to, I’m not into serial dating and I just quite frankly don’t have time for it. I don’t even have time to be on the market, to be honest, but I did it and now I’m off it, and I just don’t have time for it. I thought to myself, if you’re somebody who is … if you’re competing as a fitness model competitor, then it’s like how do you juggle everything? How do you juggle goin on dates?

I’m five weeks away from stepping on the stage, and it’s a very careful interplay of going on a date, and not being a jackass, and being as social as you can be, but also not derailing your efforts. I really believe that flexible dieting is the way to do it and I think that, I guess it depends on how far away you are from stepping on the stage, I mean I’m five weeks away, and my conditioning is pretty good. I’m pretty much on track. If you’re watching this, I mean listening to this, I’m used to doing YouTube videos.

If you’re listening to this and you’re wondering well, I’m on a sort of weight loss plan, weight loss programme, what strategies would I do, would I apply to make sure that I don’t completely lose track of my goal or fall of the rails? I always suggest flexible dieting. I talk flexible dieting in my YouTube videos, if you go to my YouTube channel,, it will be in show notes. Go and check it out. I talk about flexible dieting there. I’m also releasing a flexible dieting series via podcast, because there’s a lot more detail to it, but there’s certainly ways around it and you can make it work, but it does require a little bit if thinking and a little bit of planning.

That’s how I made it work for me, and I even had a scoop of ice cream as well. Even when I went totally hard core, and I actually put this out on Snapchat as well, because I have a bit of an audience on Snapchat, and I love being completely transparent about everything I do as a fitness model competitor, that I’m not a perfect human being, that I do eat ice cream, not very often, but I do have it. As I said, not very often, but yesterday was the occasion for it. That’s literally what I wanted to talk about.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me,, and I think mostly, I guess the biggest takeaway from this is to, kind of taken the awareness that I did struggle with that last night and I did struggle with the idea of having the cheat meal, having the dinner out with a girl, and going on the date in the first place. I was really, honestly, wanting to meet this girl so much that I was willing to juggle things around and make it work out, and my coach doesn’t even know that I did that. She just wouldn’t be impressed if I told her. I know flexible dieting works, and that’s that.

Thanks so much for tuning in and stay tuned for more. I’ll be releasing some podcasts, audios, on flexible dieting, if you’re curious about what it’s all about, and how I did it. Otherwise, go to the show notes section of my website for photos and other links and resources and thank you so much. Please, everybody, take a moment to review this on iTunes, if you like what I have to say, if you think it’s boring or entertaining or I sound like an idiot or whatever, just say whatever you want to say on iTunes. It just helps spread the word and get the message out there as well, so thanks so much for your support and I’ll speak to you very soon.



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