Cricket protein is set to become a big player to the current training supplement market with the potential to disrupt the source of how athletes and bodybuilders receive their protein.

In this audio, I discuss the following:

– the environmental cost of producing cricket protein compared to other protein types
– the amino acid breakdown of cricket protein and how it stacks up against other forms of protein.
– MyNetDiary entries for cricket protein and comparisons.
– Leucine content of cricket protein and its connection to building muscle.

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Brad Newton:

Hi, everybody. It’s Brad Newton from, 30th of November, 2017. I want to talk about something really fascinating, and that is cricket protein. I want to talk about the potential for bodybuilding. I want to talk about how it’s gonna get bigger than what it currently is and I want to give you some data that I’ve come across that’s gonna back up what I think is gonna be a big industry in itself. But firstly as a bit of a backstory, I heard about cricket protein maybe four, five, six months ago when I was researching other types of protein, research journals and so forth, and I stumbled across cricket protein but I never gave it the time of day because I imme- I can never forget this. I immediately brushed it off as being a fad. Before I even did the research I immediately just blew it off, and I think because I’m damaged …

I’ve tried fad diets and so forth over the years to try and get in shape. Never got in shape, lost a lot of … I wasted a lot of money on fad diets. The goji berries, the super foods and if you take this super food it’s gonna … I got caught up in all of that, and so I think that’s why I’m just very much … Something like cricket protein comes along and I’m like, “That’s another one.” It’s another one, however, I’ve decided to give it more attention and I’ve actually come to the conclusion that there’s actually a lot of potential in cricket protein, and by the way, it’s a very new market. It’s only a couple of years old and it hasn’t really caught on mainstream yet. No one that I’ve spoken to has heard about it. No supplement stores selling any cricket protein bars or cricket flour, and so I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk a bit about it from a bodybuilding perspective.

Now, look … Cricket protein … I mean, there are countries in the world that have been eating crickets and insects and so forth for a long time. For hundreds of years. I’ve been to Thailand numerous times. This year I’ve been to Thailand four times and I’ve had crickets when I was on the streets of Thailand because they eat spiders and crickets. Parts of A- They do this in Asia, South America … It’s completely normal but in the western world … I mean, it’s not something we do, and certainly not something we look at as a source of protein, so this is why it’s fascinating to talk about, and so … If you look at … See, there’s different sides to this. If you look at the environmental side of crickets and the cost that it takes to produce these crickets and then harvest the protein from them it works out that … In this data, I’ve got some data in front of me. It’s pretty, pretty, pretty, dull, but I mean, one gallon of water for X amount of crickets was … The same amount of chicken would cost 567 gallons of water, pigs 800 gallons, and cows 2,000 gallons.

If we just look at that, ecologically crickets are much more efficient at conserving water, for example. So from an nevi- Greenhouse gases and all this other information, crickets stand out above cattle and other animals and livestock when it comes to the cost of actually making them or growing them, I guess, whatever you call a cricket … These cricket farms and things like that. So they don’t take up much space and so … Yeah, from an ecological, environmental perspective I mean, crickets are much more efficient over other types of animals and those kinds of things, but let’s get straight into the nutritionals, because this is what I find most fascinating. Because from a bodybuilding perspective, if you’re listening to this and you want to build some muscle and you want to figure out or determine if cricket protein can do that for you …

I really do think it can and you might think, “Well, that’s a lot of crickets. How many crickets do I need to eat?” If you want to go vegan or if you’re someone who’s only on a plant based diet, that’s a lot of broccoli to try and get all your protein requirements. You might be thinking it may not be possible, it may not be practical, but what they do usually is they’ll take crickets, they’ll harvest them … They’ll grow them and harvest them and then they’ll ground them up into a powder or a flour, and so they’ll make these crickets into a protein … Cricket protein flour, and in that … By the way, I want you to get this real close because I find this really fascinating, that for 100 grammes of crickets … 100 grammes of crickets you’ll get about 69, 70 grammes of protein. Now, that’s 70%, so by weight crickets are 70% protein, and if you compare that to typical forms of protein sources that bodybuilders and weightlifters and athletes will take, i.e. chicken and beef …

I mean, just go to MyNetDiary in MyFitnessPal, 100 grammes of chicken we know is about 25 grammes of protein, 100 grammes of beef is about 20, 25 grammes of protein. If you look at broccoli it’s even less than that. It’s much less than that. I haven’t got the comparison, but you can do that yourself. Use MyNetDiary, that’s exactly what I did, and if you have a look at cricket flour you might just go into MyNetDiary. If we go under cricket flour, type this into MyNetDiary. I’m sure you can do this on MyFitnessPal as well, and I typed in cricket … So I’ll just do this right now with you, cricket flour …

So, we’ve got cricket flour protein bar, cacao nut by Exo, E-X-O. Now, just a side note, Exo is one of the companies producing these cricket flour protein bars and … Anyway, they raised a bunch of money on the idea that they could produce cricket protein bars, and they’ve been quite successful so far if you check out their website. But anyway … The next one says, “Cricket flour by Thailand Unique,” and I found this one … Second one on the list.

The little image is an image of pancakes and then it’s, “Cricket flour by Thailand Unique.” That’s pretty funny. Thailand of all places. I mean … So if you go into that, we’ve got 500 calories … So amount per serving, 100 grammes. Total fat, 20 grammes, so that’s a lot. Saturated fat, 5 grammes, no trans fats as you would expect, but if we go down, carbs … 10 grammes of carb. 70 grammes of protein. 70 grammes of protein, and you’ll get 20% of your calcium and 20% of your iron requirements for the day based on 100 grammes of cricket flour by Thailand Unique. Now, Thailand Unique, I’m assuming, is a brand. What else is there? The Original Cricket Aztec Bar by Chapul. Chapul’s a company that are selling cricket protein bars and then barbecue cricket flour chips by Chirps. Chirps is another company I’ve just recently reached out to to do some review videos for YouTube on their products, Chirps and Chapul, and it goes on. There’s a few others. There’s not that many, really. There’s not that many. There’s probably about seven on my list. Three, six …

Yeah, so there’s seven entries for MyNetDiary under the search keywords cricket flour or cricket protein. So, if we have a look cricket protein contains all nine essential amino acids. As I mentioned, it contains 2.2 times more iron and more calcium than milk on a gramme to gramme basis. It’s loaded with omega threes … I’m just reading a few notes here, but I’m gonna finish off with this. I’m gonna finish of with this, and that is I’m really curious … Now, if you’re all into lifting weights and building muscle and whatnot, you’re also really curious about the amino acid profile of a particular protein type, so it’s important because I mean … We look at plant based proteins for example, I mean, they’re not strong in certain key amino acids that you’ll find in other forms of protein that are animal based.

Okay, so that’s doesn’t make plant based or vegan protein powders more inferior, it just means that they’re weaker in some key amino acids necessary for building muscle compared to animal based protein types. Now, of course you can supplement extra with those deficient amino acids in plant based protein types. I mean, you could do that. People do it and that’s fine. I’ve done it before myself, but let’s have a look at the amino acid profile of crickets, of cricket flour. This will blow your mind. This actually … Out of this whole talk this blew my mind the most.

So, we’ve got all the amino acids. We’ve got all nine essential amino acids in cricket protein. Okay, we’ve established that. Now, this graphic … I might even put this up in the podcast notes so you can check it out, but I’ve seen … If you just go to Google images, actually, might be a lot easier if you do this. Go to Google images and type in “cricket flour amino acids,” and you’ll see a lot of images pretty much the same as what I’m reading right now. Just to save everyone time here. So, 100 grammes of cricket flour … Now, without going through all the essential amino acids and dadadada, the ones that really matter the most to bodybuilders and people building muscle and that kind of thing are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. If you’re familiar with branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs you’ll know that branch-chain amino acids are made up of those three essential acids, leucine, isoleucine, valine.

Now, I’ve looked at the clinical science years ago on the impact that each of those three amino acids have on building muscle and I found that leucine is like the rockstar of the three. So, leucine is the leader of the pack. Isoleucine and valine follow behind in that order with valine having very little effect compared to isoleucine and leucine being the standout rockstar. Now, let’s have a look at the leucine content of cricket flour, and I found this super fascinating when compared to steak by thereabouts the same quantity. So if we have a look, 100 grammes of cricket flour yields 4.61 … If we have a look at that, 4.61 grammes of leucine, whereas 113 grammes of steak is 2.431 of leucine. That’s a lot. Cricket flour is kicking ass on a leucine level, on a what’s the amino acid that’s gonna help me build muscle more eff- Not more effectively, but which amino acid’s gonna be the key driver of that leucine, and there’s 4.6- There’s a lot. We’re talking almost double found in steak. That’s unbelievable.

It’s unbelievable, and if you look at the science, if you look at how much leucine you actually were to take as a supplement … Because you can buy leucine from a supplement store, and how much of that leucine you’ll need to stimulate maximum muscle protein synthesis, or MPS. The clinical science has pretty much found that between two to five grammes, closer to five grammes of leucine that you take everyday will maximally stimulate protein building, muscle protein synthesis. Two to five, but closer to five grammes. 4.61, my friends. 4.61. That just rocks. So, that excites me out of any other data that I’ve talked about here about cricket protein and cricket flour, that excites me the most. So, this is something to get excited about. I haven’t been excited for any kind of trend in health and fitness for a while now, but this is probably something that’s excited me the most in more recent times. I certainly would look into it and by the way, if you’ve tried cricket protein bars or cricket flour please let know, I’ve got all my samples coming in the mail.

Remember I was very reluctant four or five months ago when I first heard about it. This is a fad. So funny how we write things off, and I didn’t even give it the time of day. I didn’t care. I was focused on other things. So, there are a few companies … There are a few companies that have, from the Kickstarter phase have really started to build their businesses around this emerging protein source, and I can see that this will really get bigger and much bigger in the next five to 10 years when we have more Instagram influencers that pick up cricket flour and they start flashing the stuff on their Instagram profiles … I think that’s when this will really blow out. Right now it hasn’t. No one’s really heard about it, but I reckon in the next five to 10 years …

It’s gonna take the right Instagram influencers and this would completely blow out to western m- By the way, I’m not saying mainstream … This is mainstream in some countries already, but just mainstream in the western world. So, we’ve still got to wrap our head around the fact that we’re going to be eating insects and that it’s 70 crickets to one of these Exo protein bars. So, that is it. I have nothing else to mention. I’m gonna do proper YouTube video review videos, taster videos, when I get my samples and as I said, if you’ve tried it let me know, As always, go to my website, if you want any free information, practical [inaudible 00:15:16] stuff to help you get in the best shape possible, and also, if you want some ideas for your next big adventure because I love adventure and I’m very much passionate about that. Thanks so much for listening and have an awesome day. Thank you.



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