The title sounds hyperbolised. If you know me from my YouTube VLOGs, you’ll know I am far from sugar-coating reality.

In my early 20s, I was out of shape. Sick all-of-the-time. In and out of hospital. It took alot of time and hard work, but I changed my entire life by transforming my body into one where I compete as a fitness model competitor.

It’s the cliche fitness transformation story you often read about in your Instagram feeds under the hashtag transformation. Well, I was that fat (and skinny) dude that loved donuts and Party Mix lollies.

I was addicted.

Everyday, as a 20-something year old, I would run down to the supermarket late at night to buy the 6-pack of Coles reduced donuts that were labelled “still fresh.” I would finish them before I arrived home and then polish off the Tim Tam biscuits and cookies within the next 24 hours.

Quite honestly, I did not give a f*ck about my health and fitness. I would use excuses such as “I don’t have the time” and “I don’t have the money to eat healthy.” Interestingly, I have less time now but more time then ever to maintain my current fitness levels. I’ll get to the mindset shift in a minute.

Oh, and if anyone tried to preach to me about getting Type II diabetes or how I should eat more healthily, would often be met with a lackluster attitude of I-do-not-care-about-what-you-think. “Go off and drink your green smoothies and weird looking green soybean juice, leave me out of it,” I would often think to myself.

By my mid twenties, I became increasingly ill from a combination of fast food dieting, junk food, and the profound stress of trying to launch of start-up dance company with my ex-girlfriend. Not to mention, I was studying my commercial airline exams to be a pilot. There was alot going on.

My health and fitness took the back-burner. As I said, I didn’t care what I put into it.

It was a visit to the isolation chamber at the hospital due to severe coughing fits which spawned me to re-think my values. It was around that same time, that I slowly started getting familiar with a gym!

Quite frankly, I had tried getting the elusive six pack as a young 14–15–16 year old as leverage to pick up girls. Of course, I failed. And I signed up to my first ever 12-month gym membership when I was 19 or 20. I showed up about half a dozen times and never returned since, watching the monthly direct debits getting pulled from my account every month!

I just wasn’t confident when I was out of shape. I was self-conscious. I’d do the pull-the-shirt-down-over-the-hanging-belly thing on the beach. I knew I sucked but I didn’t want everyone else to know I sucked. I tried to hide the fat roll and would do stupid sh*t like sucking in my guts while walking down the beach, afraid of exploding eyeballs from distressed onlookers!

So, I eventually transformed my physique over years of hard work, dedication, and trying and failing many different programs. Sure, I compete at a fitness model but my transformation has led me to ungodly amounts of confidence and the framework to really throw myself and my personal brand out into the world. I’m telling you… I started as a shy guy with no confidence. Even in high school, “girls had germs.”

I often look back to the photos that were taken when I was in hospital. Or photos of being out of shape. I can tell you right now… I am not proud of myself. Sure, I am proud now but I am not proud of the sheer disrespect I had for the very vehicle I need to live with and carry myself around in everyday. My body.

All of us focus too much on getting our cars serviced, getting our apartments cleaned, and the like… but rarely do we stop and think: “what about servicing this “vehicle” — my body!” In my opinion, it’s the most important one because if your apartment sucks — you can move. If you get sick of your car, you can sell it. But your body… screw that up and your dead. And you have nothing!

What’s the point of climbing the corporate ladder to only end up being the richest man or woman in the graveyard? Dying at 47 from a heart attack so that you dress up your LinkedIn account with impressive accolades or write in your Instagram bio “CEO/Founder.” All at the expensive of your health.

And your children will need to go through the trauma of watching the person they look up to slowly die from cancer or some preventative illness— right in front of their eyes.

Every single human being is gifted with the genetic framework for the body to operate like a Lamborghini. But we feed it, “drive” it, and neglect it like a 1967 Volkswagen with no reverse. This is why people feel like a 1967 Volkswagen! You know, waking up at 8 am tired. Just like an old automobile that takes 4 attempts to start before needing a jump start from your colleague, Phil, who drives a 2016 land cruiser. I know, because I was a ’67 Volks.

It was when I replaced the donuts for green smoothies. When I replaced the remote control for a dumbbell. When I replaced watching someone hiking a mountain on TV to being the guy that climbs an active volcano in Chile. Over time, day by day, I managed to transform from a “1967 Volkswagen” to a “2014 Lamborghini Gallardo.” From surviving on 8 hours sleep to thriving on 5–6 hours sleep, perplexing the people around me that lecture me on needing more sleep.

But there are no words I can give you that can get you off your ass and into a gym. Because I know if I were reading my own message 7+ years prior, I would probably give it the humble middle finger while eating my fifth donut.

You need to find your own emotional trigger to transform this area of your life. It’s different for everyone.

I can only share my story as a proxy to shift your mindset. All it took me was getting my own ass into a new environment — the gym. Doing spin and group classes. Spending more time around winners and less time around loser friends that wanted to smoke weed and eat pizza all day.

It takes time. I get it. But I can assure you — start once you finish reading this message. Just do something to get you to taste fitness. Go for a power walk. A jog. Geez, go to and look for a fitness group. Commit to one day per week. Start slow. Small changes compound over time and by the 4.5 year mark — your fitness, self-confidence, and even how you interact with strangers, will completely transform.

Give it a shot and let me know how you go.


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