In this podcast, I discuss some of the science and my own anecdotal experience (n=1) of how carbonated water is helping me with indirect fat loss for my next fitness model competition.

I discuss all of the science behind the health benefits of carbonated water but, most importantly, for the cost of 5 calories, how it can stave off hunger and cravings.

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Brad Newton:

Hi everybody and welcome back to the Brad Newton show, episode 18 with Brad Newton, all about fitness, health, body transformations in my life as a fitness model competitor and also my life in general. I have a story to tell on this and I also want to give advice, strategies, tips, that kind of stuff based in science to help you meet your health and fitness goals. I’m super pumped, 26 days from stepping on the stage, my very next fitness model competition, I am really pumped about it. I want to talk about carbonated water and how it can help you to lose weight.

Before you run off and buy carbonated water I want to first give you a story and then I want to explain fat loss and then I want to talk about how you can use carbonated water to 100% help you remain satiated and keep the fat loss process going. Firstly, 11th of April, 2017 right now as I record this it’s sunny outside and I’m really pumped to be honest. I’m really pumped I’ve been really training hard, two or three hours a day and getting ready for the stage. As you know I came first in my first ever fitness model competition. I came first in two different divisions.

I’m super pumped and getting back on stage again in literally four weeks from now, just under four weeks. I wanted to share this with you because I know everybody listening, you might not give a shit about fitness model competitions and stuff but there are some people that do. If you’re looking at, really just getting a bit of help about losing weight, just a bit of weight then you’ll find that this audio is going to be helpful. To be honest with you, carbonation or carbonated water is something that I just came across in my comp prep journey literally a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll give you a bit of background. I’m on strict meal plans and training plans. I’ve got several coaches and stuff and they help me through this process. I want to help other people just like you wanting to lose a bit of weight, get fit, get strong. I’ve been training for years. If you count me back in my parents house we’re talking over ten years of training. Made all the mistakes yada yada yada. Being on strict plans where you’re eating every two to three hours, you’re training two to three hours a day you’re looking for ways to hack the system to get the best advantage from it.

If I’m in a situation where I’m trying to get a little bit leaner for this competition in 26 days from now. As a fitness model competitor you’re trying to find the little things. You’re trying to find the edge, you’re trying to find those little things in your diet, in your training that’s going to give you the edge over your competitor. For me, or for anybody really in general, when you’re wanting to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if you’re a competitor or not, the one thing you must do, this is the foundation of all weight loss and weight gain.

Backed in science, plenty of science out there. You must be, get ready for it … You must be in a negative energy balance. You’re like what the fuck does that mean? It’s like Brad’s getting all science on us, he’s getting all technical. Honestly what it really means is the boring punchline of you need to eat less calories than what you require everyday. If you eat less calories than what you require everyday then you’re in a negative energy balance. You’re in a position now where your body needs to burn stored fat or stored muscle. It can burn muscle and fat for it’s energy demands.

Through doing that you’ll lose weight provided that you maintain. Key word you maintain that energy balance, you won’t just do it for a day or a week, you maintain it by doing it for several weeks, four, five, six, seven, eight weeks, maintain a negative energy balance you will lose fat, or muscle depending on how you execute it. I talk more about this in my courses on my website, meal planning mastery. That’s the predicating factor that I always harp on about when it comes to weight loss or weight gain. If you eat more calories than what your body needs, you’ll gain weight. If you eat less calories that your body needs you’ll lose weight.

In the fitness game, with the competitions we all know this but unfortunately this kind of knowledge just doesn’t filter through to the general population because we all get caught up in the bullshit of what it takes to lose weight. That’s the science and that’s it. How to do that, how do you create a negative energy balance? There’s a few steps involved, not much, I simplify it, I teach people how to do it. I simplify it. If we get real practical here, like real practical. Let’s say you don’t have to go to my website, you can just go right to your phone now. You could just download my new diary, my fitness pal, punch in a few numbers, it will actually guide you through that process. If you maintain that and it will give you guidance you will lose weight.

How that happens is you’re maintaining a negative energy balance. That’s how that process is occurring. As a fitness model competitor maintaining this calorie deficit over time is a fucking challenge. At times, not always but at times. At times I feel a little bit hungry, not starving. I don’t wake up at 2:00 in the morning thinking about food but there are times when 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon I go, I’m a little bit hungry. That’s normal. When you’re in a negative energy balance that is normal. There are times when I go, I’m just really hungry. I could actually eat an apple. I could have an apple. I could really have a protein snack. I’ve found that carbonated water is actually really good for maintaining a negative energy balance by having me remain fuller for longer.

Those kinds of feelings that I just talked about? They don’t hang around, I just go for that sparkling mineral water and I just gush that down my throat and then literally within five seconds I don’t feel hungry anymore. I actually came across a study and I can’t for the life of me find it. It was about two years ago. I read this study which talked about how people feel full. They’ve found that your feelings of being full comes about by your stomach physically stretching. This makes sense why I feel this way when I drink carbonated water to help me remain satiated is because it’s carbonated. It contains small gas bubbles that they expand in my stomach and that causes my stomach to expand a little bit.

That gives me that bloated feeling and at that moment makes me feel full. I actually feel full for maybe an hour or so, 30 minutes to an hour. It’s more interesting when you’re drinking flavoured sparkling water because it gives water a taste. I found it really effective. If you’re listening to this and you’re curious to know how you can use carbonated water to help you lose weight. It only first of all does this by helping you remain fuller for longer. There’s nothing in the carbonation of what you drink that is going to directly impact fat burning. If anyone says otherwise it’s complete bull shit. There’s not like the bubbles are going to cause … There’s no science or research out there. There is no physiological connection between the bubbles in the water that you drink, the gas, the carbon dioxide and the breakdown of triglycerides down into fuel that we call ATP. I don’t want to say triphosphate and then setting up that process of fat burning.

There’s just no connection between those two. It’s like saying what is the connection between opening your car door and the exhaust coming out of the exhaust pipe of your car. There’s no fucking connection. They’re completely two separate entities. Opening the door of your car and the exhaust gas coming from the exhaust pipe of your car. Two completely different things. The carbonate in water has no fucking direct impact on the fat burning process of triglycerides into ATP there is none, none. However, when I say carbonated water and helping me to lose weight, although it doesn’t directly impact weight loss it indirectly does so by helping me to maintain that negative energy balance which is the predicating factor of fat loss or weight loss or weight gain.

Energy balance is the predicating factor. The longer I can maintain my negative energy balance for by drinking carbonated water the greater my fat loss will be over time. That’s pretty fucking cool isn’t it? In terms of calories, I’ve got this on my thing now, my desk. I’ve got sparkling, lightly sparkling water, with a hint, I’m not sure why I did the accent, with a hint of lemon essence. If I look at the thing on the back we’re talking five kilojoules per serving, 250 millilitres, eight ounces serving size, five servings a package. We’re talking about two calories for the entire bottle right? Two calories, come on. Gosh, it’s nothing. Quickly, we’ll talk about fat loss and how it occurs very quickly.

We’ve got fat being stored as triglycerides inside the fat cell. The body can burn fat for energy and the processes around that are complicated but keep it real simple. This fat that’s stored as triglycerides inside the fat cell is broken down into fuel known as ATP. You might have heard of it grade 12 physical education, ATP denosyine tri phosphate blah, blah and all the processes behind ATP. How the cells will then use ATP for energy energy production. You don’t need to know much more about it than that. We talked about CO2 does not play any role in the process of triglycerides being broken down into fuel known as ATP and so forth.

I just want to point that out. Let’s move along, I found some studies actually. Real quick, I found some studies on carbonated water, sparkling mineral water and how it compares to still water. There was a study that was found, there was 19 women in this study. They found that their fullness scores, so how much fullness they experienced was higher after they drank an eight ounce soda water compared to still water. Eight ounces is 250 millilitres. There is a bit of science there that says that they do feel full when they drink soda water. I don’t need the science I know that for a fact because I experience it.

What about health concerns and sparkling mineral water? I know some people are listening and going what about bone density? How’s my bone density going to be affected if I drink sparkling mineral water? What about my teeth? What about your teeth Brad? Come on. I did some research because I’m all the science guy, I love to research and everything else. Of course we talked about carbonated water and it’s great, great benefits to help you keep satiated for longer. Which is great! It helps you maintain a negative energy balance, perfect. In terms of bone density issues I found that there was no study, there was a study that was done with, 2,500 people in the sample which is quite a big sample. They found that cola, coca cola was the only beverage in the study that was associated with lower bone mineral density levels.

They found that carbonated water had no impact on bone density. If you go to show notes I’ll have the research of pod med reference, article 170-237-23 if you’re curious go there check it out. Read it for yourself. Carbonated water does not impact bone density, forget about it. No worries there. What about acidity levels? What about your acidity levels in your blood? Will that be impacted if you drink carbonated beverages? I looked at a study where they found that the PH levels of sparkling mineral water is usually around three to four. Now one is like acid and 15 is like alkaline. If you remember chemistry or science at school, seven is neutral. We’re talking carbonated water is three to four so it’s slightly more acidic. In terms of, if you drink carbonated water which has slightly more acid levels or slightly more acidic than other beverages such as water then how does it impact your blood PH level?

This goes back to basic science and your blood PH level and how it’s regulated. Now, your blood PH level is regulated between around 7.35, your blood PH level is regulated within that tight space. By drinking something that’s very acidic your blood PH level will not vary. If it does we’re talking very, very, very small and only within that margin that I mentioned before. If you drink carbonated water that has a PH level three to four, your blood PH is not going to drop to three or four, you’ll die, that’s what will happen, you will die. Your body has a tight control over the blood PH levels. It has to, otherwise you die period. There’s no need to worry about that in terms of it’s acidic and oh, it’s not alkaline and all this kind of bullshit.

Look at the science, blood PH is tightly regulated, your blood PH is not going to fall through the floor if you drink soda water. The science confirms that. What about dental health? I looked at a study, I was curious because if you’re drinking plain, sparkling mineral water, no flavours then of course you think there wouldn’t be much of a concern but I thought I’d do the research anyway. I couldn’t find any research on the effects or the impact of plain sparkling mineral water and it’s effect on your teeth. Which is good know. It’s good to know, if you know of any let me know. I did find one article which talked about they found Gatorade. Gatorade is being a non carbonated sweet beverage was actually more harmful than diet coke which is carbonated and sugar free.

Gatorade is more harmful than diet coke and so with that finding in the study it’s easy to deduce that carbonated soda water, or soda water is completely fine for you in terms of your dental health. There was one other study that I found, by the way I’ll put all of this in the show notes. Where they found that pain sparkling water actually poses very little risk, dental health wise except it’s found that the slightly flavoured types of mineral water may be harmful to your enamel on your teeth. Gosh, easy way around that is to just rinse your mouth out with still water, you know what I mean? There’s ways around this stuff and that’s the way I would approach it. Otherwise I couldn’t find any other science or research in pop med relating to the health implications of carbonated drinks as in mineral water being bad for you in terms of health.

I want to round this off by talking, just quickly, briefly round this off by saying that if you’re struggling with weight loss and you find that your hungry times, always hungry then we want to get that sorted out first. We’ve got to get your calories under control. I don’t want you finishing off on this podcast and going running out and buying carbonated water and then going Brad this doesn’t work. It’s not going to help me lose weight, what’s wrong with you? No, if you’re eating 70 fucking cheeseburgers and you’re drinking carbonated water we’ve got to get the cheeseburger thing under control first. We’ve got to get you on a negative energy balance first. I use the analogy of drinking carbonated water is literally like another tool in your tool box to help you maintain a negative energy balance to help you lose fat.

It’s like negative energy balance is like the foundation of your house. It’s like the floor. Everyone wants to talk about the fucking décor and what colour should my walls be, where should I put the fridge? Where should the couch be? What colour should we get? Where can we put the plants? No, no, no you worry about that later, let’s get the fucking floor down first. Let’s lay the foundation first. Otherwise the walls are not going to stand up. The couch is not going to be good wherever you put it because there’s no floor for it to sit on. The big piece I want you to take away from this small discussion is that carbonated water is like a featured wall. Carbonated water is like the fucking couch. It’s like the plant. Once you get the foundation of getting your calories under control first, negative energy balance, maintaining, to get your calories under control first.

\If you’re not sure on how to do that go to my website, check it out. I’ve got courses on there, I will show you exactly how to get your calories under control by eating the foods that you still enjoy the most and you create meal plans around that. Once you’ve got that foundation then you can look at things such as carbonated water to help you maintain that negative energy balance. That’s where I’m at now and that’s how you should approach it. If you do not get your calories under control then carbonated water is just going to be disappointing for you because you’ll go and buy it, you’ll drink it and then you’ll go this is doing nothing for me. That’s what will happen. It will do absolutely nothing for you if you are still eating in a positive energy balance. If you’re still eating more calories then what your body needs.

Look, summarise real quick, that’s the biggest take away here. It’s not harmful … In terms of is it harmful for your teeth? No, just rinse your mouth off. If you’re having flavoured sparkling mineral water just rinse your mouth out real quick, done. There’s no impact on your bone mineral density levels, we’ve talked about that. The best thing about this is that it’s going to keep you satiated for longer. That’s really cool. If you’re a little bit hungry, by being ina negative energy balance if you’re a little bit hungry then great, get a fucking soda water, great it’s five calories, or two calories, it’s nothing.

I hope you found this helpful. I know that this, for some people a little bit mundane of a topic to talk about but it’s just a tip really. It’s just another tool. It’s another tool to add in your tool box. I hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions reach out to me,, get on my website I’ve got all my courses on there, I help people like you get that negative energy balance. Create meal plans around the food you enjoy the most. That’s really the 80% that’s the big part of the picture. Then the other small pieces of the puzzle like the décor, the couch, the plant or that kind of stuff is the carbonated water for example. As i said reach out to me.

Thanks so much, if you like what I have to say go over iTunes, give this is a rating because it really does help boost the rank of this podcast. I’m passionate about sharing a message with the world and really helping as many people as I can achieve their best bodies and that kind of stuff. Also you get to hear me talk more about my own journey as a fitness model competitor and you’ll get more insight about what I do with getting my physic ready for the world titles and that kind of stuff. You might find that interesting as well. Thank you so much for tuning in and listening to me and me babble on about carbonated water. I hope you found this helpful, thank you so much for listening, and I’ll see you or you’ll hear from me in another audio at another time. Thanks again, have an awesome day.



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