Looking to sky dive out of a plane over Melbourne? You’ll love this video 🙂


My formula for jumping out of a plane:

  1. strap a guy to your back (hmm yup!)
  2. pay a “fat tax” (yup! I did!! $50 for the extra parachute for my big ass)
  3. make sure it is from a perfectly functional plane 😀

Side note: I was a few kilograms over the maximum weight. They called it the “muscle tax” but I think they were just being polite 😀

On the 24th of October 2017, I decided to accept Caitlin’s offer on jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft and over the skies of Melbourne from a calm 14,000 feet of crisp, cool air. It had been almost 10 years since I last jumped from a plane so the moment I was given the opportunity to do it again, I jumped onto it.

It started with an 8am meetup at the St Kilda drop zone, filling out some paperwork, and a short bus ride to Moorabbin airfield to meet with our aircraft. My jump master had over 2000 jumps and has competed internationally. I was in good hands. And I’m told by the staff that the jump masters are some of the most experienced in the state.

The wind sock was dead and the air was calm. And as an aircraft pilot myself, after noticing several hot air balloons in the air, I knew the take-off and climb would be very smooth. And indeed, it was.

The Leap Of Faith

There seems to be a common theme to all of the adventures that I do. That is, there is an initial fear barrier that needs to be bridged before all the magic happens. Most people never cross that bridge. In fact, most people play the “no game” before they play the “yes game.” They say “no” to an experience before they really give it a chance.

What is fascinating to me is that every new adventure in life brings out a certain fear in people. Instinctly, most people run from it. What most people will never know is that once they cross that initial wall of fear, the fun and awesomeness begins.

In skydiving, for me, it’s sitting on the edge of the aircraft with my legs dangling at 14,000 feet into the cold air where my fear is heightened. After that leap, I’m good… I’m happy. I’m in my element.

When I was learning to fly an aircraft, it was my first solo! The day the instructor jumped out of the aircraft and said “Brad, you are on your own”—then shitting my pants and completing my first solo circuit. After that fear wall was surpassed, life became good again.

When I was learning to scuba dive, it was learning to take the regulator out of my mouth at 10 metres below. I was fearful. I didn’t want to do that. Why should I? But for all of us to become qualified, it was necessary to learn that skill. It was another fear and once I passed that, life as a scuba diver got better.

My Challenge To You

Say yes before saying no.

If someone offers you to go sky diving, scuba diving, run a marathon, compete as an athlete, bungy jump, base jump off a building… whatever it is… say yes first because playing the no game is a guaranteed way of missing out on something that might become a new passion of yours.

I said no to scuba diving for years due to my fear of breathing underwater. It wasn’t until years later that I took the leap of faith, inverted my no into a yes, and just fuc&ing went for it. It has become another strong interest of mine.

Something to think about…

Click below to watch this video and come and check sky diving out for yourself! 🙂

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