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The Birth Of The Fear

It started when I couldn’t even keep my face under water without taking in water through the snorkel while snorkeling in Hanauma Bay in Hawaii.

Whenever I would drop my face into the water, a wave would crash over the snorkel causing me to suck down a giant mouthful of water — and that would set off the sensation of drowning.

I had scuba diving aspirations but they were quickly shut down by the thoughts of “Brad, you can’t even snorkel properly. How can you possibly breathe through a regulator 40 metres below if you can’t even dip your face under water?”

Nobody can argue with that logic. Years passed by and I never really entertained the scuba diving course any further. It was like I already convinced myself that it wasn’t for me.

By the way, this is how most people live their lives when it comes to confronting an adventure. They say no before they say yes.

Look The Tiger In The Eye

It wasn’t until 2015 that my desire to learn to scuba dive dawned upon me once again. I was fearful, excited, apprehensive, nervous, and second guessing myself the whole time while I researched places to do a course in Australia.

I looked at scuba diving courses in Cairns — the gateway city to the Great Barrier Reef. The price between Operators were around the $1,000 AUD mark for the 5-day Open Water course.

This instilled another fear: “Am I seriously wasting $1,000 on something which I could absolutely hate because I am fucking scared of doing it?”

Will I pay the money, book the flights and accommodation, take time off work, and show up and be so shit scared that I pull out and lose all my money? One would say… legitimate logical reasoning 🙂 Again, the same bullshit reasoning that kept me locked in a mental prison of safety. It was saying no before saying yes.

I spent several days pouring over all the information on the Pro Dive Cairns website for the 5-day live-aboard course — including the cost — which was a cheeky $995 AUD. Something along those lines. And I still needed to book my flights to Cairns from Melbourne which, from memory, was several hundred dollars. Plus food, accommodation, etc.

The economic expense for confronting a fear of mine was sitting up at $1,700 AUD which made me more nervous thinking that I have just wasted a decent amount of money.

I gritted my teeth, paid the money, and quietly hated myself for wasting all of that money. Seriously, I thought it was a stupid move. Stupid!

Eventually, I arrived into Cairns and I was ready to learn something new, albiet, nervous as fuck.

The Swimming Pool

The 5-day course begins with a combination of classroom and swimming pool exercises. The swimming pool competencies brought out the fears in me because we had to demonstrate that we could remove our regulators underwater, and put them back in our mouths again.

If we failed this, we would fail the course.

It was so hard! The idea of being on our knees in a swimming pool with all of our scuba diving gear on and having to remove a perfectly good regulator — and shove it back into our mouths again without drowning — seemed like an impossible thought.

But one by one, as we all huddled underwater in a circle around our Dive Master, we demonstrated what seemed like an impossible task.

We then had to flood our masks and demonstrate that we could clear our masks of the water while being underwater! Again, a daunting task but sure enough, we all did it.

The Ocean Exercises

Once we broke through all of our micro fears in the swimming pool, we were now ready to step into the big ocean — the Great Barrier Reef. We had to replicate the same competencies in the ocean!

One by one, like penguins, we stepped off the rear of the boat and into the ocean. All of us experiencing different levels of fear.

For me, I was battling micro fears of “what if I can’t put the regulator back in?” “what if my mask doesn’t clear?” “what if I run out of air?” “what if….” “what if….” “what if I can’t equalise on the way down?”

Again, one by one, we all slowly pulled on the rope to drag ourselves down to the sea floor, equalising with every breath on the descent. Once we all managed to be kneeling on our knees on the sand at the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef, it was time to demonstrate regulator removal and mask clearing.

Sure enough, we all did it! We all broke through our fears and successfully ticked off the completion of our Open Water certifications.

Here is a photo of a few of us having lunch on the boat between our dives (surface intervals.)

The course itself included 11 dives and we had the choice to “upgrade” our licence to “Adventure Diver.” Of course, I signed up for that one.

I became hooked the moment I broke through my initial fear. Nothing was going to stop me now.

What made the experience simply the best was the people that were in my 5-day Open Water course. It was one of the best groups Pro Dive had ever had (well, that’s what they told us!) haha…

The photo below was taken after we all graduated from the course and had returned to dry land (Cairns city.)


No way! It was the best $1,700 I had ever spent. Not only did I break through my fear but I also met some pretty amazing people.

Some of them are still my dive buddies to this day. Everybody is encouraging and we just all got along really well. We were all on the same wavelength.

Here is a photo with Glen who also completed the course. We literally completed our first night dive and we were very happy with that achievement.

What Can You Learn?

That saying no upfront was an excuse to not confront my fear of learning to scuba dive. I allowed this fear to dominate my life for several years before I decided to look the tiger in the eye and say yes.

I know it’s not easy. If it were easy everybody would be scuba qualified. But not everyone is. The great news is that anyone can be qualified. If I can do it you can do it too.

I didn’t know this at the time but you can do a Discovery Dive with your local dive centre where you only pay for a single dive. You will be guided by a professional that will do everything for you, except breathe for you 🙂

It’s a perfect opportunity to determine if you’d like scuba diving or not. To be honest, you would need several dives to make this determination. Had I done a discovery dive, I probably would have turned down the idea of scuba diving. Maybe 2 or 3 discovery dives with the option to use those dives against a complete Open Water course.

So you’ll need to fight your brain that is trying to protect you from a very real danger. Let’s be honest, it’s not “normal” for humans to breathe underwater. But, if thousands of ordinary people are diving from all over the world, then you can too.

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