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It was meant to be a diving trip. Instead, I only managed to do two dives in Puerto Princesa before the weather turned and several typhoons started to move over the Philippines.

On the 10th of October 2017, I departed from Melbourne and flew with Royal Brunei airlines direct to Manila via Brunei. I spent less than 8 hours in Manila before flying direct to Puerto Princesa where I would start my journey of scuba diving from the south to the north of Palawan.

In this video series, I take you on my journey to Palawan and the only two scuba dives that I managed to do while staying in Puerto Princesa. The following day, I went on a day trip to see the Underground River, one of the 7 natural wonders of nature.

After arriving into El Nido, the weather turned rapidly from bright sunny skies to approaching typhoons. At the time, we were on a yellow boat which broke down and we all had to be rescued.

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I hope you enjoy some of the videos from this video series, see below.


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Join fitness and adventure vlogger Brad Newton as he takes you on a short four day adventure to Palawan, Philippines.

In this series, he will share his scuba diving adventures from Puerto Princesa, a day trip to the magnificent underground river, and his incredible experience of being stuck on a broken down yellow boat as typhoons swept nearby El Nido.

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