Never played polo or ridden a horse? That was me! Until I travelled to Argentina. Keep reading!


I was someone that grew up with a fear of riding horses. As a teenager growing up in Queensland, Australia, I would often feed the horse next door to us all kinds of food. Apples, carrots, etc. There was a cute girl that rode that horse and one time, had offered me to ride the horse aswell.

Have a guess what I said? I said “no!” Can you believe that? No matter how cute the girl was, I was never going to take her up on the offer. The reason was I always thought of Christopher Reeve (aka “Superman”) where he was thrown from his horse and became a quadriplegic.

It wasn’t until I was much older (and many years later) that I decided to take part in Argentina Polo Day. You guessed it, in Argentina!

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Not only was I signing up to ride a horse but I was also signing up to learn how to play polo! I was about to smash through my childhood fear and learn to play the popular game often played in Argentina.

Watch the video below as I share my story of Argentina Polo Day.

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Join fitness and adventure vlogger Brad Newton as he shares his entertaining story of breaking through his fear of riding a horse while he was in Argentina. He signed up to Argentina Polo Day where he not only learned the basics to horse riding, but also participated in a few chukkas of polo.

Brad Newton
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