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Brad Newton:

Hi everybody, and welcome back. Episode 12 of the Brad Newton show on behalf of I am super excited to bring this episode to you. We will be discussing the dad bod cure. And or specifically, skinny fat, which is something I had when I first started my journey. I had a terrible physique. I had what they called, having a skinny fat physique, or also known as a dad bod. So we’re going to talk about that. We’re going to talk about what the problem is, how people get there and then we are going to talk about the solution as well.

So, thanks so much for joining me again. It is the 4th of, not it’s not, it’s the 2nd of April, 2017. I’m actually getting ready for a fitness model competition in five weeks from now. Exactly five weeks, I’ll be stepping back up on that stage again and I can’t wait for that, I’m super excited. I’ve been training a lot. I’ve been doing my posing practise and everything like that, so I can’t wait to get back up on stage. There will be photos on my Instagram. Go check out my Instagram @seekfitlife, and you’ll see photos there on my website and things like that. And you will get to follow my journey. SnapChat, seekfitlife as well and you will get to see everything I do behind the scenes.

Now, I’ve been wanting to do a podcast on skinny fat for such a long time now, that I’ve decided that I’m going to do it right now. I’m gonna talk about this dilemma that most people have. And that is, you know, you look really good in clothes. The moment you take it off, the moment you take everything off, the game changes. And if you’re listening to this and you’re in this situation, you know exactly how it feels.

Because, I was in a situation where I looked good in my Armani outfit and I’d go to these social events and people would be like, “Oh you look wonderful, you look great.” And then the moment I go to the beach at a 38 degree temperature day in Melbourne, I’d have to take everything off, it was a different story. I didn’t feel confident. I didn’t like the way I looked, I was self-conscious. I hated it. I absolutely hated it. And, you know, I knew that I had this skinny fat thing going on, but you know what was worse, I was actually training in the gym and I was actually eating clean. I was actually eating healthy.

And that what was really frustrating, was I was doing the work, but I didn’t see the results. And if you’re listening to this, you can probably relate to this on some level. Because I was spending about, you know, one to two hours in the gym every day for about three, four days a week. I’d spend a shit load of time doing crunches, because I wanted that six pack, and it’d piss me off whenever somebody was on that machine because I’d wanted to be on that machine. It was mine. I spent a lot of time on the ab crunch machine.

But I never did any compound lifting, I wasn’t doing dead lifting. I was scared of all that stuff. Like, I’d be in the gym, and I’d see guys throwing these big dumbbells around, and I’d be like, “gosh” and the moment that it’d hit the floor, I’d freak out. I’d be like, “This is an earthquake, we’ve gotta evacuate, like this is crazy!” And so I’d stuck to the comfort of all the cable machines, and I was doing endless group classes, LES MILLS programmes, GRIT, and those kinds of things.

So I did the time in the gym, and I spent a lot of time looking at the guys that were ripped, watching what they were doing, and just being envious. And I was like, “You know what, I couldn’t do that exercise, I’d hurt myself. It’s not gonna happen.” I’ll just stick to the peck fly. The peck deck.

And then I went on this clean eating phase, and I’ve actually got the photos on my laptop here, where I was drinking green smoothies. I’ll throw these photos up on the Show Notes. I encourage everybody listening to go and check it out, because it’s probably what you’ve been doing as well. I’ll even put the photos up on the Show Notes section of the site. You can see what I looked like after some time of training the way I was training and eating the way I was eating. And I’ll put the photos up on the Show Notes.

I have them up right now, we’ve got green smoothies, we’ve got medjool dates, Natural Delights, we’ve got green smoothies, we’ve got these nut bar things, we’ve got avocado on whole grain bread, and we’ve got raw vegan lasagna or something. And then there’s photos of me. That’s in Dubai, and on the beach in Rio, and you can see my dad bod. Hello. There’s my dad bod. It’s just made the photo. So like, go and check it out. I know exactly what it’s like to be skinny fat. Oh here we go, Super Spread. Mayver’s Super Spread. Almond, sesame, chia, nuts.

So I was on this thing of eating clean food, training in the gym the way I was training, because I believed that by doing that I could absolutely have the body I wanted. But I just wound up skinny fat. And I didn’t get any closer to the body that I wanted. Now the problem, if we look at the first section of this audio, the problem with being skinny fat is that you’re not overweight. You just lack muscle definition. You just don’t have the muscle definition.

If you’re not sure what I mean, go to Google, type in “skinny fat”, go to Google images, type in “skinny fat”, or type in “dad bod”, maybe even type in “mum bod” and see what comes up. And you’ll see for yourself exactly what it looks like. If you know what it is, you’ll be like, “Brad I am skinny fat” well you don’t have to do that. But if you’re not sure what I mean, go there, check it out.

But you lack body composition, which is the relationship between how much muscle and fat you have on your physique, you know? A great look is a ratio of high levels of muscle, and low levels of body fat. Most people have that the other way around, and therefore they’re skinny fat. Low levels of muscle, high levels of fat.

And worse, is that you work your guts out in the gym training, doing endless hours of cardio, and group classes, and eating raw vegan cheesecakes and green smoothies, and you still look the same as you did when you started this journey like 256 days ago when you joined the gym! It’s frustrating, and I say this with a little bit of frustration because I still remember what it’s like to be skinny fat! I’m not skinny fat now, of course, I’m a fitness model competitor! But I still remember how fucking frustrated it was to go through this process of spending a lot of time in the gym and not getting any results.

So how do you get there? Like, how do you become skinny fat? Let’s have a look at that aspect, and explore that a little further. It’s going to be a combination of things, and it’s going to be things such as the bathroom scales, which our culture is so obsessed by, that, you know, standing on those damn things, and being overly preoccupied with weight, overall weight, and no consideration is given to your body composition, only accentuates the problem of being skinny fat.

Because, and women are worse than men when it comes to this! This preoccupation with scale weight. Overall body weight. And the moment that the weight jumps by 237 grammes, is the moment they freak out and starve themselves. And they’re not happy until it’s dropped by 400 grammes, and if it increases by another 50 grammes, and then their emotions are in direct proportion to the scale moving up and down.

And so you have this thing called yo-yo dieting. And then yo-yo emotions. And so, your weight is up and down, but ultimately that throws you in a position where you starve yourself because your weight has increased on the scale, and the way that people starve themselves is that they will usually, and women are really bad for this …

Men do this too but women in particular, is that they’ll go into these low calorie, very low calorie diets, and it usually means creating these very large calorie deficits, and very little protein intake, metabolism gets really crashed, which accentuates further starvation, and then they go and do more cardio, and then you have this problem where your metabolism is so screwed, that they burn through all their muscle, because their protein levels are so low, and there’s such a calorie deficit that their metabolism is so low, that then they plateau, the weight doesn’t shift on the scale, so then they starve themselves more, they do more cardio, and they run this cycle where they have such a suppressed, or what some people like to call it damaged metabolism.

And then when they go and eat a bunch of food, because this is what happens, people get sick of, you know, starving themselves! And so because their metabolism is so depressed, you eat a bunch of food, and then you put all the weight back on, plus a bit more. Because your metabolism is depressed, or suppressed, and then by the time it catches up and speeds up, because it takes time, it’s too late! You’ve already put all that weight on, plus more.

And so, at the end of the day, when it comes to bathroom scales, it doesn’t matter how much you weigh. It doesn’t matter from a “how you look”, right, what matters is how you look, because we live in a vanity culture, like Instagram, hashtag “#picoftheday”. It’s all about looks. Let’s be honest. It’s all about looks, vanity, and how you feel. Your health. Those two put together. We don’t care about weight. You’ve got to get that out of your head.

Now bathroom scales are okay if they’re used strategically, as one form of measurement and as a guide only. But unfortunately they’re used as gospel, and they’re used predominately as a primary means of measurement. And this is where most people get obsessive, and crazy, and essentially their emotions get caught up in bathroom scale weights and stuff like that.

Now what matters, as I said, is how you look, and how you feel. How you look and how you feel. And that’s dictated by body composition and food choices. Because your health is dictated by food choices. But how you look is dictated by body composition. Our goal is to increase your muscle on your frame, this is both men and women, because women are skinny fat too, just like men. You know, mum bods, dad bods, right?

So the aim is to increase muscle for both men and women, and reduce body fat. We need to do both of those things. We need to change your body composition around. But the culture by which we live in, right now, is predisposed to give everybody misguided advice about what it takes to have a great body. Obsession with bathroom scales leads to things like starvation dieting and that kind of thing. Women are bad for this! They’re guilty! Men too, not as bad, but they do it too!

And so we have a plethora of these juicing diets, right? Which by nature naturally contain low levels of protein, right? I don’t know too many juicing diets that are high in protein. And you know, these other beliefs such as “you can’t eat carbs after eight o’clock at night, because it all gets stored as fat, and you are doomed forever”, like, give me a break, right? Not eating refined sugar. What else is there? No fruit, you can’t eat fruit! Goodbye to apples! And then someone says “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and then, a book comes out and says, you know, “The Fruit Diet”, and that means only eating fruit, or not eating fruit, or not having saturated fat, or having, make it 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21! Right? Whatever!

But there’s all these misguided programmes out there about what it takes to have a great body, and then what it comes down to is eliminating, restricting, stopping yourself, combining foods- There’s just ridiculous programmes out there. What it comes down to, is that if you are restricting food choices, like not any refined sugar, not having fruit, that kind of thing, you’re indirectly throwing your body into a calorie deficit. You know? Which is really the bottom line of weight loss. This is law and science. It’s about energy balance. And so whenever you are restricting anything in your diet, like, whenever you’re restricting complete food groups, you are naturally gonna be in a calorie deficit.

Like saying you can’t eat any of your favourite foods anymore, and by increasing your intake of vegetables, you can’t help but to eat less calories than what your body needs every day. So you’re naturally going to lose weight. So, on top of that, we’ve got hours of treadmill, hours of cross trainer, and then hours of group classes, back to back, I mean I did all this! Back to back group classes, you know, zero weight lifting, no weight lifting, or you’re lifting weights but you’re doing it in the high rep range, throwing around pink dumbbells, because that’s what you’re told is the way to tone up, and the only way to get toned is to throw around pink dumbbells at high rep ranges, ridiculous!

This kind of advice is the recipe for being skinny fat. This is the recipe! Everything I just said. That is the recipe for skinny fat. And this is 90% of the bullshit out there which gets circulated, and perpetuated, through the modern gyms. And then, people come along and sign up, they listen to their friends, that are also misguided, because they’ve been told a certain thing. I have given people the wrong advice when I first started my training, even though I was out of shape, and I was only giving advice based on what my personal trainer was giving me. By the way, this was five, six, seven years ago. I’m much more intelligent about this now, and I have the physique of my dreams now. But this kind of advice gets perpetuated all the time. So this is the recipe for skinny fat.

Now the next piece, is that now that we know how you got there, how do you reverse it? What’s the solution? What is the skinny fat, what is the dad bod solution? The skinny fat solution? Well, we know that it’s about body composition. We know that, you know, if you are skinny fat, you have low levels of muscle, high levels of fat. Your body composition is not where it needs to be.

So we need to manipulate your body composition by increasing muscle on your frame, and decreasing fat. This applies to both men and women. So this will usually mean your overall weight will increase, if we’re talking bathroom scale terms. So your overall weight- If you still use the bathroom scales after this discussion, you’ll find the bathroom scales will increase, even for women. Because muscle weighs more. Muscle is more dense than fat. And so your overall weight will increase. And if it doesn’t increase, then you’re not on the path to reversing skinny fat. You have to accept that if you’re going to reverse skinny fat, you have to accept an overall weight increase.

But as I said, it doesn’t fucking matter what the scale says, because what’s most important is your body composition. How you look in the mirror, which is vanity, and how you feel. Your health. Remember that. How you look, and how you feel. Not some number on the scale. So I’m gonna attack this solution from two sides, because they’re both equally important. They’re not “one’s more important than the other”, they’re both 100% important.

Nutrition and training. That’s it. Nutrition and training. Not 80% nutrition, 20% training. 93.6% training, and the other 6.3% nutrition. It’s 100% training, 100% nutrition. So we’ll look at nutrition first.

The proper way to lose fat, let’s talk about the solution, is to create a mild calorie deficit of about 20-30%, whereby you’ll be consuming about 20-30% less calories than what your body needs every day. Now this is not staving yourself, this is creating a mild calorie deficit of no more than about 30% less than what your body needs. If you’re starving yourself like most people do, and I did this back in the day, then it’s like you’re eating like 50-80% less calories than what your body needs. You might even not be eating! You might be just, like, completely abstaining from food. You know, you’re properly starving yourself! And so that’s the typical approach.

The proper approach is to create a mild calorie deficit! That’s the key, mild calorie deficit, 20 to 30%. That’s it! Off the amount of calories your body actually needs every day. And, you know, I’m gonna reference this because, there’s gonna be another audio that I do, relating to how you can lose 27 pounds by eating Little Debbie snacks and Oreos, and sugary cereals, and that kind of thing. There’s a study done by the Twinkie diet professor, Mark Haub, where he ate- most of his calories came from Little Debbie snacks, Oreos, sugary sweets and cereals, and stuff like that, and he did that! He maintained this negative energy. He maintained this mild calorie deficit. For the duration of the study he lost 27 pounds. By eating rubbish food. And he wanted to illustrate that it’s not about- he wasn’t trying to prove health, he was trying to prove that no matter what you eat, you can eat whatever the hell you want, provided you eat less calories than what your body needs. Law of energy balance. You’ll lose weight. Period. That’s it.

And there’s hundreds of studies on this. Every dietician on earth knows this. Every body builder knows this. Every fitness model competitor knows this. We all know this, in the fitness model arena. And this needs to be brought to the mainstream, because this is the truth. This is the science. This is how it works. You can eat what you want, provided you’re eating less calories than what you need, and you will lose weight.

But I’m not saying go and eat Little Debbie snacks, nor was the professor in the study suggesting that. He just wanted to prove that energy balance is what matters when it comes to losing weight and gaining weight. Because if you eat more calories than what your body needs, you could be the cleanest eater on earth, you eat raw vegan cheesecakes 24 hours a day, and if you eat more calories than what your body needs in raw vegan cheesecakes, you’re not gonna lose any weight. You could be the cleanest eater on earth and still gain weight. Because it’s got nothing to do with what you’re eating! It’s got everything to do with the quantity by which you’re eating.

It’s calories. It’s energy balance. I’ll talk more about this later. But the proper way to reduce body fat is to be in a mild calorie deficit. So remember, it’s how much you eat that matters more than what you eat. Now in terms of your health, what you eat is important. Of course! But, your weight is dictated by how much you eat. The quantity. Health is quality of what you eat.

So law of energy balance, that’s what’s key here. And that whole energy balance business is dictated by meal plans. Creating meal plans. You must, must create a meal plan. We’ll talk more about that very shortly.

The second piece of this puzzle is the training side of things. It’s that, if you want to reverse the skinny fat syndrome, you’ve gotta reduce your cardio. I can’t emphasise that enough. When I was going through this skinny fat dilemma, I was doing hours of cardio. More cardio than what was necessary. First thing you gotta do is reduce it back. I’ll talk about numbers in a minute.

Most people believe that cardio is for losing fat, lifting weights is to get big and muscle-y and strong. I’ll give you some science in just a second. But weight lifting, which you need to incorporate if you want to reverse skinny fat, you have to incorporate weight lifting and I can’t emphasise that enough. Because weight lifting actually preserves muscle, when you’re in a calorie deficit.

So we talked about the calorie deficit thing, creating a 20-30% calorie deficit, but lifting weights actually preserves muscle. Because when you’re dieting to lose fat, by creating a calorie deficit, you need to lift weights so that you can preserve the muscle on your frame, as you’re dieting to lose fat. And this is a scientific reference. I’ll actually link this in the Show Notes. It’s a PubMed reference, 3337037, and I’ve said that deliberately so you can go reference that in the Show Notes. And that PubMed reference says that “Weight lifting will preserve muscle while in a calorie deficit.” That’s been shown in science to do that.

And that too much cardio will actually interfere with your strength training goals. So that’s why you need to reduce your cardio. Because if you’re weight lifting, doing too much cardio is gonna screw up your ability to build strength and maintain muscle in a calorie deficit. That’s another scientific reference. 23524363. I’ll reference that in the Show Notes.

Which is why, you need to not only reduce your cardio, but also consider doing high intensity interval training, or HIIT. Right? High intensity interval training. We’ll talk more about HIIT in another audio, or video on my YouTube channel, or whatever. But there is lots of science behind the effectiveness of HIIT. Although the aspect of it is not fully understood yet. However I suggest that you look into it. If you can’t do HIIT, then you can do steady state cardio, but that needs to be reduced back, and we’ll talk about numbers in a minute.

So in a calorie deficit, your body’s ability to synthesise muscle, to build muscle, to repair muscle, is severely impacted. This is why if you’re dieting to lose fat, you know, by, as I said mild calorie deficit, 20-30% less calories, yada yada yada, then if you’re weight lifting, then your body’s ability to build muscle is going to be severely impacted by that process. And the science confirms that, I’ll put that up. 2016464371 I’ll link that up in Show Notes. In a calorie deficit you’re at a greater risk of losing muscle, and your body’s ability to repair muscle in a calorie deficit is severely affected. Severely.

So that’s why, we’re dieting to lose fat, and maintain muscle. That is the biggest goal, right now, is that when you’re in a calorie deficit, your main goal is to lose fat and keep muscle. Maintain as much muscle as you can. That’s the primary goal.

The science has confirmed that you are at a greater risk of losing muscle when you’re in a calorie deficit, and the only way to preserve as much of that as possible is by doing heavy weight lifting. And reducing your cardio. So there’s two things. You want to reverse skinny fat, you gotta reduce your cardio, and you gotta pick up a dumbbell or a barbell, and lift heavy weights. And we’ll talk about numbers with that very shortly.

So your goal then, you know when it comes to a calorie deficit to lose fat, is two things, you want to keep your protein levels nice and high. Somewhere in the vicinity of like one gramme per pound of body weight per day. The science pretty much says anywhere between .6 grammes per pound body weight per day up to about 1.2 grammes, is the higher end of the scale. 1.2 grammes per pound of body weight per day. Now I’ve got all the science references to that in my courses on protein. I don’t have them on my screen right now, but there’s plenty of research out there which says that your protein must be high if you’re in a calorie deficit and you’re doing heavy weight training. Because that is your goal.

You want to lose fat, you want to maintain muscle, you want to keep your protein levels nice and high, that is a lot of protein, yes, and you may need to supplement with powder, but that’s not essential. You can get most of your protein from whole food sources, and then the rest of it can come from powdered sources, to supplement the rest.

And then you’ve got to pick up a dumbbell. Essentially. Resistance training. Protein high, and then resistance training. Heavy weight training. So, you know the science, I’ll give you one more reference. We’ll go onto the resistance training. We’ll talk more about resistance training. Because the science shows that weight lifting, when you combine weight lifting and cardio together, it will trump doing cardio alone in terms of weight loss. So if you’re wanting to accelerate fat loss in a calorie deficit, then incorporating both weight training and cardio will actually burn more calories than just doing cardio alone.

So, and I’ll reference everything in the Show Notes, but in terms of resistance training, you might be thinking to yourself, “Well what are you talking about, exactly?” Because if you’re skinny fat, you’ve got to pick up a dumbbell, period. Right? We’re talking about compound weight training, we’re talking about doing exercises in the gym whereby you’re using multiple muscles simultaneously. What they call multi-joint exercise, you’re using more than one muscle group simultaneously. So it’s compound over isolation training. That’s gonna be what your focus will be.

Heavy weight training is gonna help you preserve muscle and strength, when you’re in a calorie deficit. All right? You won’t preserve any muscle strength if you’re picking up pink dumbbells, you know, very light dumbbells, and doing high reps. You’re not gonna build any muscle, you’re not gonna preserve any muscle, you’re not gonna have any strength. You keep your strength, and you may even build a little bit of strength, in a calorie deficit when you’re lifting heavy weights.

So, then, how often should you train every week then, in terms of resistance training? You should aim to do anywhere from two to five weight training sessions per week. More being better than less. Now for me right now, I do six. But that’s a little different. You know, like I’m training for a competition, you know? But if you do two, that’s completely fine. You can do an upper body day, you can do a lower body day. Monday, Friday. However, it’s gotta be more intense because you’re going to be pushing in more, you’re going to be doing more weight training, to hit all of your muscles in two days.

If you can do it in five days, you can break up your programme, and do one day legs, one day shoulders, one day chest, that kind of thing. And you can get better volume when you’re splitting it up across multiple days. If you’re at two days, three days, you can still achieve great results, don’t get me wrong. I’ve done it. But you’ll get greater benefit by doing more as opposed to doing less. But in saying that, you don’t want to do any more than five weight training sessions per week. If you’re training twice per week, it just means you’ve gotta double up on more compound exercises.

So what else is there? You’ll be doing no more than, as I said, no more than two to five weight training sessions per week. And in terms of cardio, just remember you’ve gotta reduce that shit back. We don’t want you doing hours of cardio every day. Otherwise you’re gonna be skinny fat for life. You want to be ripped body for life. With me, you’re gonna be ripped body for life. We’ve just gotta break through the b.s. first.

So your cardio’s gotta be cut back. 2-3 hours per week. Maximum. Of low intensity cardio. Maximum. And I know you might be thinking, “Well that’s crazy, like are you sure?” Yes! I’m certain! I’m absolutely certain you’ve gotta cut your cardio back. 2-3 hours. And you know, we’re talking one hour maximum of steady state cardio per session. And if you’re doing high intensity interval training, it’s gonna be less than that.

I read a study once, and I can not find it for the life of me, where it said that twenty minutes of high intensity interval training has the same caloric expenditure as one hour of low intensity interval training. I’m sorry, low intensity cardio. And I can’t find that study anywhere. So twenty minutes of HIIT is the same in terms of calories burnt as one hour of steady state walking, dragging your ass on the treadmill.

So, you’ll be doing no more than two or three hours of steady state cardio per week, no more than one hour, one and a half hours per week, of high intensity interval training, of no more than about twenty minutes per session.

Okay, so you’re gonna be scaling back your cardio quite a lot. And high intensity interval training is something that I will talk about in a YouTube video. Go there and subscribe and check out my channel on high intensity interval training.

So what about high rep training to get more toned and have those defined arms and defined legs and yada, yada, yada? And this is usually ladies speaking, kind of, their language like, you know if there are ladies out there listening to this, it’s like high rep- I’ve heard this so many times. You know, it’s like, “Well I want to get toned”- some guys also talk about this as well, “I want to get toned and defined, so the only way to do it is the high rep training.” No way. Absolutely not. You see? As I said, if you want to reverse skinny fat, you must reduce your body fat percentage and you must increase your muscle mass. That is it. You’ve got to change your body composition around.

And you do that through everything we’ve described already. The science shows that training with heavy weights- I’ll give you another reference! That science shows that if you’re training with heavy weights, it actually burns more calories than training with light weights. That’s reference 19729520. Sounds really silly doesn’t it when I say that? But that’s backed in science. You have every reason from a scientific perspective to lift heavy weights. To burn more calories. Because if you want to get toned, getting toned means seeing muscle, and to see muscle you need to reduce your body fat percentage down, so that you can see the muscle that’s underneath that fat! And the only way to do that in terms of which one’s more effective from a scientific perspective: lifting heavy weights. Forget the fucking pink dumbbells. Pick up a heavy dumbbell.

So let’s summarise. So from a nutrition perspective, we’re gonna be meal planning. You’ve gotta find your way around the kitchen. All right? It’s 100%. 100% nutrition, 100% training. Right? There’s no work out programme or personal trainer, the best personal trainer on earth, but they’re not gonna save your ass in the gym if you can not get your meal planning sorted out. If you can’t get the nutrition sorted out. No matter how magical your programme is in the gym, no matter how heavy the dumbbell is in the gym or whatever you’re lifting. No matter how much you scale back your cardio, to everything we’ve talked about. About reducing cardio, picking up heavy stuff, whatever. If you don’t get your nutrition right it’s game over. Before you even start. You’ve got to sort out your meal planning first, or nutrition plan first, you’ve gotta get it set up correctly.

And you know, a good way to start this is to go online, go to Google, type in “BMR calculator” and look for, there’s plenty of online calculators out there, and calculate what your BMR is, and not reduce your calories below your BMR. That’s usually a good place to start. So men, women, do the same thing, calculate your BMR, and not reduce your calories below your BMR.

And then you ultimately will reduce your calories down long enough to reach your goal, and then you won’t keep it there forever because once you’re there and you hit your goal, you’ll be reverse dieting out again. And reverse dieting is something that I talk about on my YouTube-

I’ll actually link that in Show Notes, because that’s more important than diet itself. Everybody fucking forgets about the importance of reverse dieting, which is why everybody puts the weight back on again after they come out of a programme. Because they haven’t reverse dieted correctly, or they haven’t even reverse dieted. Some coaches have never even heard of the term reverse dieting. It’s crazy! So that’s really important. I will emphasise that as being essential. I’ll link it in my Show Notes. There’s a couple YouTube videos I talk about reverse dieting. And reverse dieting is known very well in the fitness model competition world, body building world, not well known in the mainstream world of weight loss and so forth.

So reduce your calories, keep them long enough to reach your goals, and then you’ll be reverse dieting and there’s a little strategy to that as well. So you’ve gotta check it out, I’ll link it all up.

So from a nutrition perspective, if your body fat percentage is, for guys, around 15, 20% or above, as a guidance, and then if you go to Google images and type “body fat percentage chart”, “body fat percentage chart”, you’ll see a chart for men, a chart for women, it will give you an idea of what your body fat percentage is. And for guys, you can roughly estimate using the chart on Google images, 15-20% or more, you should start your journey of reversing skinny fat by reducing your fat first. And maintaining muscle. Everything we’ve talked about. Reduce your cardio, lift heavy weights, set up a meal plan, keep protein high, yada, yada, yada.

And you should aim for maximum fat loss. You want to maintain as much muscle as you can, and you want to maximise fat loss by creating a very mild calorie deficit. Remember 20-30% less calories than what your body needs.

You do that through a meal plan. And I actually talk about that in a course called Meal Planning Mastery. I go into the detail of how to create meal plans around the food you enjoy. And that kind of stuff, go to my website, check it out! I actually have a course just on meal planning, on how to create your own meal plans and not pay for someone else to do it for you!

And if women- well actually for guys quickly, once you’re down to about 10-12% body fat, and then you look at your physique and go “I have no muscle”, that’s what’s gonna happen. This happened to me. I was sitting at 21%, I cut down to eleven, twelve, and then I looked in the mirror, and I actually took a photo of that. I still have that photo. I looked at it and I was like, “That’s fucking terrible.” I wasn’t happy at all. I was smaller, I had lost weight. Remember I had lost weight. I lost body fat. But I had no muscle to show. I had no definition, I had no abs, at like 11, 12%. None! I was small.

And then I switched gears, and then I focused on building muscle. So what you do is you change the numbers around. In my meal planning course I talk about how to do that, where you create meal plans around maximising muscle, and meal plans around maximising fat loss. There’s two separate goals for both men and women. So then that’s exactly what I did. I switched gears, focused on building muscle, and then when I got to 20, 21, 22% again, I switched gears back to reducing fat and maintaining muscle. And then I got to a certain point, what was it again I can’t remember exactly, around 14% percent? I wasn’t happy.

But I started to see my abs at a greater body fat percentage. Because that’s what happens. The more muscle you have underneath the fat layer, the less fat you need to lose to see the muscle definition. So then I bulked and-

I did this a few times. I did this maybe three or four times. I did stuff it up a few times because I had no one to show me, so I had to figure it out myself, but you literally only have to do this twice, men and women, and you’ll get to a point where, you have low levels of body fat, high levels of muscle, and you can completely reverse your skinny fat syndrome.

For women, if your body fat percentage is around 20-25% and above, then your first goal, your primary objective, is to reduce fat. Same as the guys. Again, meal planning, that kind of stuff, right? Is to reduce body fat and maintain muscle. And again you’ll set up a meal plan, and around the food you enjoy. You’ll do some calculations, you find the food you love the most, you put it all together in a meal plan, you stick to it, you get sick of the food, you swap it out, I explain all this in the course. Easy, easy, easy.

I’m on a meal plan now, right? To get ready for the stage. I still use them. They’re great. I’ve used MyNetDiary, MyFitnessPal, right? I’ve used them as well, successfully. Do it if you want. But you’ve gotta track it, monitor it, if you don’t you’re setting yourself up for fail. Simple.

In certain terms of training, I’m gonna finish this off real quick, heavy compound lifting. Two to five times per week, as I said. You need to do that. You need to shift your emphasis from cardio to weight lifting. Two to five times a week to build muscle. And remember, when you’re in a calorie deficit, you want to maintain muscle, you need to lift heavy weights. Period. Two to five times per week.

You need to get off the treadmills, and you need to focus on heavy compound movement such as the deadlift, the squat, the bench press, and the overhead press for example. So you can go to YouTube, type in “how to deadlift” or type in “how to squat”, “how to bench press”, “how to overhead press”, right? Because they’re gonna be the core of your training sessions.

I’ve actually got some books for sale on my website by, there’s a book called Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. It’s a fantastic book, it’s a blue cover, go and get that book. I highly recommend it. I 100% recommend it.

And so I actually have another course called Ultimate Body. It’s a free course, 100% free as I record this right now. It might change in the future. And I actually introduce everybody to a lot of these compound movements that you should consider. So, go to my website, go to Courses, check out Ultimate Body, and I talk more about the training aspect of things. In fact there’s also a nutrition aspect of that course as well. You ought to check that out. So at the moment it’s free, check it out.

You need to be lifting in the five to seven rep range, for guys, and for women, usually a bit more. Seven, eight, nine reps per set. I talk more about this in Ultimate Body. Go and check it out. But you need to get into heavy compound lifting. Period. You need to be looking at deadlifting, squats, and all that. Period. That’s it.

In terms of supplements, I don’t recommend them, really. In the scheme of things, you don’t need them. Nutrition training is what’s gonna get you the body you want. Supplements is gonna help you, but it’s not gonna be the answer. Like protein powder will help you meet your protein goal, but you don’t have to take it. Creatine might help you, will help you, but it’s not mandatory. And a pre-workout to get your ass to the gym and have that pump and that energy walking to the- that might help you as well. But you can have a caffeine shot, if you’re not sensitive to caffeine. That’s what I do. Sometimes I have a pre-workout, sometimes I don’t. It’s not mandatory. Supplements are not mandatory. It doesn’t matter what people say.

So I’ll end it off there. It’s not a genetic problem, right? You can totally reverse this. I’ve had skinny fat. I know what it’s like. It’s fucking frustrating. And you’ve got the facts now. I’ve taken about 45, 50 minutes of your time, but this is better than wasting the next twelve hours in the gym over the next week busting your chops and then not getting any results months from now being fucking frustrated.

So I’m sure you’re glad that I’ve educated you clearly on how to reverse this problem that most people have and face. You look good with clothes on, and it sucks when you take your clothes off and you don’t have that confidence because you’re conscious about- you’ve got that overhang at your belt line, and whatever. I’ve been there. All right? You’re pulling your jocks up so that, or you’re pulling your underwear up so that it’s covering that overlap. People do it. I did it. Do you really want to live like that for the rest of your life? Like, this is what I’m saying. It’s good. Now take the time.

I’m not sure where you’re listening to this from, but take the time to go over this audio again, if you’re not driving or walking the dog or whatever, and actually take notes. And then go and check out Meal Planning Mastery. And go and check out Ultimate Body on my website. These two courses that I have, that will completely facilitate this process for you. I’ve literally just given you a summary.

But this is the direction you need to take. We’ve cut through the b.s. I told you how you got there, in that skinny fat condition in the first place, this is how you reverse it. And if you’re dead serious about it, then you’ll listen to this audio again, you’ll take notes, and then you’ll go and check out- I’ve got Meal Planning Mastery ready to rock and roll for you. I’ve had 400 people very happy with that course, a couple thousand people in that, three or four thousand people in Ultimate Body.

I had a guy actually this morning who reached out to me on SnapChat because on SnapChat, I help people- You don’t even have to go to my courses, you can add me on SnapChat, seekfitlife, and I can help you through SnapChat. You know, I get hundreds of things like every week on SnapChat from people, but I love doing it! But it would just save me time if you go and check out Meal Planning Mastery and Ultimate Body, and if you have any questions you can shoot them through SnapChat.

So I hope that’s answered things for you. If you have any questions, please, reach out to me. Go to my website and/or you can add me on SnapChat but I’d highly recommend you go and check out Meal Planning Mastery and Ultimate Body. These two courses, video based courses, on my website, that will absolutely help you and emphasise everything that we’ve talked about in this one hour session.

So thanks again for tuning in, I really appreciate this whole time you’ve taken to go through this and I look forward to working with you in the future. And remember that I’m always here for you if you need me. So thanks again, and I’ll speak to you very soon.



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