About Me

About Me

Fitness Lifestyle Vlogger & Adventurer

My name is Brad Newton and I’m glad you are here. I’m an Aussie fitness guy that is obsessed with the fitness journey and going on adventures with my GoPro.

Here is my summary:

  • Out-of-shape, fatigued, and stressed that transformed into a fitness model competitor (explained below!)
  • A pilot of small planes the size of my shoe box apartment
  • A scuba diver that loves cave and drift diving
  • Bachelor of Science (this apparently makes me smart!)
  • Fitness model competitor having won and placed in several shows, and competed in the World Titles (more on this shortly)
  • Fitness Lifestyle & Adventure YouTuber/ Vlogger
  • Author of several online fitness courses

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Why I Love Fitness?

Unlike most fitness influencer’s on Instagram, I never had a background in fitness. I never watched a parent undertake bodybuilding nor teach me how to eat healthy.

Throughout my teens and 20s, I was sugar addicted and junk food addicted. I had no willpower and could never say no to donuts and party mix lollies. I was in and out of hospital with illnesses due to my really bad lifestyle of poor eating, stress, and frustration with life.

When I decided to invest my entire life into transforming my body—my entire life changed (not just my body!)

I attracted new friends (and lost old ones,) I had more energy and more confidence to take on some of life’s greatest adventures. The feeling is addictive and helping others in their fitness journey is even more addictive.


Fitness Model Competitions

After transforming my body and maintaining the results for some time, I decided to compete for the first time in March 2017.

I told myself: “only one competition!” and this was the result:

  • 1st Place Fitness Model Rising Star (March 2017)
  • 1st Place Fitness Model Novice (March 2017)
  • 2nd Place Fitness Model Overall (March 2017)
  • Arnold Model Search (March 2017)
  • 5th Place Fitness Model Novice (7th May 2017)
  • 5th Place Fitness Model Open (7th May 2017)
  • 1st Place Fitness Model Novice (27th May 2017)
  • 3rd Place Fitness Model Open (27th May 2017)
  • 5th Place Fitness Model Novice (World Titles, June 2017)

All of these competitions were documented on my YouTube channel which you can watch here.

Next Competition: 23rd September 2017


Vlogger & Adventurer

I also love scuba diving, flying planes, climbing mountains, hiking, and pretty much anything outdoors. I release daily videos on YouTube dedicated to my fitness journey and my adventures.

Watch YouTube videos of me climbing an active volcano in Chile, and hanging out in Botswana. More coming soon!

My fitness and adventure goals:

  • Muay Thai training
  • Climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Aconcagua, and summit Mt Everest
  • Participate in an amateur powerlifting competition
  • Scuba dive under a glacier in Greenland
  • Deep dive to the bottom of the Blue Hole in Belize
  • Learn hang gliding in Colombia

If you love adventure and fitness, or just want to follow my crazy journey… be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube.