About Me

About Me

Fitness & Adventure Video Blogger


My name is Brad Newton and welcome to my virtual home! (Instagram is my second virtual home and Melbourne is my geographical “physical” home :-D)

I’m an Aussie fitness video blogger guy that is obsessed with the fitness journey, going on awesome adventures with my GoPro, and helping people like you on their own fitness journey.

I’m very approachable and down to earth so ask me anything.

 🙂 My Life In A Nutshell 🙂

  • I was out-of-shape, fatigued, and junk food addicted that decided to turn it all around and get into shape. I later went on to compete locally and internationally as a fitness model competitor (5th place in the World Titles – June 2017)
  • Private Pilot
  • Recreational scuba diver (Check out my Amazon Prime Series for scuba diving location ideas!)
  • Bachelor of Science (this apparently makes me smart! :-P)
  • Video Blogger on YouTube and Amazon.
  • Author to several online fitness education courses

Need Help?

  Direct Message me on Instagram @bradnewtonofficial

NEED INSPIRATION? Maybe my YouTube channel can help! Sometimes we all need a little help to get started on a fitness journey. With almost 400 videos, you’ll get all the inspiration and strategies you need to live an awesome life. Oh… travel video blogs? Come and check them out by clicking below 🙂

Why I Love Fitness?

Unlike most fitness influencer’s on Instagram, I never had a background in fitness. I never watched a parent undertake bodybuilding nor teach me how to eat healthy.

Throughout my teens and 20s, I was sugar addicted and junk food addicted. I had no willpower and could never say no to donuts and party mix lollies. I can never forget the days where I would wait for the supermarket to reduce the Coles 6-pack donuts down to 0.99 cents! I was a poor student pilot back then so I had to save money where I could 🙂

I was in and out of hospital with illnesses due to my really bad lifestyle of poor eating, stress, and frustration with life. One time I was so sick, the doctors had put me into an isolation chamber! I remember my girlfriend at the time had to wear a space suit to come in and visit me… I will never forget that.

When I decided to invest my entire life into transforming my body—my entire life changed (not just my body!)

I attracted new friends (and lost old ones,) I had more energy and more confidence to take on some of life’s greatest adventures. The feeling is addictive and helping others in their fitness journey is even more addictive.

Fitness Model Competitions


After transforming my body and maintaining the results for some time, I decided to compete for the first time in March 2017. I remember saying that I would “never” compete.

Then when I finally decided to compete, I told myself: “only one competition!” and this was the result for Season A 2017 (below.)

You can click on each link below which will take you to a VLOG for that particular competition 🙂

There’s something else you might like. That is, I completely video blogged my journey (over 150 videos!) to every single one of my fitness model competitions on my YouTube channel. All of the ups and downs, sacrifices, good times and bad, dating girls, binge eating. Nothing was left out.

Next Competition: 2018 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about past or future fitness model competitions, or learn practical tips that will help start you on your own fitness journey, subscribe below.

Vlogger & Adventurer


I also love scuba diving, flying planes, climbing mountains, hiking, and pretty much anything outdoors.

I release videos on my YouTube channel dedicated to my fitness journey and my adventures. Need inspiration for your next fitness vacation or fitness tips? Check out my YouTube channel.

I am also a Video Partner with Amazon so if you are a Prime subscriber, you can watch any number of my fitness and adventure web series which Amazon will give you access to as part of your Prime membership. Access Web Series catalogue here.

You can watch YouTube videos of me climbing an active volcano in Chile, and hanging out in Botswana.  More adventures to come! 🙂

Some Of My Future Fitness & Adventure Goals 🙂

  • Further my Muay Thai training and education
  • Climb Mt Kilimanjaro (Dec 2017)
  • Climb Mt Aconcagua (Feb 2018, maybe!)
  • Summit Mt Everest (not sure when, requires alot of planning!)
  • Participate in an amateur powerlifting competition
  • Scuba dive under a glacier in Greenland
  • Deep dive to the bottom of the Blue Hole in Belize
  • Learn hang gliding in Colombia

If you love adventure and fitness, or just want to follow my crazy journey… be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube.

My Amazon Web Series


You may have noticed that I love everything fitness and adventure (including aviation!) I am also passionate about sharing it all with the world and maybe inspiring one person to start their own fitness or adventure journey.

Send me an email if you are that one person and I will be happy to continue sharing it all 🙂

I have produced a number of web series around fitness and other adventures (even educational) which you can watch if you are a Prime subscriber (or love YouTube!) The following is a list of some of my publications.

Click on any of the following links to learn more about any of these adventures or to watch my video blogs.

I am a very approachable guy so if you have any questions about my adventures please feel free to contact me via email or Instagram!

  Direct Message me on Instagram @bradnewtonofficial

I also upload my daily adventures on to YouTube which you can watch by clicking on the link below.

My Flying Career Story


Flying has been in my family my entire life. I can remember being a child and having my grandfather take me to Bankstown airport in Sydney, watching the planes taking off and landing.

My grandfather was a pilot and one of the co-founders of Alpha Aviation Ltd, based in Bankstown. When I was 19 years old, I used my birthday money that my father gave me to buy my first flying textbook, Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK.)

It seemed bizarre that a 19 year old would go and spend all of his birthday money on a textbook. But back then, I knew what I wanted to be in life… a commercial pilot. I was also at university studying a Bachelor of Science.

When I finished my degree, I moved to Sydney and enrolled in aviation college and started my 150 hour commercial pilot licence (CPL) course. During my aviation studies, which I self-funded with every spare penny that I earned from the different jobs I had, I applied for various cadetship programs with various airlines. After meeting my then-girlfriend in 2008, I moved to Melbourne to continue my studies with Melbourne Flight Training (April 2010.) I was also on Virgin and Qantas staff travel. This allowed me good insight into the flying industry.

No doubt I was very passionate about flying for flying (and not the industry itself.) I had achieved my private pilot’s licence and had completed all of my commercial (CPL) and airline transport pilot licence (ATPL) theory exams. I had accrued over 100+ hours of private flying on small aircraft. I also spent several years applying with different airlines under different airline cadetship programs, with all of them rejecting me for being “too qualified.” I developed a gradual disgust for the commercial flying game as the airlines shifted their hiring preferences to less experienced pilots to allow them to be “moulded” into their 150-hour cadetship programs.

In parallel, I was not interested in becoming a flight instructor or working for a small charter company as, at the time, I was not prepared to go backwards to living like a university student and having no money. Earning less than what check out chicks earn. I also wasn’t happy with the idea of working for someone else for the rest of my life.

Like… at some level, I wanted to do my-own-thing but I didn’t know what that “thing” was at the time.

After the break-up of my long term girlfriend of 6 years, I decided to focus my time and energy getting my health back on track. I had spent years being sick and in and out of hospital because I neglected my health- pouring all of my energy into running a dance company with my then-girlfriend, working my corporate job, and doing all of my flight training.

After 6 or so months of taking a “flying break,” I declared that I would no longer pursue a career in flying. That I would continue to travel around the world, continue working on my health and fitness which was always on the backburner, and let the chips fall where they may. Flying would continue to play a large part of my life and I would continue to fly for fun, but not as a “career.”


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