Meet Brad

Australian Fitness Model Competitor

Meet Brad

Passionate Aviator

Meet Brad

Scuba Diver

Meet Brad

Adventure Seeker

I’m Brad.

I’m hard to describe in a few sentences, but I’ll do my best.

I’m multi-passionate, very driven, straight-shooting, very friendly, and just love being the best human being possible. Seriously.

I live in Melbourne, Australia in an apartment the size of a shoe box.

I love health and fitness. I love being the student in my fitness journey, and teaching and helping as many people achieve their dream bodies along the way. Check out the number of free online courses I have on offer on my website.

I’m a teacher to the totally confused, out-of-shape guy and gal… and a student learning the ropes as an Australian fitness model competitor.

I also struggled with my own levels of fitness. I was a very sick guy in my early 20s. Often in hospital. Out of shape. I was miserable. I used my science degree to self-study fitness and learn from the best in the industry.

I turned myself around. Maintained the results and decided to design online fitness courses to share no-bullshit strategies that anybody can use.

Very recently, I became a fitness model competitor and started to VLOG that journey on YouTube (check it out! I want to show the world that I am an ordinary guy achieving what most people believe is impossible. That is, if I can do it. You can too.

Some people care about my professional qualifications. I did a 5-year Bachelor of Science degree, went on to flight school and later achieved a pilot’s licence.

I am also a qualified scuba diver that loves obstacle course races such as Spartan and Ninja Warrior courses. I’ve cave dived in Mexico and climbed active volcanoes in Chile.

My life legacy is to impact as many people as I can through health and fitness by offering the best online fitness courses, a live-streaming Yoga class on my YouTube channel, and become Australia’s “fitness YouTuber guy” haha. Seriously!

I also want to climb Mt Everest one day. I am very serious about that!

So, rather than me just telling you everything about me. Go an check out any one of my free online fitness courses. Or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Hit me up on Snap chat for a personal video message from me, or DM on Instagram.


Instagram: @bradnewtonofficial


By the way, I offer free help through Snap chat and Instagram, and wherever. That beats the pants off most trainers that are concerned with taking money from you.