In this audio, I share with you some of the practical weight loss strategies that you can apply to get results without needing to count calories.

These are strategies that I am currently using to help maintain my current weight and that you should try!

1) Having 2-3 extra servings of vegetables at night (to kill hunger and cravings)

2) High protein snacks in your cupboard as an emergency (in case you are hungry late at night)

3) Reduce or eliminate salad dressings.

There are also some bonus tips in this audio!

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Brad Newton:

Hi everybody, welcome back. Brad from I am super excited, tomorrow I fly off to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I’m super pumped about it, if you want to follow that journey,, there’s a video blog where I’ll be documenting that.

In the meantime, I’ll be talking about Calorie Control Without Counting Calories. So if you’re interested in losing weight, and you don’t want to be too concerned with counting calories although, as I’ve discussed elsewhere, it’s going to guarantee getting a certain result. But if you don’t want to count calories for the time being because you’re … It’s at that time of the year to have a Christmas, you don’t want to be sitting there with a set of scales and a calculator or minute diary, then there’s a couple of little things you can do that will help you.

And so, the first thing that I’ll talk about is the simple behaviour of adding extra vegetables to your evening meal. Now, a lot of people feel more hungry at night than throughout the day. There’s some science that I read quite a while ago about, people’s willpower drops throughout the day, and your willpower is affected by how much energy you have. And I find personally, I’m more … like my willpower has bottomed out quite a lot at night and I’m more hungry at night, so what I personally do is, I actually have about two to three servings of vegetables at night. One at about six, not that I have a specific time, like six o’clock maybe, 8:30 and then I’ll have usually one at about 10:30. Like I’ll have vegetables three times, and that helps me remain satiated so that I don’t reach for something else.

And to be honest with you, I don’t even buy anything that’s going to be tempting anyway, but that’s the strategy that I’ve been using for quite a while that’s helped me maintain what I’ve got now. So try that. Also you can have some like high protein snacks that you can reach for, if you are hungry at night and I do that as well. Sometimes I literally just have like emergency tuna in a can at night and if I’m really hungry, like I’ll reach for it. It’s better to reach for that, than to reach for something else that’s going to completely ruin your efforts to lose weight. So that’s one little strategy to keep in mind.

The next one is to really keep your dressings down to a minimal. And this sounds really kind of weird and maybe sounds like I’m picking on like the smaller aspects here. But you’ll be surprised that salad dressings contain a heck of a lot of calories, and like one tablespoon of olive oil is like 100, 120 calories. And I know from like competing, I know that’s a lot for a tablespoon of olive oil. And we use olive oil in our dressings and mayonnaise and that kind of thing. It all adds up, so I’m not saying not to use any dressings, maybe use a low calorie dressing or even just keep it down to a minimum or don’t even use a dressing. So just keep that in mind, that dressings can add up real quick.

The next one is using your hand as a guide to portion control. Now, this is a strategy that I used to use a lot. I haven’t used this in recent times. It’s super simple, it’s hard to explain with words. If you go to Google Images and type in, hand guide portions or portion control or portion size hand, something like that you’ll see a bunch of images come up, and people will show you how you can simply use your hand to estimate, like basically what you’re eating in terms of energy, different types of foods. So for example like your fingertip, might represent so many calories if you’re having peanut butter or a fist of X, might represent … So I suggest you go and check. That’s a really good strategy actually, I highly recommend that one.

And the last one that I’ll talk about, and this is very important. And that is, beverages that contain a lot of calories. And this is a big one because, if you are listening to this, and you’re serious about losing some weight, that should be high on your list. I’m not saying never to have beverages but whenever you consume beverages in a liquid form, it’s really going to … you’re just making it harder for yourself. And it might be hard, look this is coming from somebody … I used to drink Coke and lemonade like it was going out of style, and like 24 cans of Coke, I mean I wouldn’t drink all 24 cans in the same day, but I’ll drink like six, seven, eight, 10, 12 cans over a few days.

If you’re doing that, then bring it down to 10, and then work on and bringing it down to nine and then seven and then two and then … But to be honest with you, you want to look for zero calorie or very low calorie beverages if you just can’t stop them completely. So I’m not saying stop them completely, although ideally you do want to bring it down to as close to zero as possible. But you can get zero calorie energy drinks and other beverages and things like that, if you do feel the need to have it, and I can assure you that’s really going to help you fast track your weight loss efforts.

So that’s all the tips that I have for helping you to control your weight and bring it down, without necessarily sitting down and counting calories. If you have any questions, reach out to me, And this is it for me. I’m not going to do any more recordings, thank you so much. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and speak to everybody in the New Year.



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