In this podcast, I will give you the two simple steps that you must apply if you are wanting to rock a killer six pack. For the ladies, it’s those vertical lines 🙂

I share the strategies for building a six pack by first looking at nutrition strategies followed by training strategies.

I discuss how endless ab crunches won’t necessarily help you build a six pack, nor will only focusing on deadlifting, squats, bench press, or other major compound movements.

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Brad Newton:

The two simple steps of what it takes to get six pack abs.

This applies for both men and women equally watching this or listening to this, I should say. There’s so much misinformation out there about what it takes to get a six pack that I just got fed up. I was like, everybody needs to hear the truth. Everybody needs to hear the truth, there’s so much bullshit out there about what it takes. You need to take this supplement, or you need to download this fucking pdf of the secrets, or the shortcuts, or these are the special exercises that you must do and if you don’t do them then you’ll fail. You only have to do squats and dead-lifting and lunges, da da da da da, and if you don’t do them you’ll never have that great Adonas six pack.

This is so much misinformation, and I know from my own experience having had a six pack that’s been visible for a while now, and as a fitness model competitor. I know exactly what it takes to get a six pack. I know exactly, in fact I had a website years ago called It’s embarrassing to myself. I can’t believe I actually had a website called I was so fascinated by this subject.

Most people, when they start their health and fitness journey, that seems to be the goal. It’s to get the six pack. Once you have the six pack it’s perceived as you’ve made it. You’ve conquered. You’re there. I know now being in the position of having a six pack that there’s absolutely more to the story than just having six pack abs, but I get it, I was in their situation years ago. I wanted the six pack. I wanted to get on the beach and have it showing, have girls go wow you’re fucking insanely awesome. That’s the truth.

Of course, I don’t have that website anymore. I’ve got, I changed the domain because I’m more than just about six packs these days. I want to give you the two simple steps. Now because it’s simple doesn’t mean that it’s easy. I’m not here to tell you that it’s easy. I am different at everyone else that will say, hey, all you need to do is this, and this, and this and you’ll, if you slim your thighs or you do this special workout you’ll get rid of your love handles and you’ll have this six pack that’s going to really pop out. I’m just not into that BS. I’m just here to give you the truth.

The two simple steps are step number one is that you must reduce your overall body fat percentage. That’s it. Step number one. You’ve got to. Everyone has made this, I’ve made this mistake. When I started my journey I would go to the gym and I would be on the ab crunch machine. You know that stupid thing in the gym? You crunch away for hundreds of reps? I did that all the time. Three or four times a week I was in the gym, ab crunch. I was doing, what else was I doing? Sit ups. Hundreds of sit ups. In fact I started doing that in the bedroom of my parent’s house as a teenager. If you are a teenager listening to this, you know exactly how important having a six pack is for picking up chicks. Right? I was an 18 year old too, right? So I know exactly your situation, I’ve been there.

The truth is though, if your body fat percentage is just too high, you’ll just never see those abs, they’re never going to show. We all have abdominal muscles. We all have them, otherwise your spine would crack in half. Your abdominal muscles serve an important physiological purpose. They’re not just there to look good, right? Once you bring them out. They’re there to serve a very, very important purpose. They help to stabilise your spine. So you don’t snap in half. To have those abdominal muscles show, because that’s what people want. We all know that we have abdominal muscles but we want them to show. We want people to see them.

To do that you have to reduce your overall body fat percentage. Now there are BS marketing ways of doing this, which are not backed in science and will mean that people will steal your money. Really that’s what it means. It’s like, well hold on a minute, all you need to do to have those abs show is to focus on targeted fat loss. Or spot reduction of fat. It’s this programme or this supplement or this weird fucking food that if you were to eat it, it’s going to melt away the fat that’s over your abdominal muscles.

The truth is, the science does not back spot reduction of fat in any way, shape or form. And I’ve got a pub, scientific reference here, 16985258, I’ll link this on the website, and the show notes as well. If you’re interested go check this out. It basically says that whenever you’re doing ab crunches, for example, and you’re doing it to try to burn the fat layer that’s covering the abs, the science has shown that by doing crunches you are increasing the blood flor to the muscles, your abdominal muscles and you are burning calories in that process, however, the amount of calories that you’re burning in the fat that’s covering those muscles is negligible. Negligible so if you’ve spent six month, 12 months, 18 months, years, doing crunches, trying to burn that fat covering your abs, I feel sorry for you. Because I’ve made the same mistake. It’s just not going to work.

Do not buy into targeted fat loss or spot reduction of fat. It’s complete BS. The science says that it’s BS and there’s a lot of money to be made in that industry. Just don’t buy into it, your focus must be to reduce your overall body weight percentage. It is true that there is too much fat covering your abs. You need to bring that down. You need to reduce that fat that’s covering your abs so they become more visible, but the way to do it is to focus on overall body fat percentage reduction.

By reducing your overall body fat, so not just the fat covering your abs, you will eventually not only see more of your abs but you’ll see more of every other muscle on your body as well. You’ll have more definition in your shoulders, your deltoids, more definition in your biceps, more definition in your calves, you know you’ll have more definition in your chest, your back muscles, everywhere. Because your focus is how it should be, which is overall reduction of body fat. You need to get that fat taken off your body through using meal plans or using smart phone applications such as mynetdiary, myfitnesspal, to allow a very controlled reduction of calories over time, that will allow, over time, for your overall body fat percentage to be reduced. Thereby, your abs will become more visible and every other freaking muscle on your body becomes more visible.  That’s how you do it. You don’t buy into any other bullshit, because it just doesn’t work. There’s no secret here, this is how you do it.

The question then becomes if step number one is to reduce my overall body fat percentage and I do that by reducing my calories, then how do I reduce my calories. Well, there are different ways of doing this. Now I believe in meal plans. As a fitness model competitor I use meal plans all the time, because I’m guaranteed to get a certain result. I’m guaranteed that if I stick to my meal plan of eating a certain number of calories and a certain number of protein, carbohydrate, fat, every day then I know I’m going to hit my targets.

I’ve used mynetdiary, so if you’re listening to this, make a mental note, mynetdiary or myfitnesspal, two very popular smart phone applications which also you can use to track and monitor your calories. You can enter in your daily calories, you can enter in the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat that you will stick to every day, and then if you’re persistent and you’re patient you’ll absolutely lose the fat that’s covering all of the muscles in your body, so in other words, your overall body fat percentage, and if you’re patient, you’ll see all the muscles show up. You must, must, must reduce your calories. You must do it. You must reduce your calories. Not starve yourself. It’s not about starving yourself, it’s about creating a meal plan where you are eating slightly less calories than your body needs every day.

For example, if you need to function, if you need 3,200, I’m speaking to guys here, if you need 3,200 calories to survive with all of the activity you are doing and sports and everything. If we’re reducing your calories down to, say 2,200 calories or 2,500 calories we’re creating a deficit of about 5-700 calories. So if we maintain that deficit over time your body will reduce it’s fat stores. It just will. Law of energy balance, it just will.  Women, same concept applies. So that’s what it’s all about.

Now if you’re thinking how do I create a meal plan. Well I talk more about this on my website. Head over there, go to my courses, check it out. If you need discount coupons, let me know. I go through it all. You don’t have to use my courses on how to create meal plans and stuff, there’s plenty of great resources out there. Use mynetdiary, my fitnesspal. Start logging the calories you’re eating, start capping your calories out. Go on the internet, figure out how many calories you need every day to lose weight. If you need help with this, email me,, more than happy to help you out. There’s a lot to it.

Then the next piece of step number one is keeping your protein levels nice and high. Because if we want to reduce your overall body fat percentage, then we want to maintain as much muscle as possible on your frame. We don’t want to lose muscle, we want to bring your body fat percentage down and we want to retain as much muscle as possible, that’s the name of the game. We want to minimise muscle loss and to do that, is that you need to keep your protein levels nice and high.

What’s that mean? How high is that? So the research pretty much says that, and I’ll talk in pounds here because I have a large amount of American audience, but it works out to be about 2.2 grammes per kilogramme of body weight. All the research articles, most of them refer to the amount of protein that you need in terms of total body weight, not lean mass. Total body weight is good enough. 2.2 grammes per kilogramme in pounds works out to be about 1 gramme per pound of body weight every day. Keep your protein levels nice and high. You might think that’s too much protein. You need it, especially if you are training you need it.

By keeping protein levels nice and high it’s going to help you to maintain a calorie reduction. Mark my words, it’s going to help you maintain a calorie reduction by keeping protein levels nice and high.

So I’m not going to go into all of the detail of how to keep protein high, how to create meal plans, yada, yada. They’re just big topics. You need to consider them. You need to think about them. Go onto my website if you want to learn more about it.

Step number two is, how’s my time going? Thirteen minutes. Step number two is that you need to regularly perform heavy compound weight training, right? Cardio, and doing the right ab and core exercises. So heavy compound weight training, cardio, and doing the right ab and core exercises. If you don’t do this, you’re not going to have abs that are going to be impressive. Everyone says well abs are made in the kitchen. No they’re not. That’s not the complete picture, right? Let’s hear the truth. If you want to tell people that abs are made in the kitchen, and they go out of their way to reduce their body fat percentage and they look at their physique and go my abs are really flat, my abs are not defined, my abs are not cut, my abs are not deep.

For women watching this, or listening, I’m used to doing videos, not used to doing podcasts, but for women listening to this, if you look at your physique after being in the kitchen, right? Abs are made in the kitchen, and you’ve done everything you can to reduce your body fat percentage, you look down and you go I don’t have those lines, those vertical lines, those three vertical lines.

The reason is because you don’t have the underlying muscle definition that is conducive of abs that really pop out. I’ve gone through this. I’ve actually, I was one of these people that when I was on my quest to get a six pack, I was like, you know what? Abs are made in the kitchen. Abs are made in the kitchen. So I spent all of my focus into 89% of my time focusing on getting my calories down, and then when I got down to 10, 11, 12, 13% body fat or something like that, I was about twenty-something at the time. When I got down to early teens, I looked at my abs and I was like, they suck. They absolutely suck. This is not what I imagined them to be.

I was expecting the Ryan Reynolds abs, you know? But I never got that and I was fucking disappointed. I was like, what’s going on here, I thought abs were made in the kitchen. No. They’re made in the kitchen but they’re also made in the gym by doing heavy compound weight training, and I never did that because abdominal muscles are like any other muscle group. If you want them to be defined, if you want them to really pop they must be trained through weight training.

You can do body weight exercises, but doing body weight exercises to build abs is not enough. They need, not only body weight training, but they also need to have weighted training added to them as well. Abs are muscles, like your biceps, triceps, whatever. They need to be trained directly by weighted exercises. They need to be progressively overloaded.

If you want bigger biceps guys, you know what it takes, you’re lifting heavy fucking weights. That’s what it takes.

For girls wanting toned arms, you need muscle definition. You need muscle for toned arms. You need to lift heavy weights. The same deal applies for you as well. If you want abs, if you want a core that really shines then you must do heavy training weighted ab training. I’ll talk more about what you can do very shortly, but that’s a must.

So when I got to low levels of body fat and I was unimpressed, I was like, there’s something missing. I had step number one, I achieved that low percentage of body fat but I never had that popping six pack. I was frustrated. I thought abs were made in the kitchen. They are. But they’re also made in the gym. That’s step number two.

Again, step number two is you must regularly perform heavy compound weight training. Regularly. So you’re thinking, well heavy compound weight training, what is that? What is that exactly? Well, dead lifting, bench press, squats, the press, the shoulder press. You’re thinking, that has nothing to do with abs. It has everything to do with abs, this is the reason why. When you look at a, now in my video version of this, you actually see what I’m talking about, it’s hard to describe that to you via audio. But if you look at somebody’s abs and you go wow they’re impressive, it’s not just the abdominal muscles that make somebody’s abs impressive, it is also the muscles around the abs, what I like to call the framing muscles.

It’s almost like you’ve got a picture on a wall but most people look at the picture and go that’s a really nice picture. If you take the frame away it’s not the same. It doesn’t bring out the picture anymore. Then when you put the frame back in it just makes that ordinary picture become really awesome and extraordinary. Your abs are no different. You look at a set of abs and go well that’s really impressive, he has really impressive abs. You’re actually looking at someone’s abdominal muscles in context to their framing muscles around it.

The serratus muscles, the TBA, the external obliques and so forth. These muscles are all part of the framing muscles that frame the abdominal muscles, what we call the six pact. That’s what we’re talking about. When we’re doing the dead lift, the bench press, the squat, these are all heavy compound. Compound means that we’re using multiple muscle groups simultaneously. When you’re doing the dead lift on your back day, you’re predominantly targeting your back muscles, biceps, you’re also working your core muscles as well. You’re working your serratus muscles, your TVA, you’re working your obliques. Not to the same extent, but they are being trained. Your core muscles are being framed. Your framing muscles are being trained.

On top of that, when people say you only need to do dead lifting, you only need to bench press, you only need to do the lunge, that’s all you need to do to build abs, is also not technically completely correct because you also need to do targeted ab and core exercises.

So step number two is that you have to do heavy compound weight training, so the core of your training should consist of the four major lifts, like dead lifting, bench press, squats and the overhead shoulder press. That should be the core of your training programme from Monday to Friday. Somewhere Monday to Friday you start dead lifting, you do bench press, you do chest, you do squats for legs, you do the overhead press for shoulders, and then to target your abs directly, so you can really have that well defined six pack is that you need to do targeted ab exercises. You need to do targeted ab exercises.

What I’ve been doing for years, and if you look at my website, and that kind of scene, you look at my abs and you’re like, wow they’re really well defined, I honestly do nothing special. There are many different ab exercises you can do, there are hundreds of different exercises, there’s actually a research article that looks at the activity level of muscles in your core by doing different ab exercises. There are ab exercises that are more effective than others. One that I’ve been doing for years is called the ab wheel roll out. Ab wheel roll out, one of my favourites.

The other one that I’m doing is the laying down, hanging, or captain’s chair leg raises. And the other one is the cable crunch. Then I dabble in other ones such as air bicycles, mountain climbers, planks, right? They’re all great core building, ab building exercises. They must be part of your ab building routine. Dead lifting and squats is not enough, you must add these in as well to really bring out your core.

In terms of the routine that I do, there’s a demonstration video which is on my YouTube channel. It’s a lot easier to watch it as opposed to me explaining it to you.  Essentially, real quick, I start off my ab training. Let’s take this back real quick. For example, Monday comes along and just say Monday I do chest, right? International chest day on a Monday. So I do chest. I do all my chest. I do my bench press. Barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, whatever, right? So I go through that routine. Once I finish there then I finish off by doing ab training. I do my ab circuit. I get my ab wheel, which I bought off Ebay for like twenty bucks. Or you can get it off of amazon, buy it off of amazon for like twenty bucks.

Then I do the ab wheel rollout to fail. I do as many as I can until I fail. Then I give myself thirty seconds of rest and then I go over to the captain’s chair, it’s called the captain’s chair leg raises. When you do leg raises you’re working the lower section of your abdominal muscles. Then I do about 15 or 20 reps of that. Then I give myself thirty seconds of rest. Then I finish off by doing weighted cable crunch. Key word is weighted. You need to add some weight to whatever ab exercise that you’re doing. Because body weight, ab exercises is not enough.

You need to overload, you need to do at least one ab exercise that has some weight to it. So then I do weighted cable crunch. I do about ten to twelve reps of that. Then I give myself three to five minutes rest. Then I go back and do it all again. I do that three times. Ab wheel rollout to fail, thirty seconds rest, 15-20 reps of captain’s chair leg raises, thirty seconds rest, then 10-12 reps of weighted cable crunch, then three to five minutes rest. Then repeat three times, that’s it. That’s all I do. That’s it.

If you want to know more about that, if you want to see me do it, I will link my YouTube video so you’ll see exactly how I run that routine.

Okay, so that’s step number two. Now in terms of cardio most people will go and spend hours and hours and hours every week doing cardio because they want that six pack. They want that well defined core. Here’s the truth, here’s reality, if you combine step number one, by reducing your calories, right? We talked about that. Using a meal plan or using mynetdiary, myfitnesspal, or whatever, in conjunction with heavy weight compound training and ab exercises such as the one that I mentioned. There are may other ones you can use, many other ab exercises that you can do. Then you cap your cardio at no more than about three hours per week, if that. You can absolutely have a great six pack. You can absolutely as a woman, have those lines that make the woman sexy and appealing. And make you feel good as a woman, having those three vertical lines.

Burning yourself out on cardio every week is not the answer. Maximum three hours a week of low intensity cardio is all you need, or you can do one hour of high intensity interval training every week. So you can do twenty minutes high intensity interval training sessions for no more than one hour every week. So that’s three sessions of high intensity interval training. That’s all you need to do. That is it. That is how you get six pack abs. That is it.

I’ll recap real quick. Step one, reduce your overall body fat percentage. Overall body fat percentage, you do this by using meal plans, use mynetdiary, myfitnesspal, whatever. I explain how to do that on my website, check it out. Keep protein levels nice and high, I talk about reasons for that on my website.

Step two, is regularly performing heavy weight compound training, right? Dead lifting, that kind of stuff, with a little bit of cardio, and then doing the right ab exercises, right? The ones I mentioned are great, there are many other ones as well. But you need to do heavy weight compound training and you must do targeted ab and core exercises because you really need to work those abdominal muscles directly. That’s how you make them bigger. When you make ab muscles bigger by targeting them directly with heavy weighted training, then what happens is you’ll find that you don’t need to reduce your body weight percentage down as much for those abs to really show. For example, now, or historically, I needed to cut my body fat percentage down to 10% to start to see anything, and even then it wasn’t impressive because I thought that abs were made in the kitchen. I never applied step number 2. That’s where I went wrong. Then I went backwards and I figured it out. I started doing heavy weight compound training. Long story short and then I cut back down to 15%, and I started to see my abs at 15% body fat because I had bigger abs underneath that fat layer than what I did previously.

Now I’m at 8.3% body fat now as I record this and my abs are really well defined. Go to my website, that’s what I look like now.

That concludes the episode. If you like what I had to say, review it on iTunes, share it with your friends, go to my website, and I’ve got courses there that will help you. Hit me up on Snapchat as well, I answer people’s questions, I solve people’s problems on Snapchat. Snapchat add me, seekfitlife, have an awesome day.



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