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Welcome to my site. I’m Brad!

Fitness & Adventure Vlogger


My name is Brad Newton and welcome to my home! (Instagram is my second home :P)

I’m an Aussie fitness vlogger guy that is obsessed with the fitness journey, going on awesome adventures with my GoPro, and helping people like you on their own fitness journey.

I’m very approachable and down to earth so ask me anything.

My Life In A Nutshell 🙂

  • I was out-of-shape, fatigued, and junk food addicted that decided to turn it all around and get into shape. I later went on to compete locally and internationally as a fitness model competitor (5th place in the World Titles.)
  • An aircraft pilot
  • A scuba diver (Watch my Amazon Prime series here)
  • Bachelor of Science (this apparently makes me smart! :P)
  • Fitness & Adventure YouTuber and Vlogger (View my Amazon web series catalogue here)
  • Author to several online fitness education courses

Have Any Questions?

  Direct Message me on Instagram @bradnewtonofficial


Updated as of 19th October 2017

  • Kilimanjaro summit attempt to produce Amazon web series (Dec 16th until Dec 27th 2017)
  • Zanzibar scuba diving filming for Amazon (Jan 2018)
  • Season A or Season B fitness model competitions for 2018


My Personal Strategy For Getting Shredded

Would You Like To Learn The Practical Tools I Use To Get Lean? It's Not Complicated! Let Me Share It With You Below. In this article, I am going to give you a really practical set of nutrition and training strategies that I personally use to get very lean....

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[READ THIS] Before Visiting Soi Taied

Looking at learning Muay Thai or getting in shape at the ultimate fitness location in the world? Let me introduce... Soi Taied 😛   If you are reading this then someone has probably told you about their training experience on Soi Taied and you are keen on seeing...

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My Typical Training Day On Soi Taied

If you haven’t heard of it already, it’s referred to as Soi Taied. A very long street in Phuket, Thailand that boasts some of the best martial arts training centres in the world. And before you switch off and declare that I am speaking direct to a martial arts crowd....

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Hang Gliding in Rio De Janeiro

Want to see what it is like to run off a platform and into thin air over Rio De Janeiro? You'll love this adventure! Check it out below 🙂   In Feb 2014, I decided to go hang gliding with Konrad over Rio De Janeiro. It was one of the best experiences of my life....

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My Summit of Volcano Villarrica

If you love a challenge and you have an average level of fitness or above, keep reading! 🙂   When I tell people about the idea of climbing an active volcano, they immediately freak out. But I am excited to share with everybody that it is not as crazy nor scary...

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My Freediving Adventure in Thailand

Learning how to dive on a single breath seemed impossible! If I can do it, so can you. Keep reading 🙂   It flooded heavily while I was on the island of Koh Tao back in January 2017. The floods were so bad that 30+ people lost their lives. It was insane. While I...

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